Lieutenant JG Luss Pano

Name Luss Elbrun Pano

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex male
Species Bolian
Age 27
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 178
Hair Color bald
Eye Color brown


Spouse/Significant Other Rennan Pano
Father Drass Pano
Mother Bavelyn Pano
Brother(s) Aulder Pano (younger sibling)
Sister(s) Jols Pano (older sibling)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Luss Pano is a registered psychiatrist who serves as a lieutenant on the USS Katana under the command of Kristopher Kerouac.
Strengths & Weaknesses Luss's is very friendly and compassionate and makes him an excellent counselor on board the Katana. He is very friendly and personable (as are most Bolians), and he very rarely finds himself in arguments with others and is typically remembered by others as a very kind person. Even as a child, Luss had a strong relationship with his parents and rarely argued with them. He has, throughout his life, frequently found himself in arguments with his younger brother Aulder due to Aulder's disapproval of Bolians who choose to have monogamous relationships. In recent years, however, the two brothers have become estranged and no longer communicate with each other on a regular basis. Luss is deeply troubled by this and has, in the past, had to seek out counseling for himself. He also becomes very attached to people easily, which has caused problems at the workplace, as he has not always been able to treat patients objectively. He also struggles with his missing his spouse, since his spouse is not assigned to the Katana, and the two consequently don't see each other every day.
Ambitions Luss strongly believes in peace, and he believes that beings can learn how to better themselves and their species. He feels that history shows many examples of wars and conflicts that were not at all necessary and could have been avoided by establishing solidarity, and he also strongly believes that he spiritually enlightens himself via literature. Luss constantly tries to better himself via enlightenment and education and always feels that there is room for improvement, especially in regards to his counseling position.
Hobbies & Interests Luss loves to read, especially ancient Terran literature (which he studied at Starfleet Academy). His favorite writers are William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. He also has a deeply passionate love for nature and other life forms. Because of this, Luss is vegetarian (which is atypical of Bolians), completely refraining from eating meat.

Personal History Luss was born and raised by Bolian parents who fell in love at a young age and decided that they wanted to commit to monogamy, despite the typical Bolian way of marriages involving more than just two parties. During his time at Starfleet Academy, where his central focuses were psychology, ancient Terran literature, and anthropology, Luss met and fell in love with Rennan Bolger, a male Betazoid. They decided that they, too, wanted a monogamous relationship, and shortly after graduating from Starfleet Academy, they had a marriage ceremony on Rennan's homeworld (which involved the Betazoid tradition of wedding while nude). Although Luss has a strong relationship with his parents and his sister Jols, he has somewhat of an estranged relationship with his brother Aulder because Aulder disapproves of both his parents' and Luss's monogamous marriages, feeling that they have betrayed Bolian culture.