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Thoughts: Part 1

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2015 @ 2:08am by Master Chief Petty Officer Sara Styles
Edited on Sat Dec 5th, 2015 @ 2:15am

“Tomorrow is a new day” Sara thought; as she walked into her quarters aboard the U.S.S. Vesuvius. Sara had a lot on her mind today. Today was the last day and tomorrow the first day. The Vesuvius was due to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Katana. Today is her last day as a Senior Chief aboard the Vesuvius. Tomorrow her first day as the Katana’s new Command Master Chief Petty Officer.

It has been nearly 4 years aboard the Vesuvius and 15 years in Starfleet. A walk in the park for a Styles. She is in the family business. In a uniform. Her family has served in uniform for centuries. From the Old American Colonies Continental Navy to Starfleet. All Styles were expected wear an officer’s uniform. If Sara wore an officer’s uniform then she would just be another Styles. Arrogant, self-centered, and always right. However, Sara was just not another in the long line of the Styles’ family. She was the outcast. She was enlisted personal.

The black sheep of the family. She was expelled from the Academy. She made a choice and it cost her the officer’s uniform she was destined to wear. She was lucky Starfleet would have anything to do with her after the incident. She was reduced to starting from the very bottom as a crewmen.

Being enlisted didn’t stop her from being a typical Styles’. Her mother told her the playing field may have changed, but the game is still the same. To others it would sound like some pregame pep talk, but to Sara it was her heritage. So Sara did her job as a Styles’ would do it.

She played the game. Sara moved up the enlisted ranks faster than her enlistment class. Faster than those who came ahead of her. Faster than anyone in the history of Starfleet.

There are costs of playing the game. She had very few true friends. No family life. No love life. She lived her job in Starfleet. She built up an exterior of neutronium. She wouldn’t let anyone in.

Her life changed when she joined the Vesuvius. She had just made Chief Petty Officer when she was transferred to the Vesuvius. Four years aboard this ship. Four years of joy and sorrow. Life and death. Love and hate. For the first time in her life she was afraid to fail. Afraid she wouldn’t make the grade. Afraid she wouldn’t measure up as a Styles’.

Sara walked to her desk and saw the photograph of her sister Julia. It was her academy graduation photo. A newly minted Lieutenant Junior Grade Julia Styles. No Styles had graduated as an Ensign since her great great-grandfather.

She would talk with Julia live via subspace about once a month and send messages just as often. Most conversations were about missions and Julia’s endless relationships. Family was never discussed; unless if it was about a death or promotion. They had just spoke last week about Sara's upcoming transfer to the Katana.

“Tomorrow is a new day, but there is still time today”, Sara thought. She sat down in her chair and decided it was time to talk to her sister.

“Computer, begin message recording”, Sara said. “Message record”, the female computer voice responded.

Sara thought for a moment on what to say to Julia. After a moment she sighed and took a deep breath.

“Hi sis. It’s your big sister Sara. There has been some things which I haven’t talked about for a while. This will be the longest message I have ever sent; so sit down because it is going to take a while to get everything out. So here goes. Four years ago…….


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