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Developed Arrestment

Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2017 @ 2:33pm by Captain Farenia Meowlith & Commander Arivek Zhuri & Akira Zhuri

Mission: Mistaken Honor
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Between 'Resupply with a Goddess' and 'Critical Failure'

Aboard the USS Merlin, two individuals stood outside the holodeck. One was the well endowed Orion Android Commanding Officer, the other was her wife, the ginger ex-Borg tinkering with the controls to link their holodeck with the Katana's via subspace communications.

"Alright, we should be good to go," Andy said to Maica after a moment, and the doors opened to a rather familiar workshop. Thus far, they were the only ones to enter, but soon Ari would be bringing their daughter. Daughter! wow, what a funny thought...

Maica was incredibly nervous. In her old body she'd be in the lab getting repairs by now but this body... She looked down at her open hands. Soon she'd be holding her daughter with this body. She didn't know what to expect or anything so she just wore a simple purple dress rather than her uniform. She didn't want her first impression to be that she looked like a christmas tree ornament. First impressions... To her own daughter. She'd seen some amazing things over her short life, so she shouldn't be surprised, but she was. She just hoped Akira had a good self actualization subroutine. Of course she would, Ari was the father and her other mother, Andy, had monitored the development of both. Their daughter had the best resources to build herself off of and a whole universe to grow in.

On the Katana, the new holographic life form walk along side her father to the holodeck. So far, Akira seemed to be adapting well to her new existence, though she was still tinkering with her appearance. She was no longer androgynous, now having a definite female form, though it was still a work in progress. She was still blue, but she had been playing with other skin tones, as well as facial features and even hair. At the moment, she had long black hair framing a sweet face with almond eyes, which to her seemed appropriate as he had given her a name that had origins with Earth Asians.

"What if they don't like me?" Akira asked her father, clearly nervous about meeting the two women who contributed to her creation. It was an understandable fear, especially considering that Ari had initially been reluctant to accept her.

"Your mothers are very loving people. They have big hearts and are caring individuals," Ari said, swallowing hard at the thought of Andy and Maica, two ladies who touched his life dearly. "It would be a chore to make them not like you."

"So it is a possibility?" Akira replied, not understanding the intent of his last statement.

"Technically, yes," Arivek said, stopping and looking at his daughter. He knew the kind of mind she had. It was intelligent, but not socially aware just yet. The best thing to do would be as upfront and honest as possible, without withholding any information. "But not for you. Your classification in their lives, and in mine, grants you full immunity to a lot of things. We, as parents, have what is called unconditional love for our children." Arivek smiled as he put his hand on his daughter's cheek. "It means that no matter what, despite whatever happens, we will always love you and care for you. And nothing could change that."

Akira gazed back into his eyes with such innocence, trusting his words completely as she leaned into his touch with a sweet smile. "Thank you, Father," she replied, now feeling better about this meeting. They arrived at the holodeck and waited for Ari to do what he needed to do to ensure the two holodecks were linked, then entered the room at his side.

Inside the room were Andy and Maica. Andy looked like her usual surly self, but her mood was betrayed by the death grip she had on Maica's hand; it seemed she was just as nervous about this meeting as her daughter was.

Arivek stepped forward towards the two ladies, "Good afternoon," he said, taking a deep breath and smiling. "May I present our daughter, Akira Zhuri, as she's come to be known."

Maica was really nervous as well but she was a diplomat first so she smiled her brightest smile and stepped over to Akira and swept her up into a tight hug without thinking. "It's so good to finally meet you."

"Hello," Akira replied shyly. "You have really big breasts," she remarked, looking down at said beasts smooshed between them, not realizing that this was not likely to be appropriate conversation material. "But I do not; should I alter my appearance?" she asked.

Andy just snickered at the comment; yep, definitely some 'Andy' mixed in there to notice the huge knockers right off the bat...

"I'm sure your mothers will love you no matter your appearance, but would like you to choose whatever appearance makes you most comfortable," Arivek said with a smile, but staying back. He'd had a lot more time with Akira than Maica and Andy, and he didn't want to interrupt their first meeting.

"They're not for everyone," Maica replied, letting Akira go and holding her at arm's length to study what she could see of the morphology of her body language. It was crude and incomplete, but she had a lot of growing to do. "I have them because I was originally built to be a sex slave. When I escaped from that, I kept them and went into diplomacy where they've served me well. You're going into Operations and Sciences, right? Might be best to keep yours petite."

"Jeez, you two, and here I thought I was blunt..." Andy said with a roll of her eyes as she took a step closer to get a look at Akira. It was true that the physical aspect of Akira's matrix was still rough, but just looking at her Andy could tell the rest of her was built pretty solid. For good measure, Andy would take a look at the back end of Akira's programming to ensure everything was stable and secure, but she could do that later; for now she was content with getting to know Akira's personality the old fashioned way. "You look good, kid; and she's right, big boob ain't all that great when you're crawling around Jefferies tubes for hours on end," Andy chimed. Not that Andy was sporting a huge rack, but it was definitely sizable enough to be an annoyance at times.

"Oh..." Akira replied as she nodded at such sage advice. "I will remember this. Also, I think your grammar subroutines are malfunctioning; 'ain't' is not a real word."

"Fuck, everyone's a critic," Andy grumbled.

"She's definitely my daughter," Arivek said with a chuckle. It was no secret that Arivek usually said whatever just popped into his head without thinking first.

"Well, it's not all that surprising she'd take after you so much," Andy remarked as she continued to look Akira over. "After all, you're an active hologram, and far more advanced than the back ups I made of Maica, not to mention she's had more exposure to you than us, so it's only natural you'll have more influence over her development than us," she rattled off. She was having a hard time approaching Akira as a parent rather than an Engineer; it was something she'd have to work through on her own time, for now she was doing good resisting the urge to run tests on the poor girl.

"I do not see how humanoid copulation is relevant to this conversation, and I thought such topics were inappropriate for open discussion," Akira commented, more than a little confused.

"In private company with those you trust, any topic is appropriate for open discussion," Maica insisted. "And besides, the mixing of DNA is very similar to how you came to be, if I understand correctly."

"That is not what I meant, and you know it," Andy said to Maica. Did this mean she would have to stop using her favorite word around the kid?

Maica winked to Andy before explaining it properly. "I believe there's a Vulcan pamphlet on the subject of curse words that you'll find enlightening. In the meantime, Fuck is normally a punctuation word that drives deeper the point of other words."

"Oh..." Akira replied, not really understanding what she meant at first, then the proverbial light went off. "Oh! Okay, I will be sure to look up this reading material," she said with a nod.

"Not to bright, is she?" Andy remarked with a chuckle. "Don't get me wrong, I can see her gears turning, but she still has a lot to learn."

Akira frowned. "I do not understand; I do not possess gears- Oh, I think I understand what you mean," she said, feeling more and more befuddled as this conversation stretched on.

"Yeah colloquialisms were tricky for me at first too. You'll get the hang of them pretty quick though." Maica commented. "Now go give your other mom a big hug, ok?"

"Wait, what? Who said I was okay with this?" Andy said, but it was too late, Akira already had her arms around her. "Okay, yeah...." Andy replied, giving Akira an awkward pat on the back.

"Am I doing this wrong?" Akira asked when she noticed Andy's uneasy reaction.

"No no, you're fine, I just don't do 'cuddly' all that well," Andy admitted bluntly.

"You do 'cuddly' just fine in bed with me," teased Maica before addressing Akira again. "But yeah, with most people she's a bit rigid."

"A bit like Father?" Akira ventured as she stepped away from Andy. "I have noticed that he seems to have quite an aversion to contact, but perhaps that is just with me?" By now she had come to accept that her creation was a bit of a shock to Ari, so she was starting to understand why contact with her was somewhat awkward.

That's when the holodeck matrix decided to flake out, sending a shimmer of failures throughout the room. Akira seemed to be fine and stable, but her father... Arivek simmered a few times, then with a look of surprise on his face, his physical matrix just decompiled and fell apart, dissolving into the air. Shortly after, the holodeck itself seemed to stabilize and return to normal function.

Then over the comms, Captain Meowlith's voice rang out, a bit more tinny than normal. "Attention all hands. We have lost our primary computer core and are running solely on about half of our bioneural gelpacks. Most automation is down. Please plan appropriately."

Akira's eye's darted around quickly, searching for answers that the computer could no longer give her, so she looked to her mothers, but with the computer down, so were communications, so the images of Andy and Maica connected from the Merlin's holodeck were now just that, images, unresponding ghosts of the real people they were. So no mothers, no father, Akira didn't know what to do and she was scared. "Computer, please, I need to talk to my father!" she said, but there was no answer, from the computer or her father. "Computer, connect me to Captain Maica of the USS Merlin!" she pleaded desperately. "Computer, connect me to the Bridge!" she cried out when her last command again went unanswered.

Now terrified, Akira moved to try to exit the holodeck, but the exit would not appear, and with the computer not responding, there was no way she could force herself out of the holodeck. Alone with the images of her mothers standing there gazing at her lifelessly, Akira cowered, hiding behind a worktable so she wouldn't have to look at them looking at her. "Computer, I need help," she whimpered softly as she started to cry.


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