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Entries of a Historian: Operation Sand Viper

Posted on Fri Mar 13th, 2015 @ 5:19pm by

Note that the following is classified in my universe, but I have very little regard for those who left us to die, and removed our best option against the Breen.

"Operation Sand Viper - 2385 - Class-M Federation Colony near the Unity Sector, prone to attacks from Romulan and Klingon marauders.

It was a different time, a different enemy. Sixty men - six Tier One operatives, and 54 Marines - were sent to face down a force of five hundred enemy fighters. Their objective: to force the enemy back from a civilian hospital, and keep its occupants alive. For three days, they held their ground, but the enemy's numbers were too great. The sixty were cut down to fifteen. They wouldn't last another night, and the enemy knew it. Under the cover of darkness, they evacuated the hospital, sending only one of their own to lead the way. The rest returned to the line, and took up positions beneath the bodies of their fallen brothers. As they lay in wait, the blood from the dead poured over them. The sand stuck to their skin like a shroud. Changing them. Anointing them. When the enemy drew near, the remaining fourteen rose out of the desert sand. They were like hunters that couldn't be seen, using stealth their enemies couldn't defend against. When the men ran dry of energy, they used their blades...and when the blades ran dull, they used their hands. When the dust and sand had settled, only one of the enemy - a Klingon - had survived. He was picked up in the desert, wandering aimlessly, traumatized. He expressed warnings to others of a force so menacing and unbeatable, it could only be described as supernatural. He called them..."Ghosts".

After this mission, is when the Admiralty began to re-think my team. If word of this got out, the image of Starfleet and the Federation would be ruined. The Marines involved in that mission were dealt with by Intelligence, and the Tier One personnel were split up not long afterwards. To be sacrificed in a valiant effort against the Breen. Morality and the higher road are a moot point if you are enslaved. If you're surrounded on all sides by those that want to kill you. These deeds we have done, so that others may live in freedom. I am the other lone survivor of this event. It is a legend. Word of it spread, without identifying anyone bar the poor soul who will never be a warrior again. It sowed fear into the hearts of enemy soldiers...but we were not smart enough to press the attack.

Now, aboard this new vessel, with this new crew...I will don the mask of a leader, someone who was a good friend. And I will use my talents for something new. Ensuring the survival of family. Protecting them, and ensuring their stories will be remembered. Having lost two families before...I will not lose a third. I will not lose her


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