The Lazarus Effect

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Sun Nov 2nd, 2014 @ 11:33pm
End Date Sun Feb 1st, 2015 @ 11:33pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Seeing You again
by Lieutenant Hayley Collins & Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson
Before the transwarp accident Bridge Office, Quarters
A Caitian and Bajoran walk into a bar
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Lieutenant JG Leryssa Kiska
Prior to USS Katana Arrival in System Orion's Kilt, Ophinius
Cultural Awareness
by Lieutenant Commander Maica
After the ball Mess Hall
Eyes and Ears
by Lieutenant Commander Liam Cohen MD & Captain M'rayr Eisovo
Following "Clash of the Titans" Sickbay
New CEO, New Challenges
by Commander Arivek Zhuri & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Corbin
Holodeck - USS Katana
Spitting Image
by Commodore Krull Larkon & Captain Kristopher Kerouac & Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson
April 2388 Ophinias Colony
Meet The Parents
by Shira
April 2388 USS Katana | Verak's quarters
[BACK POST] Security Chief & The Cadet
by Cadet Sophomore Grade Aila Gilmore
Unspecified - Back Post Deck 6: Security Offices
Hey, my Best Friend is Kinda Cute...
by Ensign Paige Bennett
Before the Captain's Ball Personal Quarters
Are We Being Assimilated?
by Commander Arivek Zhuri & Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Captain M'rayr Eisovo
Main Engineering - USS Katana
Visiting the Counselor
by Lieutenant Commander Lia Grae & Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson
After "Back to Work." Counselor's Office
[BACK POST] The Quartermaster
by Cadet Sophomore Grade Aila Gilmore & Ensign Ethan Colletare
Quartermaster's Office
Birds of a Feather...
by Lieutenant Will Morgan & Chief Warrant Officer Arthur Waterson
Before Katana's arrival at Ophinias Base... Assistant Chief of Security's Office, then Mess Hall.
Kitty Boarding
by Lieutenant JG Cho'ren Vara
Cargo Bay
Unconventionally Perfect
by Cadet Sophomore Grade Aila Gilmore & Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson
Deck 8: Crew Quarters
"Doctor's Orders"
by Lieutenant Commander Liam Cohen MD & Captain Kristopher Kerouac
After the Ball Kerouac-Cohen Quarters - USS Katana
Mizuki and Maica after the ball
by Lieutenant Commander Maica & Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson
After the Captain's Ball Andy/Maica's quarters
Hiding Out
Somewhere on Ophinias colony
Sun, Sand, and Drinks
by Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Tonkin
Some time after "Warming Up" Officer Quarters, Holodeck 2
The Patient Becomes the Healer
by Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Lieutenant Commander Liam Cohen MD & Commander Arivek Zhuri
Sickbay - USS Katana
Arrivals at The Captain's Ball
by Captain Kristopher Kerouac & Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Lieutenant Commander Liam Cohen MD & Lieutenant Commander Lia Grae & Lieutenant Commander Maica & Lieutenant Hayley Collins & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Tonkin & Lieutenant Will Morgan & Lieutenant Bridget O'Connor & Lieutenant JG Leryssa Kiska & Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Corbin & Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson & Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Captain Merith & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash & Lieutenant JG Cho'ren Vara & Ensign Paige Bennett & Aznihel
During the Captain's Ball Ophinias Colony | Ballroom
Clash of the Titans
by Captain Kristopher Kerouac & Captain M'rayr Eisovo
April 2388 Ready Room
The Date
by Ensign Ethan Colletare & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Corbin
Uncomfortable Talks
by Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Lieutenant Commander Nathan Tonkin
Before 'Vacation Planning' Andy/Maica's quarters
Snugglepuss Confidential
by Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Lieutenant Commander Maica & Captain M'rayr Eisovo

Mission Summary

“The Lazarus Effect”

It has been hot and heavy time for Commander Kristopher Kerouac and his crew of the USS Katana. They have lost friends, and colleagues, but their faith has endured. Commander Kerouac, himself, having been brutally stabbed recently, is still mending and undergoing counseling to cope with the aftermath of the the attack. Meanwhile, a new Federation colony, Ophinius, has recently been constructed in a nearby system. Commander Kerouac has received invitation to meet with the Colony's Commanding Officer, allowing the USS Katana to become one of the first Federation starships to visit the colony since its establishment. Kristopher Kerouac views this as a unique opportunity to permit his crew much needed rest and relaxation. He has granted the crew shore leave as the USS Katana arrives at the planet and lands on the surface, docking on one of the pylons.

Additionally, Commander Kerouac is presented with a series of news that will change his crew and himself at the core. Firstly, is an announcement from the starship's First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Cameron Tegan, who has been offered a command of his own. Though Lieutenant Commander Tegan's month aboard Katana had been short, Kris had grown fond of his new number one. The news of Tegan's promotion to Commanding Officer of his very own starship is indeed exciting news. However, it also leaves Kris in the difficult situation of having to find or wait for a new First Officer. Secondly comes the promotion of Commander Kristopher Kerouac to the rank of Captain for his service aboard the USS Katana, discovering a new species, charting new star systems, and enduring various perils of deep space exploration.

Task Force 9 Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Adislo arrives at Ophinius to personally promote Kerouac, give Lieutenant Commander Tegan his assignment orders, and to be debriefed on Katana's recent encounter with the Gamma Quadrant species, the Pedians and the Undine. However, Captain Kerouac was unconscious in Sickbay and assigns his Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander t'Dharvanek and Chief Diplomatic Officer, Lieutenant Maica to meet with Rear Admiral Adislo.

Meanwhile, in a nearby system, Ophinius' Director of Medical Operations makes a fascinating discovery on a Class-P planet. The scientific ramifications of his findings, calls for action and Rear Admiral Adiso orders Captain Kerouac to investigate the Dr. Milo's discovery. However, the USS Katana is docked at Ophinius for a full security inspection, to ensure that all Section 31 devices have been removed and that there has been no additional sabotage to the starship. Captain Kerouac takes a Mustang-class runabout and an away team to the planet to rendezvous with Dr. Milo.

While on the planet, dressed in appropriate arctic attire for the P-Class environment, the Katana away team meets with Dr. Milo in an ice cavern where he briefs them on his discovery, an insectoid body frozen in ice for what he suspects was over a century ago. However, a further investigation of the cavern turns up more baffling evidence as weapons and artifacts of suspected Klingon origin are discovered, also in ice. Shuttle debris is also located on the planet using Mustang-class shuttle's sensors, but the readings determine a remarkable origin, placing a possible identification on the insectoid species being a member of the ancient hur'q species.

Taking in all the scientific information, Captain Kerouac gives the order to carefully carve out the frozen hur'q body and to slowly dethaw the corpse for continued scientific study. However, when the away team is successful in freeing the insectoid corpse from its icy tomb, they are all astonished when medical personnel begin to detect faint life signs from the hur'q. It becomes evident that they have somehow resurrected an ancient hur'q, a member of a species long since believed to be extinct.