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Girl Talk

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 5:17pm by Akira Zhuri & Commander Jennifer Matthews

Mission: Mistaken Honor
Timeline: before Developed Arrestment

There was not a single shred of doubt in her heart; Jenni loved the Katana.

The corridors she now traversed may not have belonged to the ship she spent so many years aboard, but she learned years ago that ships had a soul of their own. In her career, she'd severed aboard many ships, including the Manticore-class Camelot as of late. But not a single one held a flame to the Katana.

Sure Jenni missed seeing familiar faces about, including the green-skinned Android, a spotted Intelligence Chief with Romulan ears, the ex-Borg with wild red hair... Hell, there were even days she missed the cat who became her accidental mate. Even now as her footsteps moved her ahead, Jenni smiled, recognizing landmarks on her journey to the science lab. Places where Maica had confronted her to coerce Jenni into dealing with her demons, where Jhu and Andy had provided friendship in a hard moment, and even where she and M'rayr had aimlessly walked about, conversing about this and that. Of course, behind these bulkheads, she and Arivek spent many hours in the Jefferies tubes, tweaking this and that.


Jenni loved the blue-skinned hologram like a brother, and she certainly knew him well. Though she'd convinced him to let Jenni connect with him and his newfound daughter Akira, Jenni knew that Arivek would certainly stall on making that connection. There was little choice other than to take matters into her own hands. She possessed not an iota of a game plan other than to just be herself and hope that Akira was open to meeting others. If she was anything like her mothers, then socializing shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Her expression twinged at the very thought. What if she's like Ari...?

Akira was in the science lab familiarizing herself with the systems for which she was initially programmed. She had been encouraged by the Captain that she needed to socialize to get used to working with others, but so far she had been mostly focused on learning to perform the jobs for which we was created. And she had been quite busy tinkering with her appearance, which at the moment was still very rough and undefined. She was definitely female at this point, though she still had blue skin. Her face had the most detail so far, with Asian almond eyes and long black hair to frame her sweet face.

She heard the door to the lab open and an Officer in yellow entered. Akira offered a bright smile and "Hello," but didn't really understand what to do conversationally from there, so she went back to studying some information on one of the consoles.

Jennifer shook her head. No, she was going to bank on Maica and Andy. If she was wrong, well, she'd run with it. Jenni arrived at the door to the science lab. Rather than open the door herself, Jenni decided to start on hopefully the right foot, and rang the chime. The door opened a moment later, revealing the room's sole occupant.

Jenni wore her best smile as she stepped inside. "Hello," she greeted the young woman. "My name is Jenni. I'm, uh..." her voice trailed off for a moment, trying to figure out how best to introduce herself without sounding like someone who could perform a thorough examination. The last thing Jenni wanted to do was to frighten Akira. "I'm a friend of your parents."

"Really?" Akira asked in an amazed tone, like this truly was some sort of mind-blowing news. "I have only just met my mothers, it was very exciting! My breasts are not as big as theirs, but apparently this is a good thing if I am to be an Engineer. Did you know that they can get in your way while you're working? I did not know this!" Akira exclaimed excitedly. "How do you know my parents? Where did you meet? Did you get to work together often? Did you know that my mothers are machines? Well, Mother Andy is only part machine, but that is fine. You are not a machine and that is fine too. You are very pretty, by the way, but not as pretty as Mother Maica," she continued to ramble on.

The human blinked, her jaw slightly heavy and her brown eyes wider than normal. She could feel a chuckle swell in her lungs, but her mind somehow regained control from the barrage of questions and snapped her jaw shut to prevent that outburst from escaping. "I..." Jenni shook her head and could no longer keep her laughter under control, though only a small giggle of relief escaped. She was certainly not at all like her father!

"Believe it or not," Jenni said, "I do know they can get in the way. I once had to help your mother Maica out of a Jefferies tube and it was not easy." Keeping her smile, Jenni continued, "I don't see your mothers as machines though. Andy and Maica are two of the most animated and wonderful women I've had the pleasure of knowing. And, I must say, you are as just as pretty as them."

"Thank you!" Akira said brightly. "I am still working on my physical appearance. There are many difficult choices, it is not easy," affirmed with a serious nod. "But the rest of me is mostly done. I still have a lot to learn, though, and not just about the jobs I have to perform; apparently I have a lot to learn about social interactions and holding conversations. But so far I have caused you great enjoyment, enough to laugh, so that is good, yes?"

"Yes, very good!" Jenni happily confirmed, though she was a bit concerned about Akira training herself to perform "jobs" on board the ship. "But, with anything, it takes practice. Talking with people and holding conversations, that is. And, I'm happy to help you with whatever you need."

"Thank you very much, I need a lot of help," Akira replied. "Miss Clio was supervising and teaching me some. She had her own duties to attend to and I have enough of the Science database to figure out quite a bit on my own, but I do not know where to get started with Operations. I told Father I wanted to be an Engineer like him and so we decided I would try to learn Operations, but I do not have any information on what to do there."

There it was again, the mention of duties and interests aboard the ship. "Well, I can help you there. But... Don't you feel like you're rushing into things a bit?" Many fears rose up within her, including the crew possibly thinking she was some form of Emergency Hologram series. If they could do it with medicine, allowing a machine to make life or death decisions for a patient, then why not expand the technology into other departments. If Akira were to give into that mentality, not to think that she would actually do it, then Akira risked not developing as a person.

"No, I do not think so," Akira said, looking very thoughtful indeed as she considered it for a moment. "It is what I was made for, why should I not get right to it?"

Jenni kept her smile, though the corners of her mouth dropped just a bit. "There is a difference," Jenni began, "between getting right to it and letting it consume you." Jenni knew this fact well, having once surrendered herself to duty and function. "I just don't want you to ignore Akira as you become one of the best scientists the galaxy has to offer."

"Why would I want to become the best scientist? I was made for Science, but I would much rather be like Father and be an Engineer," Akira stated simply, still seeming very confused. "And how can I ignore Akira? I am Akira, how do I ignore myself?" she asked.

Jenni wasn't sure how to answer any of those questions. "I'm sorry, Akira. I don't mean to confuse you. By trade, I am an engineer. Matters of the mind are best left to counselors. But, if you want to be an engineer, why don't you become one?"

"I will become an Engineer, once someone shows me how," Akira replied, as if all her problems were that simple. "And I have made an appointment to meet with the Counselor already. Father and the Captain have said that I need to continue to develop my personality and social skills in addition to professional skills, so speaking with the Counselor seemed a reasonable resource. I expect I will be spending a great deal of time socializing to learn what I like and what I don't like, so it is good for me that the crew are allotted personal time for such things. I am very much looking forward to meeting new and interesting people."

"That's good," Jenni said. "And, as for being an engineer, I can help you with that. In fact, it would be my pleasure."

"This is good! It means I will not have to come find you later to ask for your help!" Akira replied cheerfully. "I understand the basic concepts of what would be required of me in Operations, but I do not yet know how to carry out those requirements. It was not necessary for me to know how to make basic repairs or perform any other related functions when the science database was being built into me. I look forward to learning how to do these things. Please let me know when you have time to offer instruction and I will make myself available. I do not have a duty schedule yet since I am not ready for that responsibility, so I will be better able to adapt to your schedule than you are to mine."

"Any time is good, really," she confessed. "Just so long we're not in the middle of a crisis. Right now, I'm practically living in the Jeffries Tubes trying to get to know the ship a little better."

"You should not be living in the Jefferies Tubes, that could be a safety hazard," Akira said seriously. "Besides, it's my general understanding that humans prefer the comforts of beds over deck plating for rest."

Jenni blinked, surprised by the statement. Reminding herself that Akira would take things quite literally at this point, she said, "It's an expression. Basically, I spend so much time inside the ship that it seems like that's where I live."

"Oh, right," Akira said softly, looking a bit down. "Apologies. I am still getting accustomed to various expressions and colloquialisms, especially since they can vary so widely depending on culture. I will endeavor to do better in the future."

Jenni reached over and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "There's nothing to be sorry for. I know you have a lot to take in, especially in a short amount of time. And, you're doing quite well at it, I must say."

"Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement," Akira replied. "I must say, it is very difficult learning to integrate into social settings while simultaneously attempting to define one's personality and learn how to perform certain job related tasks. You biologicals are amazingly complex to be able to manage so much naturally."

"Only through years of practice," Jenni replied. "Believe me, in our first few days of living, there's not anything we can do on our own."

"This is true," Akira said, nodding slightly. "Well, thank you for the conversation, it has been educational for me."

"You are most welcome," Jenni said with a wide smile. "And if you need anything, feel free to ask."

"And likewise, if you require assistance at any time, I would be happy to help," Akira replied with a smile, then stood blinking in thought. "This is the part where I say 'have a nice day'?"

The brunette nodded a confirmation. "It is indeed. I'll see you around, Akira."

"Bye!" Akira replied with a cheerful wave.


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