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Lieutenant JG Ashley Hunter

Name Ashley Tania Hunter Ph.D

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex female
Species Human
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 119 Lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Bright Blue
Physical Description She has generally long curly blonde hair, that she sometimes likes to cut shorter into a bob, she has deep light blue eyes and is of slender build. She is attractive warm smile that brightens a room.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Alvin Hunter
Mother Martha Lazaro (deceased)
Brother(s) Tomas, Jay (twin)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Sister-in-Law: Amy Cruz
Niece: Emily (5)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She will quite happily spark up a conversation with anyone, with a happy and social persona about her. She is rarely off duty and continues to observes behaviours, watching for micro expressions or leakage of a persons true feelings – and is fascinated and continuously learning especially regarding human behaviours.

She has a tendency toward cynicism and self-hatred and a temper that could be impressive when roused, but overall she is a highly moral woman who is determined to rise above his failings. She normally stays away from discussing her emotions, but has displayed tenderness on a few occasions.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong character
+Good communicator
+always looking to improve himself.
+Physically fit

-Inexperienced Starfleet Officer
-Sense of Direction
Hobbies & Interests Running

Personal History Early Life
Born Ashley Tania Hunter on board the Federation Starship the USS Oberon in 2362. She is the youngest child of three children and a twin. Her two older brothers are called Tomas and Jay (twin) and they are a very close family ever since the death of their mother (Martha) when Ashley and Jay were just 4 years old. In 2372, they moved to Earth and New York, North America after their father Alvin Hunter was offer a new job and the opportunity to start a new life and to give his children a better way of life and an advantage if they wanted to join Starfleet, one of his biggest regrets not joining himself.

Starfleet Academy
After leaving school, Ashley wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, the only ambition in life she had was to have a family of her own. However, her father wanted more for her and pushed her to join Starfleet. In 2378 she apply to join Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, but it was clear by the examiners that her heart wasn’t in it and she failed to qualify to the anger of her father.

Ashley stayed in San Francisco and worked as a barmaid within the bar ‘Luna’, a hangout for many of the Starfleet cadets. She was notice by Captain James Marshall, who she took it on himself, as personnel project if you will, to get Ashley to re-join Starfleet. It took much persuading; however, she finally agreed to at least sit the tests. Unfortunately Earths Cadet quote was full so she had to travel to Beta Aquilae II where she successfully qualify and was accepted into Starfleet Academy to start the following year, much to the delight on his father and Captain James Marshall who took his under his wing.

To his surprise Ashley enjoyed his time at the Academy while studying her Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology. During the 7 years Ashley was at Starfleet academy, she took part in the Starfleet Academy Marathon, getting better each year, finishing, 123rd, 67th, 42nd and finally 19th

As part of his tour of duty, she serviced 6 months on Starbase 118 and 6 months on the USS Miranda, under command of Commodore Kate Templeton and Captain Julian Todd respectively. It was very much a steep learning curve, but an invaluable learning experience.

Ashley successfully graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2386 along with his friends, Helena Korby, Joanna O’Brien and Thomas Mitchell.
Service Record Ashley was offered a place aboard the USS Lake Louise, its mission was to patrol the Romulan Neutral, she later took on extra responsibilities, easing the pressure off his department head with taking on more senior members of the crew as part of her portfolio.

However, it wasn’t long before his efforts were rewarded and she was offer the position of Assistant Chief Counsellor aboard the Lake Louise, and spent the next 6 month work shadowing the Head Counsellor on away missions during diplomatic missions.

Career History
2378 - Failed to qualify for Starfleet Academy, Earth.
2379 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy Beta Aquilae II
2383 - Field training at Starbase 83 and USS Miranda
2386 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
2386 - U.S.S. Lake Louise –Counsellor