Isn't this the definition of insanity?

Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 @ 8:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio

The level of stupidity displayed by Starfleet's pitiful sentient resources department astounds me.

It's one thing to shuffle people around the fleet to make sure the fleet's needs are met. It's quite another to rob a starship of half her senior staff, as well as half her security department. We'll muddle through somehow because that's what we do, but damn. Between all the outdated protocols and the reshuffling of the crew, this is bordering on ridiculous.

Until I can get Akira up to speed on how things work on a starship, I'm stuck with managing four departments. And three of them are pretty damned empty... I'm not even sure how anyone can expect this poor ship to keep functioning like this. At least Akira seems to be a quick study... though I suppose she'd have to be considering who her parents are. That still leaves the problem of running three departments at a time.

Granted, security and intelligence share a lot of similarities. I suppose science and intelligence do too, but as I've reminded Captain Meowlith a hundred times... I do not have a scientific brain. Sitting in a lab studying things is certainly not my idea of fun. Give me a few dozen aliens to fight off though and I can do that all day. Thankfully, the science department still has a few people running around.

Dexter wasn't around long enough for me to get used to having him, so the intelligence work doesn't bother me so much. I'll have a hell of a time maintaining order with so few security officers though... there's hardly enough of them to man a single shift, let alone maintain security through the night. Some might resort to using holographic replacements, but after how the last hologram experiment seems to have gone I'd rather not take that chance. The last thing I need is a holographic child of my own!