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Commander Jennifer Matthews

Name Jennifer Matthews

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Sex female
Species Human
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8''
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jenni is attractive, but not overtly "sexy." Her figure may be slender, but she is much stronger than she looks, especially mentally. Her left wrist is decorated with a purple tattoo, a Turush symbol of marriage. Though it was obtained against her will, she decided to keep it as a reminder that not everything is planned, and anything truly can happen.


Spouse/Significant Other M'rayr Eisovo (divorced)
Father Leonard Matthews, deceased
Mother Cassandra Matthews, deceased
Brother(s) Jameson Matthews, deceased
Charles Matthews, 33

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jenni heeds little caution with her words and has no problem making her opinion known. She is very self-aware and assertive, eager mainly to do her job to the best of her ability. Her patience is far beyond most of those she knows, mainly from having to put up with trying individuals for most of her career. She'll fight for anyone who deserves a chance. Now that the worst months of her life have passed, Jenni still works to recover from survivor's guilt from the destruction of her USS Katana, but her trademark bubbly smile has returned to stay.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skilled tinkerer
+ Team Player
+ Creative
+ Competitive

- Loner
- A tad bitter most of the time
- Slightly Claustrophobic
Ambitions To be one of the best engineers in the fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Music (violin), theater/drama, tinkering

Personal History Jennifer (Jenni) Matthews was the third child (and only girl) born to Leonard and Cassandra Matthews. She was well received by her brothers Jameson and Charles, who weren't very happy to have a sister, but soon learned to live with it. Leonard was employed by Grayson Fusion Industries as a high-level technician. In 2372, GFI had promoted Leonard to Manager of the plant at the New Aries Colony on Earth's moon. It was good news, yes, but Leonard wasn't home as often.

Two months later, on her weekly visit to see her husband at work, Cassandra and Leonard were caught in the middle of a catastrophe. The primary generator overloaded, prompting a reactor core breach. Cassandra was in the middle of the plant searching for Leonard when the explosion occurred. She was killed instantly. Leonard was in the restroom when it happened and was knocked unconscious. Starfleet Rescue Teams were sent in, and Leonard was one of the lucky few to be dragged out before the other generators started to overload. Half of New Aries Colony was forced to evacuate before Starfleet and Civilian engineers were able to shut down the plant.

While the citizens of the colony were shipped elsewhere until the plant could be rebuilt, months passed before the Matthews children were reunited with their father who was hospitalized with radiation poisoning. The children were sent to live with their aunt and were later joined by their father. Leonard was off his feet for three years and trapped in his bed due to the extreme exposure to the radiation. Leonard never regained use of his legs and was confined to a motorized wheelchair for everyday life.

Eventually, Leonard returned to work, but not as manager. He became a safety inspector for the same plant. The family, however, never overcame the loss of Cassandra. They did learn to cope with it. Both of Jenni's brothers went on to medical school to become research scientists, in hope of finding a way to restore their father's legs. Jenni almost took the same route, but her father encouraged her to not worry about him and find something she was good at. She had a habit with tinkering with things, so she entered Starfleet to become an engineer, and see the galaxy. Four years later, upon her graduation, she was assigned to the USS Chimera as an Engineer's mate.

Her service aboard the Chimera was exemplary, though her crewmates dubbed her a threat to their careers. The Chief Engineer found Jenni to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy of his crew, and even tried to get her to become his Assistant Chief. Jenni refused, knowing it would worsen the already troublesome relationships with her fellow engineers.

After a year of service on the Chimera, Jenni transferred to the namesake of the Galaxy-class line. There she spent two years, working her way up a competitive ladder to the Assistant Chief Engineer position. Eventually, as she grew older, her age combined with her engineering prowess began to diffuse the issues with her crewmates and respect was earned. Nevertheless, she sought opportunities elsewhere within Starfleet... a chance to establish herself among a new crew as a department head, hoping to forever rid herself of these unfortunate issues.

The aging USS Katana was her chance, a ship with a proud history that had been forced to linger longer than most in a refit cycle. After spending two long years, Jenni came on board the overdue refit and managed to do months of work in mere weeks. This impressed the ship's command staff, and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as well. Despite pressure to accept different assignments, pressure was also given to keep Jenni on board. As much as she enjoyed the attention, validation for years of dealing with crewmates with grudges, Jenni saw Katana as her first real home in years. It was the first time she'd felt at home since her mother passed.

With gratitude, Jenni remained aboard Katana, seeing her through various storms in life. She was content to remain in the engine room, even long after most of her original team had moved on to other assignments, not to mention other members of the senior staff. In the last year, when new opportunities for reassignment arose, Jenni felt obligated to stay with Katana, not for her sake, but for the good of the ship and its crew. She had become somewhat of a mediator between the Captain, First Officer and everyone else, and she could not in good conscience leave while either of them were still aboard the ship.

Late 2391 threw the Katana a unique curve ball. The ship's Captain found himself in more trouble than anyone was willing to cover, was thrown in the brig and relieved of command. With Katana deep in Breen territory, Jenni, the only member of the Senior Staff with extensive knowledge of the ship and her new captain, was asked to take on the temporary assignment of First Officer. She agreed, reluctantly, and traded her yellow uniform for red, all the while biding her time until Katana would return home so that she might again wear her beloved engineering uniform.

Sadly, it was not to be. As the Katana attempted to leave Breen space, she was intercepted. The Captain was killed in the first volley, forcing Jenni to take command. Through a miracle maneuver, Jenni was able to defeat the Breen warship, though Katana was critically damaged with Breen boarding parties wreaking havoc and killing the crew. Were it not for reinforcements from a Katana from an Alternate Universe, Jenni and those that survived may have never made it.

Unfortunately, Katana was too far damaged and was ultimately destroyed. Jenni, though she had a chance for reassignment, elected to stay on board Katana, something that was also pressured by Starfleet Command in order to help the Alternate Katana crew assimilate into this reality. She did so as the ship's Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer.

Following the events at Talos IV, Jenni accepted a promotion and a welcome return to the yellow uniform as the ship's Chief Operations Officer. During her tenure, she and the ship's then Executive Officer, M'rayr Eisovo, took shore leave at a Turush resort on the planet. Neither knew of the culture's laws and woke up the next morning to find themselves married. Jenni instinctively pulled back from the relationship as she was not ready to be married, though she was still interested in pursuing a close relationship with the Caitian.

An unexpected turn of events saw M'rayr promoted to the Captaincy of the Katana, a move that also meant trouble for their fledgling relationship. After much discussion, Jenni and M'rayr agreed to dissolve their marriage, but remain close friends as both had helped the other start to overcome major issues in their lives. In the end, Jenni decided that she missed her life in engineering so she began to seek alternative assignments. While she will always be grateful to the crew of the USS Katana who helped her rediscover herself, her time aboard the ship had come to a close. Jenni had her pick of assignments, ultimately deciding to accept the position of Chief Engineer of the USS Camelot.

She enjoyed her time there, but as she watched her friends started new lives of their own Jenni again found herself alone once more. Jenni was recently contacted by Arivek, having recently been promoted to Executive Officer of the Katana and having a rough time. Deciding that she was needed, Jenni quickly sought and was granted a transfer to return home, the USS Katana.
Service Record 2380-2384: Starfleet Academy
2384-2385: USS Chimera Ɵ, Engineer's Mate
2386-2388: USS Galaxy Ɵ, Engineer's Mate, then Asst. Chief Engineer
2388-2391: USS Katana Ɵ, Chief Engineer
2391-2392: USS Katana Ɵ, First Officer (Acting) / Chief Engineer
2392: USS Katana, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
2392: USS Katana, Chief Operations Officer
2392: USS Camelot, Chief Engineering Officer
2392: USS Katana, Chief Engineering Officer