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Resupply with a Goddess

Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2017 @ 2:34pm by Captain Enalia Telvan & Captain Farenia Meowlith & Commander Jennifer Matthews & Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio & Lieutenant JG Ian Dodger & Commander Angelica Fairchild

Mission: Mistaken Honor
Location: Various

Bow Docking Port

Nine hours later, the Katana was docked and coupled to the Hera, the bow docking port hooked to the aft of the Hera so they could transfer cargo easily. A centaur class was also there, taking part in the rendezvous to take on a few supplies as well. As the airlock doors cycles open, Captains Farenia and Telvan came face to face at last, their respective XOs standing behind them.

Shaking hands with each other, Enalia spoke first. "It's a pleasure meeting you. While we're resupplying you, I'd like to invite you and your senior officers to a dinner aboard the Hera. Traditional Federation Diplomatic fare will be served."

"Cooked by an actual chef," Angel added before Farenia replied. "She's promised only real ingredients for the dinner, nothing replicated."

"Thank you," Farenia replied with a wide smile. "I haven't had real chicken since the academy. Speaking of the Academy, did I hear right that you finally have a wife?"

Enalia blushed slightly and looked down at the manifest PaDD she carried. "Yeah, you could say that. I have those special torpedoes I promised you, by the way. There are only a dozen of them, but each one should be able to take out a Borg cube if you needed to."

Farenia nodded and glanced down at the PaDD as well. "Thank you. I hope we won't need them, but we've ran into some pretty nasty things out this way."

"Yeah, this area of space seems to be the bermuda's triangle of the galaxy." Enalia replied.

Ian stood quietly behind the ship's XO, checking information on his wrist PaDD. He had some medical supplies coming, as well as some research equipment to monitor the effects, if any, of the ambient radiation found here, both deleterious and beneficial. Ever since the incident on Ba'ku, the Federation was passively looking for sources of beneficial radiation. Exciting stuff for the squints in R&D, but not so much for an attending physician like Ian. He supposed that the tactical department would have its supplies first, because medical wasn't a high priority at the moment, but he wasn't complaining. Instead, he was just concentrating on being superficially pleasant through the... pleasantries.

Clio wasn't entirely certain why she'd been asked to join Enalia and Arivek at the airlock. She found it mildly concerning that her presence here with Enalia left the bridge in the hands of an officer with little command experience, especially given the recent Drej threat.

Jenni came rushing around a corner, trying not to make her entrance noticeable. She couldn't remember if she'd been asked to be present immediately after the dock, but there were supplies she needed to get aboard rather quickly in order to get some sections of the ship taken care of. But, seeing the two Captains and command teams just standing there talking, Jenni kept her silence and slipped into a position in the back of the group.

Soon the transfer arrangements had been made and Farenia and Enalia were wrapping things up. "I'll see you at dinner, 'Lia." Farenia commented with a grin.

"Bring your best bottle, 'Nia," Enalia replied with an even bigger grin. They then parted ways so that the crewmembers there could coordinate the actual transfers of supplies.

"Commanders Eneas and Matthews?" asked a Ferengi woman with Lieutenant pips. "I'm Lieutenant Illia and I'll be assisting with the transfer to your departments. I have torpedoes, conduits, raw materials, newer hand phasers, and some other things for you. I'll need you to sign for the special torpedoes and the four magnetic bottles full of antimatter. Most things can be transported over, but those things have to be moved by hand due to regulation. Do you accept delivery of these items?" the woman asked as she held out two PaDDs to the Katana officers.

"I hope you have a lot of torpedoes," Clio quipped with a hint of a grin, taking the PaDD offered to her and looking it over. She didn't know anything about these new 'special' torpedoes, and the manifest she was given didn't say much. She knew only that Farenia thought they might be helpful against the Drej, and that was what mattered. After adding her signature to the bottom of the form, she handed the PaDD back to Illia.

"A full complement for this ship, plus the special torpedoes. I hope you have storage space for the extras," Illia replied with a toothy grin. "And if you need more, we have over eight hundred for resupply jobs. I'm sure we can work something out."

"With the battles we keep getting ourselves into, more might be good. I don't know if you've fought a Drej warship yet, but believe me... you want as much firepower as you can possibly bring to bear." Though curious about the special torpedoes, Clio knew better than to ask in mixed company. The likely answer with such things was generally 'classified'. But she couldn't quite resist asking. "So those... special torpedoes. What's so special about them?"

Illia nodded helpfully. "When I get back to my office, I'll make sure the specifications are forwarded to your intel officer and then..." Glancing down at her PaDD, she paused a moment before looking back up with a shit eating grin. "And then you can brief yourself on the details."

While Clio gave Illia a very much unamused look, Angel chuckled behind Enalia and added, "You'll just have to wait and find out. She's not going to tell you, and Enalia threatened to space me if I said anything about them."

Jenni accepted her PADD and gave it a quick once-over. She didn't see anything entirely out of the norm, so she affixed her thumbprint and returned the PADD. "I can send over a few personnel to assist with the antimatter transfer."

Illia nodded and smiled politely. "Thank you. Please have them report to Cargo bay nine. It's where we've consolidated all the hazardous materials. Go down this corridor to junction twelve F, go right until you get to the Jeffries tube junction complex, and it's down corridor twelve bravo. You can't miss it. The rest of the supplies will be beamed over at the convenience of your cargo transporter operator."

"Which we're currently lacking, Last I heard." Farenia interjected. "Let's have Akira and Ensign Traxiden handle that. She's still a certified instructor in operations, isn't she?"

Jenni nodded to the Captain. "She is. I'll have them sent up right away," she told the Captain. Stepping back, Jenni tapped her combadge. "Matthews to Akira and Ensign Traxiden, please report to the Bow Docking Port. And bring an Antigrav cart."

"We'll also be needing sterile-field generators." Ian said, sidling up after finishing consulting his PaDD. Part of the reason he'd been sidelined shortly after coming aboard was because he'd been given an injection from a contaminated hypospray, causing him to have an allergic response that required him to be quarantined. He hadn't been happy about it, either. The Katana's sterile field generator had components that had been damaged in the rigors of its recent missions and, while it had been repaired to the point that it was now functional, would not hold out under the rigors of sustained use, especially if the ship faced combat conditions.

Illia nodded and checked another PaDD. "You're not scheduled for one but I think we can spare one. The Cenaurius had an extra and they traded it for a case of Romulan ale and a cask of amontillado. Is there anything else not on the resupply roster? Anyone?"

Farenia cleared her throat. "I could use some brandy if you have any to spare."

"We have some Vulcan brandy in stock, if that interests you," Illia waited for Farenia to nod before continuing. "We're normally not short on anything, but if you have any extra crates or panel covers, we could use both. Resupplying ships, they go out but never come back, you see."

"I'll see what we have lying around. Thank you." Farenia replied.


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