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Thoughts: Part 2

Posted on Sun Dec 6th, 2015 @ 7:24pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Sara Styles
Edited on Mon Dec 7th, 2015 @ 8:06pm

“Four years ago I thought I knew everything. I was just promoted to Chief Petty Officer and I was unstoppable.” Sara started. Instantly the memories of those 4 years flashed before her. Love, pain, hate, and loss. Sara stopped and wasn’t sure if she should just quit and delete the message.

Sara closed her eyes; willing herself to continued her message, “I came aboard the Vesuvius knowing I would succeed. I had exceeded in all of my prior postings, and assumed the Vesuvius would be the same. I was wrong.”

“I was now in charge of others. They came to me with their problems and it was my job to help them figure them out. I could deal with their technical problems. Those were easy. However, they would come to me with their personal problems. They would ask me for advice about their careers. Advice about relationships. Advise on everything. I had no idea what to tell them. I don’t know anything about all the crap they wanted to know. It was not my job to nurse maid them. I would tell them to go see the ships counselor.”

“When I was off duty I would either be in the gym; working out to get rid of all the stress from dealing with everyone’s problems, in my quarters; sleeping, reading, listening to music, or in the Chiefs Mess eating by myself.”

“About a month after I came aboard the Vesuvius I was called to Senior Chief Tyler Strom’s office. He didn’t say what he wanted to talk about. I had met him and Command Master Chief Michael Upton when I came aboard the Vesuvius. All I knew of Chief Strom was he was a 61 year old Human, and he was Upton’s assistant.”

“When I walked in his office he was sitting behind his desk reading reports. I stood at attention waiting for him to respond. He didn’t look up at me. I was starting to get mad Sis. I thought if you wanted to talk to me then talk; don’t sit with your face in reports.

Finally he looked at me. His eyes aimed squarely at mine and said, “Do you have a life outside of your job Chief Styles?” I looked at him shocked, “I don’t know what you mean Senior Chief” I responded.

He stood up from his desk; his eyes still locked on mine. “What I mean Chief Styles; is it seems you are always on duty. You have been aboard this ship for a month now and the only places you have been is at your post, in the Chiefs Mess, or in your quarters.”

“Yes Sis, I bit my lower lip to keep my mouth shut. I was standing in front of him and couldn’t understand why he wanted to know why he wanted to know what I do off duty.”

“Chief Styles I had a meeting with Lt. Anders about some transfer request she received” Strom said. “These transfer requests are from personal in your division. It seems some of the crewmen under you do not want to serve with you.”

“Now I know you know the book and how follow the book to do your job Chief Styles, or you wouldn’t have been accepted for a Chief position aboard the Vesuvius. However, it seems you haven’t learned the intangibles of being a Chief.” Strom said with a cold piercing voice.


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