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Lieutenant Austin Cadwell

Name Austin Clive Cadwell RN, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex male
Species Human
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 198
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Austin Cadwell has been referred to, by both genders, as good-looking, pretty, handsome, gorgeous, and so on and so forth. He will fully admit that he has modelesque good looks, but yet he doesn’t really care. To him, beauty comes from within; to him he just shrugs off comments that are geared toward his looks. He stands much taller than the average human male, standing at six feet four inches tall, and weighs in just a smidge under two hundred pounds. He has not only a long body, but a lean one. He is a strong proponent of physical fitness, and believes that a good balance of nutrition, exercise is key to a healthy, and a long life.

He would say he isn’t vain, but Austin does like to present a good image. His hair is dark brown, in which he keeps neatly trimmed. He had been known to go to the barber once a week to be sure the length and style are kept perfect. He does like to use organic styling product to keep his hair (which he considers unruly) in check. His skin is clear, he is very adamant about skin care as well. He uses organic products to not only keep his skin clear, but moisturized as well. He does tend to keep a short beard that is just a tad bit longer than a five o’clock shadow. To him it gives him distinction, a more rugged look. Because even though he is almost forty years old, he still has a baby face. Though his eyes are listed officially as blue, the color is much richer then the primary color. He gets a lot of comments on his eyes, and he truly does consider them his best feature – next to his smile of course.

Austin also sports several tattoos, nothing extravagant, but he does have them. They are mostly on his upper arms, and forearms. A lot of people are surprised that he has them, considering how he is about skin care, but he couldn’t help but get them. One tattoo turned into a second one, then another, then another. Currently he has five, and does want to get more. All of his tattoos are covered when in uniform.

His clothing style would be considered comfortable, but fashionable. Austin is very meticulous about how he looks in clothing. Each article of clothing, including his uniform, must fit his lean form perfectly. He will fully admit that he has way too many clothes, but he doesn’t see that as a bad thing. His uniform is always in pristine condition, as is his lab coat that he wears while on duty. A lot of times, due to his profession, he will opt for the vest variant of the uniform, as opposed to the uniform jacket.

Okay, so he is a tiny bit vain, but he doesn’t see that as a bad thing. It just means he is very conscientious of how he looks, and how he is viewed. It isn’t lost on him that most people judge him on his looks first, but it’s his hope that they will look beyond his looks and see what a smart, witty, and good guy that he truly is.


Spouse/Significant Other Single
Children No children - but definitely would consider having them.
Father Lt. Colonel Clive Cadwell (KIA)
Mother Mary-Ann Cadwell, RN, MSN
Brother(s) No brothers
Sister(s) No sisters
Other Family Paternal and Maternal Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins on both sides.

Personality & Traits

General Overview In simplest terms, Austin is a friendly, out-going guy. He has excellent bedside manner, and he would literally give the shirt off his back if it meant someone else stayed warm. He is a very compassionate man, who would do anything to help those in need. The one thing any of his friends would say is that he is not a fake. He is a genuine individual, even if that means hearing something you might not want to hear. He isn’t one to beat around the bush; however, as a nurse he knows how to soften the blow so to speak. He isn’t above holding a patient’s hand, or even holding a sick child. He would gladly put himself in danger – and give his life – if it meant saving others.

However, not everything is sunshine and lollipops in Austin’s world. He deals with demons, at times dark ones. This is a side of his personality that he keeps well hidden, but it’s present. To be clear, he isn’t some psycho, or sociopath, but he does deal with depression, loneliness, and self-worth issues. There are plenty of times he will question his place in the universe, whether he is good enough, and a lot of his relationships (both romantic and friendship) have failed because of this.

This stems from a childhood that wasn’t perfect. His mother was his strongest advocate, always cheering him on, and defending him. His father, on the other hand, was much harder on him, and far harsher. Austin was never good enough for his father. His father constantly belittled him, in private, and in public. Even when he made the announcement that he was going to join Starfleet, it wasn’t good enough because it wasn’t the Marine Corp. Austin is athletic now, that wasn’t always the case. His father just pushed, and pushed, and pushed, until Austin couldn’t take it anymore. After he left for the Academy, he didn’t speak to his father after that. He didn’t even attend the man’s funeral.

Overall, Austin is a man has a lot of facets to his personality, and is genuinely a good guy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
A lot of Austin’s strengths lie in his profession. He truly is a good nurse, his compassion is limitless. His main goal is to help all those who need help, there is no leaving anyone behind in his book. He is selfless, thoughtful, and though he can be blunt, he will never step over the line. He has toed that line, but never crossed it. He is always very friendly, and can typically be seen with a smile. He just wants to make the galaxy a better place. Though that is something most people are pessimistic and cynical about, he doesn’t feel that way. He knows it may not be something he sees in his lifetime, but he is optimistic that one day, there will be full peace and cooperation throughout the Milky Way.

Austin is truly his own worst enemy. He himself is his biggest weakness at times. His inner demons can be quite loud, at times all consuming. He is not too proud to seek counseling, and in fact is more than happy to see a counselor when it is needed. He certainly does believe that it’s important to be able to be honest and open. It’s never a good thing to keep it bottled up. He once used to self-harm, and he has fear that this might become a habit again. Every day he fights it. However, with all that said, he will tell anyone that he believes the weaknesses that he possesses make him a stronger person. He feels if he can overcome his inner demons, he can overcome just about anything.
Ambitions It’s a hard call to say where Austin stands on ambition. There was probably a time that he was ambitious, but he was young, and hungry for being the best. He wanted the accolades; he wanted to prove he made the right decision. Most of all, he wanted to prove his father wrong. However, as he has moved forward in his career, he has found that the ambition has dwindled. He will always want to know more, his curiosity will all be there, but he doesn’t care if he makes rank anymore. He is perfectly content with where he is at in life; the important thing for him is that he still gets to help others. There are times he would like to further his education, maybe actually enter medical school. However, his ambition now is all about the person who needs his help, and hoping he can help them.
Hobbies & Interests Austin would say that his hobbies and interests vary. He is a man who likes to try anything once, and that he doesn’t want to limit himself. Though not a big fan of sports, over the years he has garnered an interest in ice hockey. He couldn’t really name players, or stats, but he does enjoy watching a game on the holodeck. As a child, books were his escape; they allowed his imagination run wild without getting in trouble for it. This has carried over into adulthood, and he will always choose a good book over the holodeck any day.

He also has a keen interest in languages (this stemmed from dating a language expert). Though he isn’t really good with languages, he does like to learn about the history of the language. To him, it is all very fascinating. He had just wished he had more talent in that area of interest. He is truly a child of the twenty-fourth century in that he relies heavily on a UT.

Another interest, and this is more of a recent one, is cooking. It was something he found he was quite a natural at. Though he believes in a nutritious and balanced diet, he does love food and flavor. Having started to cook, and using fresh ingredients, it’s been hard for him to go back to replicated food.

In general though, it truly is a free for all when it comes to interests. From orbital skydiving, to scuba diving, Austin will probably try it.

Personal History Date of Birth: January 20th, 2357
Place of Birth: Earth – Rapid City, South Dakota

There is truly nothing anything Austin Cadwell could say about his childhood that would either come out snarky, sarcastic, or boring. His mother was glad to have had a child; his father had been suspicious of him from the start. There had been more than one occasion that his father had stated that Austin was unwanted. Of course his mother would laugh it off, as if it was some sort of joke. His childhood wasn’t by far the worst, but it wasn’t that great either.

School was his reprieve from his rather dim home life. He excelled in academics, but not so much anywhere else. His father was disappointed in this; he wanted a son who would become captain of every team that was offered. It just simply did not happen. It was in school that he found his love of the biological sciences. It was something he excelled at, it came easy to him, and he was fascinated by it. For a long time he wanted to go into the biological sciences, but that transformed into wanting to pursue a career in medicine.

Once in high school, Austin’s father’s verbal torment increased. He became depressed, and in a dark mood constantly. He almost felt Vulcan-like as his emotions slowly began to shut down. He found ways to feel something, and a lot of times that was inflicting some type of harm on himself. He had some close calls, and had to be brought in to the Emergency Room on more than one occasion. One would think his father would feel more sympathetic at that point, but it was the exact opposite. To the elder Cadwell, his son was weak.

As soon as he was eligible, Austin applied for and was accepted into the Academy. He left home, and never looked back. He knew he could have become a nurse without the help of Stafleet, but there was the appeal to go off-world. He wanted to explore, and to learn. Though, his hidden agenda was to get as far away from his father as possible. However, when he turned twenty years old his father was killed on a mission. He didn’t mourn the man, didn’t even blink an eye. The man got a full military funeral, and Austin –despite his mother’s protests, and begging – decided not to attend. To this day, he does not regret that decision.

With his father dead and gone, Austin felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. He finally felt… free. Though he didn’t graduate at the top of his class, he did graduate in the top ten percent. He was pretty pleased with himself, and his mother couldn’t have been more proud. Once he graduated from the Academy, he went onto his first assignment, which was Starfleet Medical.
Service Record Starfleet Academy – Four year officer based program. Austin was entered into the nursing/biological science track. Upon graduation from the Academy, he was commissioned as an ensign, and after a short wait was placed at Starfleet Medical as part of the general nursing staff.

Starfleet Medical – Starfleet Medical was Austin’s first assignment. He wasn’t totally thrilled to be assigned to Starfleet’s medical complex, but it was a good way to get his feet wet. Nurses were in a high demand everywhere, including at Starfleet Medical. The assignment wasn’t a total bust, he learned a lot, and during that time realized he could do more than just general nursing. During this time, he decided to take extra courses to get certified in pediatrics, orthopedics, and cardiothoracic surgery. These were all specialties he could use to further his career. He had especially loved working with kids, and eventually got himself assigned to the pediatric wards.

After five years, Austin found himself being transferred to a starship. Despite a rocky and somewhat disappointing start at Starfleet Medical, he knew he was going to miss the place. He had formed friendships, and even had a couple of relationships. But, he also knew he wanted to get out into space, so it was bittersweet. His next adventure would take him onto the USS Forester, as head nurse.

USS Forester – This was his longest assignment to date. He had the good fortune that he went from a Starfleet Medical, to a Sovereign-class vessel. It was on the Forester that he had seen combat and triage medicine on a more constant basis. There were battles, first contact situations that went horribly wrong, planetary disasters, and so on and so on. When the starship wasn’t engaged in some kind of problematic thing, Austin spent time with friends, got into another relationship, and decided to take up new hobbies. It truly felt like home. Overall, he enjoyed his time on Forester. He learned a lot, experienced a lot, and above all he felt it made him a better officer, a better nurse, and a better person.

USS Katana – After nearly eight years on the Forester, Austin found himself being transferred to yet another starship. At first, he was not keen on this at all; he had his life on the Forester. He wasn’t so quick to change or give that up. Though he wasn’t truly given a choice in the transfer, he took it head on and chose to be optimistic about as opposed to being cynical and resentful.

He currently resides on the USS Katana as the Head Nurse.

*Addendum: A year ago, Austin took advantage of a program offered at Starfleet Medical for seasoned nurses. The program was a way to allow experienced nurses to use their experience in lieu of actual schooling to become a medical doctor. Since the Dominion War, the training for a medical staff, doctors and nurses, had been standardized. This made it easier to put someone in the right gap, wherever it was needed. Since Austin had the training, he qualified, and took the leap to become a full medical doctor. After passing all the exams, and certifications, he was granted his medical doctorate.*