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Commander Arivek Zhuri

Name Arivek Zhuri

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Sex male
Species Bolian/Trill Hybrid Hologram
Age 32
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Code Name orion74656

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and handsome, with a swimmer's build, Arivek has dark blue hair and crystal blue eyes. His skin is a bright blue as usual with his Bolian heritage and has dark blue spot that run down the sides of his face and body. Where most Bolians have a ridge that vertically divide their face, Arivek's ridge only appears on his forehead and stops when it reaches his nose. Being a hologram, Arivek doesn't age, and retains the physical appearance of a 26 year old.


Father Sedurlin Zhuri is a Bolian holoengineer working on Twilight Research Facility for Starfleet Intelligence. Sedurlin was the one who suggested they transfer Arivek's brainwaves into a holomatrix. This has caused a falling out between Sedurlin and his son.
Mother Ambyr Zhuri is a Trill geneticist working on Twilight Research Facility for Starfleet Intelligence. Ambyr was highly against Sedurlin's decision of the brainwave transfer, and because of that, has caused a rift in their marriage.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arivek is very intelligent and detail oriented, sometimes to a fault. He can be a bit of a neat-freak, some would even go as far as saying he's OCD. He's excellent at multitasking, mostly due to the attention deficit he has, though it does cause problems in his personal life. He's been accused of being a workaholic and often spends his off-duty time in the research lab.

He has a photographic memory and and tends to talk very quickly when he gets excited. It's also been said that he has no filter when he talks, as he just says whatever he thinks without considering if it's appropriate or not.
Hobbies & Interests Arivek is highly skilled in research engineering, specializing in nanotechnology. Some of his most promising research was the adaption and inclusion of Borg nanoprobes into starship systems. His first, and last field experiment, was to introduce modified nanoprobes to the system of class 9 shuttle. But the shuttle began to assimilate itself, and it was quickly destroyed.

Arivek's engineering knowledge doesn't stop with nanotechnology, though. While it is his specialty, he has a broad knowledge of a lot of different engineering fields as a result of his photographic memory. Arivek enjoys to read up on a lot of different ideas and specialties and put that knowledge to good use.

Outside of his work, Arivek likes to be alone. He enjoys reading and spending time in the holodeck, though he has yet to enter a holodeck since coming online. He has quarters on the Outpost, but rarely visits them. When he is not working, or pursuing other interests, he prefers to go offline rather than socialize with the crew.

Personal History Arivek Zhuri was born to Ambyr and Sedurlin Zhuri on June 21st, 2361. He was born aboard Twilight Research Facility in orbit of Alnilam III deep in the Pommel Nebula. Having parents who were both research scientists, Arivek grew up following them around and assisting in their research, learning science and engineering principles from an early age. It didn't take long for his parents to realize that he had a knack for research engineering.

Arivek naturally chose Engineering as his field of study when he entered the Academy. As he progressed through his studies, he specialized in research and development, specifically nanotechnology. Arivek began reading up on any species who was involved in the development of nanotechology, taking a large interest in the Borg.

Upon graduation, Arivek was assigned to the USS Warbashyk as an Engineer. He excelled at the position, but found the assignment to be boring and mundane. After a year and a half on board, he was transferred to the USS Pendragon. The Pendragon proved to be just as dull and tedious as the last.

After a two year long tour of duty on the Pendragon, Arivek was approached by Commander Eva Hart who offered him the opportunity to return to the research he loved so dearly. It wasn't a hard decision for him to make, and the young man returned to his home on Twilight Research Facility, which was now under the control of Starfleet Intelligence.

Arivek was glad to be able to start his own research projects, but quickly realized that he craved adventure. He talked with Commander Hart and requested that he could also join in on missions, which she agreed too. He soon found himself assisting on the USS Ambiliarry, a Diligent class vessel attached to Twilight. Over the next two years, he participated in a dozen special ops missions, including espionage, infiltration and reconnaissance.

On a particular mission, a Cardassian research complex was being suspected of experimenting with Borg nanotechnology. Arivek's assignment was to infiltrate the facility and collect any information he could gather before destroying the research. The mission went according to plan until after he corrupted the computer core. He was shot three times before being transported back to the Ambiliarry. Once in sickbay, the team of Doctors tried everything they could, but it became clear that he was not going to make it. He was slowly slipping into a coma and his body began to shut down.

Sedurlin's most recent research study was on the ability to transfer brainwaves into a holographic matrix for longterm storage, a feat that had only been successfully executed once. Though he'd never tested his work, it was the last option they had before losing Arivek, but more importantly, losing the information he had gathered aboard the Cardassian facility. Sedurlin quickly created an exact holographic recreation of his son and transferred his brainwaves to the matrix. They brought the Arivek hologram online just in time for him to watch his body die.

Though Sedurlin, and Starfleet Intelligence, were glad that the procedure had worked and Arivek had been saved, the young man felt differently. He still feels he should have died on that biobed. He made plans to delete the program, but Ambyr, his mother, convinced him, instead, to use it to continue his work. Arivek finally agreed, but he knew he wouldn't be able to face his father ever again. He requested a transfer and was given the position of Chief Engineer aboard the US Katana.
Service Record == 2374 - 2378 ==
Starfleet Academy
Engineering Research and Development Major

== 2378 - 2379 ==
USS Warbashyk

== 2379 - 2381 ==
USS Pendragon
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant

== 2381 - 2388 ==
Twilight Research Facility / USS Ambiliarry
Engineering Research and Development
Lieutenant Commander

== 2388 - PRESENT ==
USS Katana
Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander / Commander

== 2388 - 2393 ==