Lieutenant JG Benjamin Barnes

Name Benjamin Elisha Barnes

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex male
Species Human
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Gay

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Elisha is tall, and muscular, with a tanned olive complexion, brown hair, and hazel eyes. He generally wears a bit of a scruffy unshaven stubble that gives him a rather swarthy appeal. His body is in good shape, due to his daily workout routine, and he has a spray of dark hair across his chest, as well as dark hair on his forearms. He has a single tattoo, of Psalms 27, written vertically on his right ribs on a scroll, in Hebrew, and wears a Star of David on a simple gold chain around his neck.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Daniel Barnes
Mother Rachel Barnes

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben is an easy going, and fun loving person, who doesn't take things too seriously, and likes to smile and laugh. This does not apply to his work though, which he takes with the utmost seriousness.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong Work Ethic
-Overly Flirtatious
Ambitions Ben hopes to eventually make his way up the ranks to command of a purely science vessel. There aren't many of them, but he is confident in his abilities and is prepared to do anything in his power to see his goal through to the end.
Hobbies & Interests Ben is interested in many things, anthropology being only one of them, though it is a driving passion for him. He also loves to read, as well as loving to cook. He also has an appreciation for good wine, liquors, and cigars. When it comes to fun with friends he's never been one for large groups, or for parties and clubs. He is much more comfortable in small setting, playing dominoes or cards, listening to salsa music, and talking over good food and good drinks, with just a little bit of dancing thrown in for good measure.

Personal History Ben was born on Mars, though he never met his biological parens. He was adopted by a very loving couple who happened to both be private citizens with no history of working in Starfleet, but somehow he still found his way to that path anyway. His mother, a professor at a local college, instilled in him a love of literature and language. His father, a museum curator instilled in him a love of history, and religions that endures to this day.

Ben did well in school as a child, and quickly realized that a career in the sciences was probably in his future. At the point when he began to start actively preparing for his future career he sat down with his parents and discussed his prospects. His strong abilities in sociology and archaeology pointed to an entirely science based career, most especially since he did intend to join Starfleet, even in his early teens. They solicited information from the local recruitment center, and quickly settled on the Anthropology and Archaeology field as the one he would do best in.

When Ben graduated from high school he immediately went to the recruitment office and signed up to take the test to enter the academy. He passed with flying colors and was granted admittance the following semester. Adjusting to life in such a large city as San Francisco, and being on Earth for the first time in his life, was very difficult, and left Ben feeling lonely, and scared for the first couple of months. When he finally began opening up and meeting new people he quickly overcame this and began to flourish in the new environment.

Four years later he graduated with honors from the program and was installed in his first posting, starting out as a simple science officer. He has since gone on to two other general science officer postings, serving each time with distinction, and making many friends along the way. Now he has found his way to the USS Katana as her A&A officer in the science department.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 4 yrs.
USS Damocles: 1 yrs, Junior Science Officer, Ensign
USS Andes: 3 yrs, Junior Science Officer, Ensign
USS Norfolk: 4 yr, Science Officer, Ensign
USS Katana: Current, A&A Officer, Lieutenant J.G.