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Lieutenant JG Leryssa Kiska

Name Leryssa Kiska

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex female
Species Bajoran
Age 21
Sexual Orientation Straight

Physical Appearance

Height 5"7'
Weight 129 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description See Avatar


Children None
Father Kiska Tareth (Deceased)
Mother Kiska Mavis (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Adopted Human Parents:
Father- Devon Montgomery
Mother- Susanne Montgomery
Brother- Chase Montgomery

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being the only Bajoran child in an adopted family of 3 Humans, Leryssa always had a problem with fitting in, She never felt like she belonged with them, But her own parents died when she was very young. Leryssa never got the chance to know them, Because they were killed by Cardassians on her home planet of Bajor. She too, Would have been killed had it not been for Starfleet Officer Devon Montgomery, Formerly a security officer of Starfleet, Who had been on vacation on Bajor visiting friends at the time. Devon saved Leryssa's life, and a year or so later, Adopted her as his daughter. Though as the years went on, Leryssa felt helpless and sad, Wishing that she was with her real parents. Her adopted brother Chase had begun to befriend Leryssa, and did everything an older brother could do; Keep her from being sad.
Later, When Leryssa started going to school, She was being picked on by her classmates due to the fact that she had the typical Bajoran ridges on her nose, and was always teased for it. But her adopted brother was always there to stick up and fight for her whenever she needed him. It was then that Leryssa had formed a sisterly bond with him, and always had his back, Just like he'd always had hers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Can be a little shy at times, But will always do or say what she feels is right. This can be her weakness or strength, Depending on whatever the situation may be.
Ambitions Leryssa wishes to become a high ranking Starfleet Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Spring Ball, Hoverball, Parises' Squares, Reading, Holodeck activities include horseback riding, Operations training simulations, combat simulations, Bajoran rituals, and other activities.

Personal History Since the loss of both of Leryssa's real parents, and the adoption of her by her adopted Human parents; She has a tendency to be a little shy at times, She has never lived around other species other than her own adopted Human family.

She kept pretty close to them as she got older, She never really had any friends growing up because at school, None of the children there had asked her to be their friend. Most of them would tease her because of the typical Bajoran ridges upon her nose; They'd call her several nicknames, "Ridged-Nose" being one of the most hurtful ones that they could come up with. Her adopted brother, Chase, Had to stick up for her during one of these incidents, and he ended up breaking a kid's arm while defending his adopted younger sister Leryssa from a fight that had started.

This fight had also started the bond that she'd began with her adopted older brother, and she never trusted anyone who were not Human from that point on. She'd distanced herself from those who were not Human, Including refusing to talk to them or help them when they needed help, Because she did not trust them. However, When she was around any Human person, Leryssa chose to either talk to them, or help them when they needed help from her.

Leryssa decided that when she got older, She'd enlist to join Starfleet; She'd heard alot of people talking about it around her, and it seemed rather interesting to her. She thought that if she'd joined Starfleet, That she'd be assigned to work with other Humans. But if she wasn't accepted into Starfleet, Then she would go back to Bajor and join the Bajoran Militia instead.

At the age of 18, Leryssa enlisted to Starfleet, and was immediately accepted. She attended Starfleet Academy and excelled in her security training, Keeping mostly to herself since she was very shy around those who were of other races, and alot of them, Were not even Human.

She even had her own quarters at the academy; Though, Starfleet wanted her to share her quarters with another person because most of them were filling up quickly, But Leryssa refused, Saying that if the person she'd share her quarters with, Wasn't Human, Then she would not share her quarters at all. Eventually, They gave up and allowed her to have her own quarters.

Leryssa graduated at the top of her class, and was promoted to Ensign, Later, She was transferred to Starbase 900 to await her transfer orders. Soon, She was given a position as security officer of the USS Katana.
Service Record 2367- Leryssa's birthdate
2384- Joined and Attended Starfleet Academy at age 18
2385- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2388- Transferred to USS Katana as Security Officer
2388-2392: XXX
2392-Present: USS Katana, Security Officer [Traveled through space & time]