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Lieutenant JG T'Val Kejal

Name T'Val Kejal

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex female
Species Vulcan/El-Aurian
Age 125
Main Character [Kristopher Kerouac]

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4''
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description T'Val Kejal is a fine example of how looks can be deceiving, how illogical it can be to judge a book by its cover. T'Val's appearance is that of an atypical Vulcanoid. She has short light blonde hair and lukewarm hazel eyes that do not show the cold stoicism of a Vulcan but the warmth of an emotional, highly sentient being. She is short and thin in stature, nonthreatening by the looks of her. One's eyes may quickly mistake her as being a Vulcan-Human hybrid which is exactly what she will claim to be whenever anyone asks as few know the more truthfully complex answer to her genealogy.


Father Sovar
Mother "Wanda"
Other Family All El-Aurian people are her brothers and sisters in a spiritual-cultural sense.

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Val is an introverted individual who does not say much about herself or her history. She keeps her motives to herself as well which can incite suspicion from others, especially those who are wary of her as it is. T'Val values harmony and cooperation, and is likely to be very sensitive to other people's feelings. She takes responsibilities very seriously, and can be counted on to follow through. She has a need for support and encouragement as negative criticism causes her to sink into self-doubt and may border on depression in extreme cases.
Strengths & Weaknesses T'Val knows bits and pieces about her true heritage. She had learned much from her mother before her mother's death. However, she holds an interest in learning more about herself and the life forms that occupy all corners of the galaxy. She also has a personal journey to seek out El-Aurians in order to learn more about her abilities and her culture.
Ambitions T'Val Kejal has been alive for over a century, almost a century and a half. Needless to say, she has had time to enjoy many of hobbies and has interest in various areas. However, some of her more prominent is Botany, Music, and Cultural Studies. She has learned to play instruments such as the Vulcan Harp with a near flawless ease and a harmonic singing voice that has been rumored to make those struggling with emotional discipline to shed a tear or two.
Hobbies & Interests T'Val Kejal has been alive for over a century, almost a century and a half. Needless to say, she has had time to enjoy many of hobbies and has interest in various areas. However, some of her more prominent is Botany, Music, and Cultural Studies. She has learned to play instruments such as the Vulcan Harp with a near flawless ease and a harmonic singing voice that has been rumored to make those struggling with emotional discipline to shed a tear or two.

As a Scientist with a natural ability to 'listen' to everything around her and to 'sense' when there is something wrong or abnormal in collaboration with her upbringing on Vulcan teaching regarding life, she views life as something sacred and meant to be protected. She enjoys studying the cultures of the species she comes across during her travels. She values all life, sentient or not, animal or not. This contributes to in Botanical studies.

Personal History Born T'Val in the year 2263 on the icy Planet of Delta Vega in the Vulcan star system to a Dr. Sevar, her Vulcan Scientist father and an El-Aurian mother, a refugee from the home world that had been demolished by the Borg. She came to Vulcan many years before T'Val was born posing as a Human under the pseudo identity of “Wanda,” an identity that she held onto until her death from a mysterious illness that took “Wanda” from her family when T'Val was eighteen.
T'Val was raised for the first eighteen years of her life by both of her parents and later by her widowed father who taught the girl the Vulcan way of life though he himself was an isolationist due to his personal beliefs that emotions were strengths rather than tamable and suppressible weaknesses. As a result, T'Val was free to express herself emotionally on Delta Vega with the few hundred Vulcans who dared to make the cold tundra a home.
At age twenty four in the year 2247, the young woman was yearning for further education and admired her father's career choice as a scientist. However, she did not wish to pursue her education at the Vulcan Science Academy. Instead she chose to study at the Andorian Science Institute on neighboring Andoria. After hard work and seven years of dedication to her higher education and successfully defending her dissertation against the scrutinizing board of Andorians and other species, including one rather inhospitable Tellarite, she received her Doctorate of Xeno-Theology in 2294.
She had a stint with scientific exploration aboard various civilian science vessels from 2294 well into 2305, eventually ending up on the planet Earth where she applied to a teaching position at Cambridge University as an Associate Professor of Theological Studies and earned Federation Citizenship. She served on the Cambridge faculty from 2305-2315, advancing to Assistant Professor status in 2314. She left Cambridge and Earth in the winter of 2315 with desire to get back where belonged, space.
Where she went and what did from 2315-2328 is actually something she does not delve into all that often. She simply states that she jumped from cargo vessel to science vessel, frigate to frigate on her journey across the Galaxy, somewhat of a galactic hitchhiker. However, at some point along her diverse travels she ended up on the planet Bajor by 2328 during it's Cardassian occupation, an experience which she refers to as her 'dark awakening.' Years spent on Bajor under Cardassian rule forced her to see the brutality and savagery of one species on another, how Cardassians stripped away the culteral identity of the Bajoran people. As to what she did during the occupation, T'Val will simply imply that she was surviving, but as to what that means, remains somewhat of a mystery. However, it is quite possible due to evidence of her hand-to-hand and weapons training that T'Val may or may not have had ties to the Bajoran resistance cells during the Cardassian Occupation of the planet.

In 2369 When the Cardassians left Bajor, marking the end of the Occupation, Dr. T'Val resurfaced after her whereabouts had become long unknown by the Federation. She also had added onto her identity during her time on Bajor with the addition of Kejal to her name. It was a Bajoran word that meant 'freedom' as a way to remember her time with the Bajoran people in their pursuit for freedom and endurance through the Cardassian Occuptaion. T'Val took Kejal as a surname from that point onward. She chose to remain on Bajor in order to assist in the rebuilding of temples and monasteries. However, with the eventual discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, Dr. T'Val Kejal could not simply up and leave Bajor. Ever so the scientist, she remained as a means to study the phenomena.

Dr. T'Val Kejal left finally left Bajor in late 2372 in fear that war was quickly approaching. She made made her way to Deep Space Nine via a Bajoran transport vessel, and arranged passage on a Federation starship that would be passing by Earth where she planned to settle down once again. The half Vulcan took another teaching position which she held until 2379. By that time she was growing tired of the mundane lifestyle of teaching. She was starting to see new opportunities ahead of her and began to discuss making a strange career choice. After a lengthy evaluation process and having to provide evidence of her academic degrees, and citizenship, T'Val joined Starfleet as a provisionally commissioned officer. She had to endure months of intense training and had to take a few courses at Starfleet Academy but she succeeded. Academically, the Academy work was not all that hard, not when she had already had a good bit of knowledge from her studies on Vulcan and Andoria. It was only logical that she focus on sciences as her area of study. Though she did find the Academy tough in the sense that her fellow cadets struggled to understand her. To them, she was a Vulcan and that meant acting rather coldly and unemotional. When T'Val did not meet their expectations, this left many confused. She did her best to make and maintain friendships, but very few endured after her brief stay at the Academy.

Perhaps one of her biggest obstacles at the Academy was the jealousy from fellow Cadets of her past education. Some Cadets expressed great dislike of her because she held an advanced degree already, others showed distrust of her due to her mysterious nature and the way she would conceal her past from others.She saw Starfleet as a mean to explore farther than she had even been able to on her own or by traveling on slow limited defense cargo vessels.
Service Record 2381-2382: Starfleet Academy: Necessary courses taken
2382: Earns Starfleet Provisional rank of Lieutenant (j.g.)
2382-2385: USS Europa, Botanist
2385-2388: USS Raal, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2388-Present: USS Katana, Assistant Chief Science Officer