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Assignment to the U.S.S Katana

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2015 @ 1:30pm by Ensign James Barnes

James sat in his quarters aboard the U.S.S Katana, staring blankly into his computer console. He was doing what he was always doing when alone, imaging being in the American Civil War. He had recently read an article on the battle of Vicksburg and was imaging being with the 3rd Louisiana. After he snapped out of his day dream decided to record a personal log.

"Computer. Record Personal Log." "Today has been a busy day, saying goodbye to my family, and the very few friends I made in Dublin, in the academy, and the Final goodbye shall be to planet earth. Mother was very teary eyed as she said goodbye and hugged me, and personally I was to, knowing I wouldn't see her in a long while. I am happy to be getting out of poverty and ensuring that more generations of Barnes won't have to endure a life I have. Hopefully Tim and Jason will also try and get into a career in Starfleet, then we can keep in touch more, But until then there will only be sporadic communication with them. My life has changed very much since joining Starfleet, I can't wait for our first mission, I haven't heard anything yet but hopefully it's a good mission. I haven't talk to any of my fellow crew mates, but hopefully I make strong ties with some of them that last throughout my life." "End Log."

"Computer. Load up Article 76-B, Company Aytch By Sam Watkins."

James leaned back in his chair and started reading a book about the Civil War....


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