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Staff Warrant Officer Nascha Taya

Name Nascha Taya

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Boatswain

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Sex female
Species Neural Native / Dorvan
Age 36
Code Name Spirit

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5''
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Personal History Born on the planet Neural (Zeta Bootis III) in the Zeta Bootis system in the year 2356, Nascha Taya had an interesting life growing up. Her family's ancestory is well rooted in ancient Earth's native and indigenous peoples. Nascha's father was a trader from the planet Dorvan V on the Federation-Cardassian border. It was during one of his trading expeditions that his travel took him to the Zeta Bootis system where he met Nascha's mother, a Kahn-ut-tu (a healer) woman who lived among the hill people of the planet Neural, the third planet of the Zeta Bootis system.

Nascha's father was a skilled hunter and tracker in addition and in close relation to his trading. The season of shorter sun (winter) on Dorvan V were rather frigid and harsh. It was the Cardassian's need for warmth that had sent Nascha's father to the Zeta Bootis system in order to acquire hides and furs. Large, fierce, dangerous creatures known as Mugato were legend among the people of Neural, and their furs and horns were an exotic luxury. During his time on Neural, Nascha's father was with a hunting party and was attacked by a pack Mugato. The other men were killed, but Nascha's father clung to life. He was discovered by a tribe's Kahn-ut-tu who rescued him and nursed him back to health through diligence and medicinal knowledge of plants.

The couple pursued an intimate relationship with one another after some time courting one another, Nascha's father was accepted into the tribe on Neural, coming to live with the hill people and his mate. Soon thereafter, the tribe's Kahn-ut-tu was with child. Nascha was born during a time of great turmoil and stress for her father. Back on his home world of Dorvan, tensions with the Cardassians was on the rise, and the Federation were dragged into the conflict that had resulted in the Federation-Cardassian war which would continue over the next several years with the most intense violence spanning from the years 2355 to 2359.

Conflict between the Federation and Cardassian Union continued with the fighting beginning to quell in 2366 with a signing of a ceasefire. By this time, Nascha Taya was a young girl transitioning from childhood. She was only ten years of age at the time, but among her people she was taking on responsibilities and studying at her parents' sides, learning hunting, tracking, and trading from her father whilst learning about agriculture, spiritualism, and botanical studies from her mother. The planet Neural, like Dorvan was a planet on a Federation border, though Neural was on the Federation-Klingon border rather than the Federation-Cardassian border. There had been point in Nerual's history where the Federation and Klingon Empire were having a private little war, pushing the natives to fight each other until near extinction. In fact, it was once believed that all humanoid life on the planet had been wiped out. This, however, was not true.

By 2370, the Federation surrendered the planet of Dorvan V to the Cardassian Union. Neural had been in a state of peace for many of years as the Federation and Klingon Empire had become allies after many years of violence and war, but peace on Neural was becoming increasingly unstable as a civil war broke out within the Klingon Empire in 2368. Neural had been a jointly protected Federation-Klingon protected world, but the Federation supported Chancellor Gowron while a majority of Neural's population were supporters of the Duras family.

What began as a Klingon civil war flourished over the next couple of years as the Federation and Klingon Empire found themselves yet again at war with one another. Neural was yet again caught in the middle of an armed conflict between these two mighty powers. Nascha's family wanted nothing to do with the conflict, but battle lines were being drawn on Neural, and Dorvan IV was under Cardassian rule. Nascha was now a young teenager who was full of angst and rage, hate for all this power struggle and war. She, like her father was losing the only home she had ever known.

The Federation-Klingon war had been short lived, but much blood was shed on many of worlds. Neural included. The rift between these two great powers was soon mended, at least as best as could be given a more serious threat of the Dominion and a great shattering war to come. Nascha's mother had been killed during the Klingon Civil War, and her father was a very bitter and broken man because of it. He was no longer the great hunter or warrior that she had known him to be. He was only a shadow of what had been. It was in Nascha's hands now, to be her own master of fate, to take initiative and reclaim prosperity. She was tired of standing around and hearing reports of worlds being demolished and lives being lost, tired of seeing the pain and anguish on her father's face. She waited until her seventeenth birthday, but she could not wait any longer. Nascha confronted her father with intent to enlist with Starfleet, a decision that at her age required her father's consent which he begrudgingly did sign.

Nascha was on the next transport she could arrange from Neural to Earth. She underwent basic training over several weeks, she received a physically exhausting training, learning Federation technology, the technology of several other worlds, and improved her hand-to-hand combat and weapon training. After completion of her training, she received the rank of Crewmen Recruit. She pursued a mostly technical route with her Starfleet career, though she had a passion for aviation navigation. Seeing officers walk by her on a daily basis, seeing them pilot shuttles and fighters did nothing more than fuel her frustration with herself. She was an intelligent and confident woman, she was officer material and she knew it, but she did not want to wait. She wanted to be involved in this war and make a difference.

It was 2373 when she entered into service with Starfleet as a Crewmen Recruit. Her desire to be involved in the war had turned to anything but. She mistakenly believed that she'd be on the front lines on a planet or starship in the Alpha Quadrant, maybe seeing the Gamma Quadrant one day soon. In actuality, she was assigned to the USS Moray, a Oberth-class science vessel which was primarily in the Beta Quadrant for the duration of the Dominion War. The only real benefit for Nascha was that during this time she served as a technician aboard the starship, typically working on the transporters, but would sometimes get an opportunity to work on a shuttle the day before it was scheduled for a mission. It was the closest to aviation that she could get, and it did help her achieve the rank of Crewmen before leaving the USS Moray in 2377.

She transferred to the USS Cheyenne's Operations department to serve as a transporter operator, having been promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class. It was more of usual for her. The starship was a small Defiant-class, but the technology aboard was state of the art for the Federation, it was the best they had at the time, and the woman was quite busy fixing the transporter and operating it. Nascha served aboard the Cheyenne from 2377 to 2380, though not advancing even in the slightest during this period. She felt as if she were at a standstill with her rank, and was actively seeking a means to go somewhere...anywhere with Starfleet.

It was her belief that she needed to be aboard a much larger starship or a starbase in order to progress and advance in Starfleet. She took the first opportunity that came along. In 2380, Petty Officer Nascha put starship life behind and transferred to Starbase 67 to serve in a clerical capacity as the base's Bosun. She performed dutifully, for several years, earning the base Commander's respect and friendship along with good conduct commendations and praise. Along with these came two promotions over the course of seven years. Nascha and the Commander had served side by side for seven long years, from his first few days as station Commander until his final days before retirement. After all the years of pushing PaDDs around, Nascha found herself with her greatest asset.

Service Record 2373: Enlisted in Starfleet - Crewmen Recruit
2373-2375: USS Moray; Transporter Technician - Crewmen Apprentice
2375-2377: USS Moray; Transporter/Repair Technician - Crewmen
2377-2380: USS Cheyenne; Transporter Operator - Petty Officer 3rd Class
2380-2385: Starbase 67; Bosun - Petty Officer 2nd Class
2385-2387: Starbase 67; Bosun - Petty Officer 1st Class
2387: Starfleet Warrant Officer School/Aviation School
2387-2389: USS Icarus; Support Craft Pilot - Warrant Officer
2389-2391: USS Majestic; Chief Support Craft Pilot - Staff Warrant Officer
2391-xxxx: USS Katana; Assistant Chief Flight Controller/Bosun - Staff Warrant Officer