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erei'Arrain (Lieutenant JG) Marek Lovok

Name Marek Lovok

Position Investigations Officer

Rank erei'Arrain (Lieutenant JG)

Character Information

Sex male
Species Romulan
Age 38
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 200lbs (90 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Marek sports spiky hair styles with sometimes apply different colour dyes to the spikes. The usual Romulan forehead ridges and pointed ears slightly less sharp compared to a Vulcan. Marek has two tattoos: one of a mystic sea creature in Romulan mythology that resembles a Dragon but features four additional arms, two on each side that is on his right bicep; his second tattoo is an ancient tribal pattern from Earth history that spirals twice around his left thigh, begins at his hip and ends at his knee. Marek is physically well-defined and athletically fit; he often wears tight fitting to make others aware of it although he doesn't show off. Marek's left ear has a nick missing from an altercation he partaken in during his adolescence and it is clearly noticeable just before the tip; it is tender at the touch and causes some discomfort.


Spouse/Significant Other Khaiel Rennoll
Father Galan
Mother Saeihr
Brother(s) Rhean (Recently born)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marek will stand up for what he believes in and to support his friends when they need it; he prides himself on his sense of loyalty and friendship. Marek sometimes has a hard time trusting as he only has a few true friends. He tries to keep an open mind when he meets new people but continues to be cautious.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of Marek’s weaknesses is he has a sweet tooth for all sorts of sweets, he cannot say no although he has tried but failed epically. The biggest strength Marek has is his hard skin against all bullying and teasing during his school days as a teenager.
Ambitions Marek has always wanted to prove to those who teased him during his adolescence that he can make something of his life; one was joining the Navy which he accomplished and now he working to the day he will serve at Naval headquarters as a flag officer.
Hobbies & Interests Tri-dimensional chess, Holo novels and Parrises squares.

Personal History Born to Galan, former officer in the Navy serving on Romulus and Saeihr, part of a career agent family. The two fell in love during their collaboration on several Navy-related cases involving Tal Shiar personnel. When they offered a position semi by her side he jumped into it fast, albeit as a mere guard.

They got married and had Marek who always seemed to follow his mother around and even got to go to Tal Shiar early recruitment camps throughout his young years.

During his childhood, everything seemed to go well as he had a knack for investigation and torture. Tal Shiar training continued to enhance Marek more and met another boy, Khaiel Rennoll, a technical agent at the training facility. The two became playful rivals in order to push each other, though Khaiel at a sleep over had kissed Marek. He found he was more attracted to boys than girls at this stage. The two formed a very blissful relationship as the two reach puberty and they both came out to their parents at the same time at the same place so they could be together.

It was uneventful till they were in their late 30s and transferred together to Deleth Station as part of the Joint venture with the Federation. Of course both agreed to keep an eye out for anything that the Tal Shiar could use, though the change of scenery helped Marek want to settle down. He just had to be careful not to incur the wrath of the Tal Shiar or they would take Khaiel away from him.

Again they had to move to avoid direct Tal Shiar interference and logged a transfer request with Starfleet to be exchange officers on any ship, the Katana was on that list.
Service Record He is in the Romulan Star Navy, though had been thrown into the hands of the Tal Shiar along with his current partner. The two have been unwilling participants, they know but only push them occasionally to do their bidding.
Marek is erei'Arrain (Lieutenant JG)
Khaiel is Uhlan (Ensign)

(Note: I would ask before I did anything Tal Shiar related, and it would be off the ship, unless you want it onboard. lol
Note2: Could these be exchange officers and so keep their Romulan Navy ranks?
I'll be adding Khaiel and another PNPC once approved.)