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Musings on recent events..

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2015 @ 9:56pm by

Computer, encrypt log to my voice authorization "Sand Viper." and initiate.

Where do I start? IN all of my travels..I never knew that Caitians could become such a pain in the arse. Sure, I had my thoughts about whether I was good enough for her, or if she deserved better, but...I never believed it would turn out this way. But as they say in training, the best laid plan never survives first contact. Especially with such a crazy ship as this. At least the Caitians do not live as perhaps that's what's best for her. If it makes her happy. I should...ascertain that.

If it does make her happy, the only thing I can say is that he'd better not go berserk and hurt her. There are quite a few ways to kill a cat...even if they do have multiple lives. I personally like the covert administration of nepata leaves combined with an accelerant and flame to cleanse the fur. The latter two have to be performed after the high is noticeable and their wits have left them. To that end, they are their own demise..

But, I digress. They're from a more...peaceful, universe. And if the cat's service file is any indication, he's someone like me. I would protect her with my life...I should hope he will do the same. If it's real.

And then there's this whole thing with Talos IV. Is this really an alternate Kristopher Kerouac? Because right now he's acting just like the one I knew. And both of them made me want to slit their throats. If he goes through with this crazy plan of his..he condemns me, Jenni..and the other survivors to death. And that's worse than killing a planet. Because while a planet dying is unfortunate...I don't know them. He didn't know them either. But these are people he knows. But apparently didn't know him very well. And an orb of the Pahwraith of all things? The nerve...

He took Jenni with him too! To witness her own death. At least they took the cat...he'd better do the right thing.

And there's rumors that the marines are going to be merged into security? Whoever's Chief of Security had better be aware and appreciate what I can bring to the table. They will probably pick someone they know for the Assistant job. And right after I'm convinced to accept the promotion that I've refused thus far too..

*a long sigh is heard* And then there's the Counselor. She's quite the interesting person...and different from others I've met. She showed fear, when she saw the mask...but did not run. Admirable. And to the point, as well. I should probably check in on her. Something about she resigned? What's all that about I wonder. If she needs someone to listen to...that will be me.


*beep boop*

Delete that entire previous log.

*boo beep*

(DS9 reference)


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