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Status Completed Mission
Description The USS Katana, now under the command of Captain Tau of Bynus has been properly crewed and resupplied for her continuing voyages and service to Starfleet and the Federation. Though no longer 'home' in their natural universe, the crew of the USS Katana are coming to accept the terms of their situation and integrate themselves and their lives into this alternate universe. The starship has been reassigned to Theta Fleet's Task Force __, Task Group C – Siren. It has not taken Captain tau long to make significant changes to his starship's departmental and command structure, removing the marine presence aboard and dissolving the small Intelligence department, integrating it into the Security & Tactical department, naming former Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek as the Katana's new Security Chief and Chief Tactical Officer while retaining her command position as the starship's Second Officer. With the crew back from their shore leave and leaves of absence, the USS Katana take on the last of returning crew and new crew arrivals. Meanwhile, on the planet Evora, a Federation protectorate world, a geological crisis triggers the world's leader, Regent Cuzar to call for a state of emergency as her planet suffers several tremors of varying severity which has further caused destructive tsunamis. It soon becomes evident that volcanic activity is to blame for the earth quakes, tremors, and tsunamis. Evorans are panicking as they reach out to the Federation to help them. However, the religious and spiritual Evorans that follow the Onlith faith cite ancient texts predicting the collapse of government and the destruction of the world by the cracking of the planet's surface, opening up and swallowing it whole as the skies rain down fire upon fleeing souls. In 2376, the USS da Vinci came to the Evorans aid, locating an ancient piece of alien technology on the planet which had helped calm the otherwise seismically unstable planet. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers and crew of the da Vinci assisted the Evorans by putting into place the installation of Federation seismic reducers and regulators. The problem should have been take care of. However, with recent seismic activity putting the Evorans in danger and causing a religious and political uproar, Regent Cuzar has been forced to seek the assistance of the Federation once more as the planet of Evora wishes to finalize their entrance and acceptance into the United Federation of Planets. Captain Tau of Bynus and the USS Katana are ordered to proceed to Evora immediately in hopes to preventing the loss of a society and civilization. En route to Evora, however, the USS Katana receive word that a series of several earthquakes have occurred, killing many and leaving parts of the planet in ruins. Their mission changes slightly with the necessity of humanitarian aide. After arriving in the system, Captain Tau sends down engineering teams and medical aide to assist the Evorans while the USS Katana welcomes aboard Regent Cuzar, opening diplomatic discussions about the future of Evora and its place within the United Federation of Planets. Initially believing the seismic problems on Evora to be natural in origin, the crew of the USS Katana quickly are on elevated alert with suspicion when faint yet abnormal tachyon emissions are detected. With medical, science, and engineering personnel on the planet spelunking and exploring caves, caverns, and calderas, the crew of USS Katana stay alert and wary. If the planet of Evora is to survive, it will be up to away team personnel to find the answers while the command staff and Chief Diplomatic Officer attempt to quell the unrest of the Evoran people.
Start Date Sat Jun 20th, 2015 @ 11:32pm
End Date Sun Nov 1st, 2015 @ 11:32pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Wedding Planning Date
by Lieutenant JG Vara Cho'ran Ɵ & Captain Merith
Andy/Maica's Quarters
Final Preparations
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Commander Arivek Zhuri
Ready Room
Ghost in the System
by Commander Arivek Zhuri & Commander Jennifer Matthews
Main Engineering
Second Date
by Lieutenant Stefano Piccoletti & Lieutenant Austin Cadwell RN, MD
Cadwell's Quarters
by Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Commander Jennifer Matthews
Check Up
by Shira & Lieutenant Stefano Piccoletti
The Huntress and The Targ
by Staff Warrant Officer Nascha Taya
Beta Quadrant | Kaskall | Klingon Empire
One Thought Leads to Another
by Lieutenant Austin Cadwell RN, MD
Deck 2 - Mess Hall
It's Never Easy
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Lieutenant Stefano Piccoletti
After Battle Log Sickbay
Promises Broken
by Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Ensign Paige Bennett
After the battle/away mission
The Walking Dead Pt. 2
by Lieutenant Hayley Collins
Just after the Katana landed on Evora. Med bay, S.S. Black Dagger
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo
After "Sunsets" Captain's Personal Quarters
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Commander Jennifer Matthews
After "Landing at Evora" Captain's Personal Quarters
A Pyrrhic Victory
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Commander Jennifer Matthews & Aznihel
After Battle Log Ready Room
Life From The Ashes
by Commander Jennifer Matthews
After "Into the Volley" Evora
It's Time to Say Hello
by Lieutenant Stefano Piccoletti & Lieutenant Austin Cadwell RN, MD
Backpost Sickbay
Landing at Evora
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo
After the Battle Bridge
Near-Death Experiences Are Not Always A Common Fortè Here
by Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Captain Kristopher Kerouac & Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Lieutenant Commander Maica & Lieutenant JG Leryssa Kiska & Lieutenant JG Cho'ren Vara
Following 'A Corner Turned' Sickbay, USS Katana
Into the Volley
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Commander Arivek Zhuri & Lieutenant Commander Maica & Lieutenant Hayley Collins & Commander Jennifer Matthews & Lieutenant Stefano Piccoletti & Lieutenant Bridget O'Connor & Lieutenant Austin Cadwell RN, MD & Ensign Annette Graves & Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Shira
A Friendly Visit
by Captain M'rayr Eisovo & Lieutenant JG Leryssa Kiska
While Katana was enroute to Evora Ready Room
Idle Thoughts
by Lieutenant Austin Cadwell RN, MD
Needle In A Haystack
by Commander Jennifer Matthews & Lieutenant Hayley Collins & Shira
After "Hunter and Prey" Astrometrics
Not Goodbye but See You Soon
by Ensign Paige Bennett
Before the away mission to Evora
Rescue Flight
by Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek & Commander Arivek Zhuri & Lieutenant Bridget O'Connor & Ensign Annette Graves & Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter
Turbolift Confrontation
by Lieutenant Commander Maica & Commander Jennifer Matthews
After "Scientific Inquisition" Turboshaft One

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