Mistaken Honor

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The crew go off to investigate this plasma energy race but run across a drifting Klingon battleship and are blamed for its destruction. The crew will need to fight, talk, or flee their way out of this encounter. Depending upon their choices, they may be branded as enemies of the Empire.

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OOC Documents

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If Suns Had Life

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They run across a semi-coherent mass of plasmatic energies and discover that lifesigns are inside of it - this is a scout ship of that plasma based race. Following it, the crew find a large fleet of ancient ships around a dying star. Most are metallic hulls but a few are made of the same coherent plasma as that scout. Klingons arrive in the middle of negotiations.

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To Be or Not

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As the Klingons attack, the Katana finds themselves in a crossfire between each fleet and are forced to choose a side as the Klingon fleet heads further on to the homeworld of these plasma beings.. Aid the Klingons in their genocide, or attack Federation allies to prevent it.

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Murder Most Dark

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A serial murderer is aboard the Katana and the crew has to figure out not only who is killing people in the lower decks, but why body parts of those crewmen are missing.

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Rule-less Acquisition

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When planets and cargo ships are being attacked and raided by ships not native to the Gamma quadrant, it is up to the USS Katana and her crew to investigate. Everything becomes more urgent when the Katana responds to an attack in progress. Things become interesting when the identity of these lawless attackers turn out to be Ferengi and Nausicaans working together.

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Hunters of Pedia

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Shattering the Looking Glass

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Gazing Into Forever

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The USS Katana continues its mission of exploration of the strange Gamma quadrant with an addition to their crew. The strange creature which they have rescued on the Wadi home world from the Ferengi Daimon, Marg continues to amaze the crew who marvel in awe of the abnormal creature. On her continuing expedition through the quadrant, the Katana discovers a strange planet which may in fact be the home world of odd friend which they've name Shira.

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Laws and Leisure

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In this episode/mission, the crew says goodbye to their fallen Security Chief, Lieutenant Nathan Tonkin in what should have been his promotion ceremony rather than his memorial service. The USS Katana sets course for Lya Station Alpha where Captain Kristopher Kerouac will face a Court Martial for his actions and orders resulting in the direct violation of General Order 7 and the death of one of his crew. Commander M'rayr Eisovo is placed in command as Acting Commanding Officer until further notice. Captain Kerouac's Command codes are to be removed and stripped from the ship's computer, triggering his goodbye message to be played throughout the starship. After arriving at Lya Station Alpha, the crew are given full shore leave and have no orders from Starfleet Command until decisions can be made.

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The Lazarus Effect

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The USS Katana, now under the command of Captain Tau of Bynus has been properly crewed and resupplied for her continuing voyages and service to Starfleet and the Federation. Though no longer 'home' in their natural universe, the crew of the USS Katana are coming to accept the terms of their situation and integrate themselves and their lives into this alternate universe. The starship has been reassigned to Theta Fleet's Task Force __, Task Group C – Siren. It has not taken Captain tau long to make significant changes to his starship's departmental and command structure, removing the marine presence aboard and dissolving the small Intelligence department, integrating it into the Security & Tactical department, naming former Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek as the Katana's new Security Chief and Chief Tactical Officer while retaining her command position as the starship's Second Officer.

With the crew back from their shore leave and leaves of absence, the USS Katana take on the last of returning crew and new crew arrivals. Meanwhile, on the planet Evora, a Federation protectorate world, a geological crisis triggers the world's leader, Regent Cuzar to call for a state of emergency as her planet suffers several tremors of varying severity which has further caused destructive tsunamis. It soon becomes evident that volcanic activity is to blame for the earth quakes, tremors, and tsunamis. Evorans are panicking as they reach out to the Federation to help them. However, the religious and spiritual Evorans that follow the Onlith faith cite ancient texts predicting the collapse of government and the destruction of the world by the cracking of the planet's surface, opening up and swallowing it whole as the skies rain down fire upon fleeing souls.

In 2376, the USS da Vinci came to the Evorans aid, locating an ancient piece of alien technology on the planet which had helped calm the otherwise seismically unstable planet. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers and crew of the da Vinci assisted the Evorans by putting into place the installation of Federation seismic reducers and regulators. The problem should have been take care of. However, with recent seismic activity putting the Evorans in danger and causing a religious and political uproar, Regent Cuzar has been forced to seek the assistance of the Federation once more as the planet of Evora wishes to finalize their entrance and acceptance into the United Federation of Planets.

Captain Tau of Bynus and the USS Katana are ordered to proceed to Evora immediately in hopes to preventing the loss of a society and civilization. En route to Evora, however, the USS Katana receive word that a series of several earthquakes have occurred, killing many and leaving parts of the planet in ruins. Their mission changes slightly with the necessity of humanitarian aide. After arriving in the system, Captain Tau sends down engineering teams and medical aide to assist the Evorans while the USS Katana welcomes aboard Regent Cuzar, opening diplomatic discussions about the future of Evora and its place within the United Federation of Planets. Initially believing the seismic problems on Evora to be natural in origin, the crew of the USS Katana quickly are on elevated alert with suspicion when faint yet abnormal tachyon emissions are detected.

With medical, science, and engineering personnel on the planet spelunking and exploring caves, caverns, and calderas, the crew of USS Katana stay alert and wary. If the planet of Evora is to survive, it will be up to away team personnel to find the answers while the command staff and Chief Diplomatic Officer attempt to quell the unrest of the Evoran people.


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Several months after putting into dry dock for an extensive refit, the crew of the Federation Starship USS Katana prepare to embark on a new adventure of deep space exploration. Admiral Kathryn Janeway herself arrives to inspect the vessel prior to its departure when an unanticipated visitor turns what was supposed to be a by-the-book shakedown cruise into a high-risk voyage of life and death.

Part of Season 2

Distressed Ventures

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Farenia takes over as CO and a sensor module is clamped to the spine of the ship, then the Katana is immediately assigned to the JFS-47 stellar nursery near the Klingon border. After a distress signal, that is… Upon arrival at the coordinates given by the distress signal, they find the remains of the cargo ship “Venture’s Bounty”. Que mystery.

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Station of Glitter

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They follow the warp trails of a suspected attacking vessel only to find them go cold near a system with some strange gaseous anomalies. Sensors have a hard time penetrating the nebulous gasses and after further investigation, an ancient starbase is discovered deep inside. Negotiations commence for first contact.

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Ancient Paths

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After infiltrating the ancient starbase and downloading their databases, the crew learn that these people are refugees of several destroyed worlds and have been living there for several thousand years. From the databases, a race of plasma energy beings swallowed their planets like a sun and blinked out their ships like candle flames in the wind. The crew also learn of the supposed location of this race from one really old database. They're also on the lookout for the scavenger insect-like race that nearly tore the ship apart.

This is a relatively calm mission with a couple encounters with the Drej that go better than last time and the discovery of an ancient path from a million year old star map.

Part of Season 3