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From The Ground Up

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2017 @ 5:55am by Chief Petty Officer Yu Ji-Nari

Mission: Mistaken Honor

Having come aboard the USS Katana, there were several dozen matters of business that Chief Petty Officer Yu needed to tend to. Reporting to the starship's Command Staff was top of the itinerary for the freshly christened counselor. She may have not have been young in age, but this was a significant step upward in position with duties and responsibilities that far reached her initial days in Starfleet. However, she felt herself decently trained and ready for the journeys ahead of her and the winding road full of obstacles and challenges. Hundreds of questions filled her mind, but none more prevalent and relentlessly bothersome than the nagging ponderance as the whether or not Captain and crew would accept her aboard the USS Katana. Starship Counselors typically ranged from Psychologist and Psychiatrists with grandiose educations and the title 'Doctor' preceding them or those with a proficient amount of education, experience, and a graduate of Starfleet Academy. Ji-Nari had nothing but hard work and over a decade's worth of experience in Starfleet as an enlisted woman.

She had been everything from a musician to a cook in Starfleet, honing her people skills and listening to problems, offering advice before realizing that she was pretty darn good at it. Her time as a morale officer lead her down this path towards counseling albeit having to backdoor her way into such an assignment like the Katana. There was no way she would get onto a Galaxy class starship or an Excalibur, but this Intrepid class starship had gone through a handful of Commanding Officers and First Officers. Ji-Nari had no problem admitting that she had kissed a few ugly Admiral asses to get this assignment, but regardless of ow she got it, she had earned it in her own reasoning.

Meeting the Captain was important and was top on her list of things to do, but working top down was not necessary. Sometimes working from the bottom up was just as good. So, with a little reshuffling of what she was going to do, Ji-Nari was shown to her quarters, shown the office that she would be working out of, and started to get herself settled in. She spent a good hour or so giving herself a quick breakdown of the major 'players' aboard the starship Katana. Commanding Officer and all the Heads of Departments. Some of whom had been with the starship for quite some time. Commander Arivek Zhuri, the present First Officer aboard seemed to have been with the starship the longest consecutively though the Chief Engineer, Commander Matthews had served aboard for quite sometime before departing and later returning according to her service record. “I'll start with her” Chief Yu said to herself as she picked up a PaDD and headed out on a route for Main Engineering. If anyone is going to know this starship and crew, it will be her thought Ji-Nari.


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