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Cadet Sophomore Grade Aila Gilmore

Name Aila Gilmore

Position Security Officer

Rank Cadet Sophomore Grade

Character Information

Sex female
Species Human
Age 19
Sexual Orientation Pansexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 142 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Her mid-back length mop of thick curls in the most vibrant of reds, frames the supple, milky-white color of Aila’s face. Her features are inherently feminine, proportionately delicate and soft. Aila’s startling gray eyes queerly compliment the vibrant color of her hair. Her eyelashes are long and full, while eyebrows remain perfectly shaped and manicured. Her peach-colored lips are pouty and frame impeccably cared-for teeth. She doesn't wear an excessive amount of makeup, relishing inherited natural beauty. Showcasing curves in all of the right places, Aila’s well-toned and oddly sturdy body is well proportioned to her petite body-type. Her nails are always manicured in a professional french-tip style. Both ears are pierced. Aila doesn't typically adorn jewelry while on duty, saving these type of accessories for special occasions or while off-duty.


Spouse/Significant Other Not applicable at this time.
Children Not applicable at this time.
Father Nath Gilmore (46 years of age), business owner of Apothecary Romance.
Mother Adelaide Gilmore (38 years of age), horticulturist with the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.
Brother(s) Charlie Gilmore (13 years of age).
Sister(s) Molly Gilmore (13 years of age).
Other Family Not applicable at this time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aila is free-spirited and wittily vivacious with an unabashed sarcasm, characteristics emphasized by an imaginative, albeit twisted sense of humor. She’s refreshingly optimistic, embracing each experience as a unique opportunity. Aila is an idealist at heart, yet unapologetically courageous about her moral and ethical convictions. Socially and environmentally adaptable, Aila places a high premium on good manners, professional conduct, and decorum. Graced with a disarming personality, Aila is outgoing, personable, friendly, and gregarious. Exceptionally patient and understanding, Aila strives to be categorically diplomatic and urbane in both speech and action. Yet her intrinsic verbal ingenuity can be quick to subvert her intentions, eliciting strong reactions. Aila is brutally honest; she doesn’t spare ones feelings when conversing a subject. Although socially adaptable, this won’t hinder her from speaking openly about the truth, the situation merely changes her delivery. At the cost of her own well-being, Aila is obsessive, investing the entirety of mind, body, and soul into her work and studies. She can become overly passionate, to the point of arrogance. Her playfully sarcastic approach can often times be misinterpreted as condescending.
Hobbies & Interests From a very early age, Aila has been classically trained in ballet; she’s an extraordinary dancer whose social finesse is equally matched only to that of her graceful dance style. Although she doesn't dance professionally, Aila continues to train. She enjoys photography and painting, both of which she’s relatively novice at. Aila avidly reads and writes, often utilizing a number of different mediums to satisfy a variable number of literary interests. She enjoys a number of recreational activities, including swimming, camping, (all seasons), backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking. Aila is also a skilled archer, her sport of choice during primary, secondary, and post-secondary schooling.

Personal History Aila entered Starfleet Academy located in San Francisco, California on stardate 63677.5. The first year at the academy was oriented under the premise of general studies, allowing for cadets to complete all prerequisite coursework prior to selecting a more refined specialization.

The first year was academically grueling, requiring the cadets to complete over eighteen credit hours per semester while mandating physical and survivalist training. Although showing intellectual prowess in academics, Aila excelled in the physical and survivalist training, showcasing exceptional skill in rapid assessment, instinctive response, and resolution during situations with an abnormally high stress-level.

At the conclusion of her first year, Aila was invited into the academy’s security operations curriculum. Because Aila’s first year grade point average was 94.9%, her grades were deemed more than acceptable to warrant an invitation into the program. After careful consideration, she accepted the offer from Starfleet Security and registered for the next semester of coursework.

On stardate 68718.7, Aila received invitation to participate in the academy’s distance learning program. A promising extension of the academy’s campus curriculum, this program offered a select cadre the opportunity for assignment to a dutystation much sooner than the senior cruise. Allowing this cadre the invaluable opportunity to experience life aboard a starship outside of the structured confines of the academy, cadets would be integrated into the departmental manifest of a starship or base. From there, the cadets would take on a mentorship program which offered firsthand experience while continuing their studies remotely. Aila accepted this invitation and was assigned to the USS Adelaide, an Intrepid-class starship.

Aila's time on board the Adelaide was brief, albeit a memorable experience. From the very onset, Aila was treated as an outsider. Although there were a select few members of the crew that made a concerted effort to help her feel welcome, the vast majority discarded her presence as nothing more than an annoyance. This left Aila feeling vulnerable and unaccepted.

The purpose of the cadet cruise was to help Aila better understand what it would be like to experience a ship-board assignment, and how she was to function as a valued member of the crew upon integration. Unfortunately, the crew was ill-equipped and unprepared to assume the responsibility of having a cadet on board. This was attributed to a decision made by Starfleet's Department of Personnel and Awards who, at the last minute, assigned Aila to the Adelaide without proper notification to the ship's commanding officer. In reality, the Adelaide's crew, especially those of the senior staff, did their absolute best to accommodate Aila's presence on board whilst under difficult and rather extenuating circumstances.

The Adelaide had received orders from task force command to disembark on a mission of deep space scientific exploration and discovery, one that would keep the ship and crew from the safety of a home port for a considerable amount of time, to such a degree that it was inconceivable to assign a cadet on board for the length of time estimated the Adelaide would be away. Unbeknownst to Aila, these conditions were reported to Starfleet Academy and the Department of Personnel and Awards, who subsequently reassigned Aila to a starship within the fleet that was designated approved for a cadet presence on board.

On stardate 65283.9 Aila received orders from Starfleet Academy to report on board the Intrepid-class USS Katana, where she would continue her studies through the academy's distance learning program.
Service Record Stardate 60677.5: Starfleet Preparatory Academy, France, Earth; Sol System. Successful completion of all physical, oral and written examinations with a cumulative score of 97.8%.

Stardate 63677.5: Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth; Sol System. Cadet Freshman.

Stardate 64856.2: Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth; Sol System. Cadet Sophomore. Assigned to the USS Adelaide, Security and Tactical Operations.

Stardate 65283.9: Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth; Sol System. Cadet Sophomore. Re-assigned to the USS Katana, Starship Security Operations.