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Captain M'rayr Eisovo

Name M'rayr Eisovo

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Sex male
Species Caitian
Age 38
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Code Name Grumpy Cat, Snuggle Puss
Main Character M'rayr Eisovo

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 251
Hair Color Sandy
Eye Color Blue


Spouse/Significant Other N/A
Children N/A
Father Sh’kiwih
Mother Sh’yorie
Brother(s) Simiww, Girils, Earuga, Meyeo, Gunas, Neyaw, Cukua, Nelul, C’sotos
Sister(s) Duvess, Nosoa, Eusuo, Nineys, Eorelr, Hehah

Personality & Traits

General Overview M’rayr Eisovo is the kind of person who walks softly yet carries a big stick. At 6’5, he is an imposing site even without the large scar over his eye. He is aloof, brusque, and generally appears as emotionally and physically detached from those around him even though that isn’t full the case. However, he is a hardened warrior, a survivor, and does not flinch in difficult situations; when pressed, M’rayr will make the hard choices that have to be made in order to safeguard the ship and its crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Superior hearing and frequency range beyond that of most humanoids.
Strong and husky physique.
Robust engineering background.
Diplomatic experience.
Hand-to-hand combat experience.

Vision loss on left side.
Emotional detachment issues.
Ambitions M’rayr Eisovo has taken his career in Starfleet very seriously, and looks forward to holding onto a command of his own one day. This task seems reachable when compared to the prospect of him ever being able to return home.
Hobbies & Interests Reading poetry and philosophical volumes, meditation, exercise, combat training, engineering duties, etc.

Personal History M’rayr Eisovo was born in the fertile greenlands in C’tokh Provence on Cait. The Eisovo tribe, a minor participant in Caitian political and diplomatic affairs throughout the United Federation of Planets, requires that that each Caitian male serve a minimum five years in the Caitian Sky Navy. After which, they are regularly filtered into various civil capacities with the intent of ensuring tribe’s influence for coming generations. Unlike most of the political families on Cait, the Eisovo clan viewed Caitian affiliation with the United Federation of Planets as a detriment to the species, and had rallied for one hundred years for permanent disassociation. It is for this reason that they were seen as xenophobic isolationists, and their goal to seed the Caitian political counsel over time with members of their tribe in order to implement their goals was never taken seriously.

When M’rayr came of age in 2368, he joined the Caitian Sky Navy and served on board the CSN R’toroa as one of its lower engineers. For M’rayr, he was behaving in accordance with the wishes of his clan. He saw himself as an opportunist who in four… maybe five years would eventually preside over a position of influence and power in Caitian Society. But after the Dominion War broke out in 2373, and M’rayr only a year away from fulfilling his obligations to the military fleet, his motivations began to change. While the Sky Navy had been relegated to guarding the inner colonies and were not expected to see actual combat against the Jem’hadar, those assumptions came to an abrupt end with the seizure of Betazed – a close galactic neighbor to Cait.

The CSN R’toroa and its escorts were one of the first ships to enter Betazoid space in a futile gesture to prevent an all-out occupation of Betazed. They failed tremendously. M’rayr saw more than three-quarters of the men and women he served with killed before the Federation counterattack was abandoned and all ships, Starfleet and otherwise, ordered to retreat to friendly sectors.

What M’rayr didn’t know was that more than half of the Eisovo males serving in the CSF had died in that effort. Eisovo’s partisan schemes were now at risk, and the tribe made arrangements for all surviving males to return to the presumed safety of the homeworld using whatever political strings were still available. M’rayr received his orders to man a small outpost near Cait V, far from the front lines, only mere hours after helping to bury many of his crewmates at space. For him, this new assignment would be a chance to survive – a chance to endure the war and finally ascend his tribe to legitimacy.

He refused.

M’rayr now understood the importance of a strong alliance like the United Federation of Planets, both in peacetime and in wartime, and no longer shared his tribe’s desire to secede. M’rayr was seen as a traitor to his tribe and was banished permanently. As Caitians are taught through generations the importance of cooperating with one’s neighbors and tribe to ensure that all live well and happy, this caused severe psychological trauma to M’rayr. He spent three weeks aboard the R’toroa undergoing psychosomatic therapy before he was considered competent to return to duty. And it couldn’t have come at a more important time. After more than a year of losing battle after battle, the Romulans had agreed to enter the war. By this time, several Caitian officers were offered Starfleet provisional commissions in order to repopulate its greatly depleted ranks. M’rayr accepted such a commission, and was posted to the USS Cushing. Because of his experience, he was assigned to the Cushing as its Assistant Chief Engineer; the Cushing had lost almost a quarter of its crew during the battle of Kalandra, and the Caitian’s knowledge and familiarity with Starfleet systems were decided to be extremely valuable.

The USS Cushing participated in the successful battle of Chin’toka, and later fought in various campaigns to hold the system against bitter odds until the Breen entered the war. After their successful attack on Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, the Breen joined Dominion forces in a massive counterattack on the Chin’toka system, breaking through the allied defenses in two places before a relief force could be dispatched. Unfortunately, this relief force would be swiftly eliminated through the use of the Breen energy-dampening weapon. Like dozens of other Starfleet vessels, the USS Cushing was destroyed with most of its escape pods permitted to escape certain destruction in order to spread fear and panic through the Federation.

M’rayr was reassigned to the USS Axanar. While the bulk of the United Federation of Planets and Romulan Empire fleets were sidelined while a counter the Breen weapon was investigated, leaving the Klingon Empire responsible for holding the front lines at near-twenty to one odds, the Axanar patrolled the region between Andoria and Tellar Prime. But having lost almost two entire crews during the war, M’rayr was only barely holding himself together mentally.

Once Federation and Romulan forces made the necessary modifications to their ships, allowing them to return to the front lines, the USS Axanar and others like her were reassigned to the allied fleet for the final battle to end the war – the Battle of Cardassia. During the engagement, the Axanar’s Chief Engineer was killed and M’rayr was forced to take command of main engineering for the remainder of the fight. Suffering heavy losses again until the Cardassian fleet broke from the Dominion Fleet in order to join the allies, the USS Axanar took major damage during the hours-long battle. By the time Dominion forces were ordered to withdraw deeper into Cardassian space, the Axanar was no longer able to press on, and was towed back to Deep Space Nine.

M’rayr was still on the station when the Treat of Bajor was signed, formally ending hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Dominion. With the war over, M’rayr resigned his commission in both Starfleet and the Caitian Sky Navy. He joined a civilian freighter crew and spent the next five years serving aboard the SS Last Bastion, a Merchantman-type freighter, running cargo near the Federation/Klingon border; M’rayr did so in order to give his body and mind time to heal from the war. In 2380, M’rayr was approached by an old colleague and former officer of the Axanar – Matthew Chandler. Chandler had received an executive officer’s slot aboard the USS San Jacinto, an Akira-class starship, which was still in need of an experienced Chief Engineer. As his provisional commission was still valid, Chandler wanted M’rayr to join him on the San Jacinto; it took a while to convince the Caitian, but M’rayr finally agreed.

M’rayr served board the San Jacinto as its Chief of Engineering until 2384 after he was encouraged to pursue a track in Starship command. He was selected as the San Jacinto’s Second Officer as a test of his abilities over the course of the next two years while the San Jacinto patrolled the region between Federation and Klingon space. It was during this period that relationships between the two allies began to fray over territorial disputes, and extra ships were required in an effort to maintain the peace. The San Jacinto was engaged periodically by Klingon vessels, although these engagements were regarded more as posturing than actual military action. In 2386, Matthew Chandler was promoted to Captain and assigned to the San Jacinto as its Commanding Officer; Matthew opted to have M’rayr serve as his Executive Officer.

The USS San Jacinto was initially reassigned to Federation/Gorn space; the Gorn had become increasingly aggressive over recent years and was not only threatening Federation colonies but Klingon colonies as well. The Gorn, possessing a lust for battle that nearly rivaled their Klingon adversaries, regularly boasted the idea of destroying a Federation starship, and they attempted to by attacking the USS San Jacinto while it operated in the Rigel Beta Nebula. The Nebula was notorious for interfering with sensors and shields as well as communications, but reports of pirate activity inside the nebula had convinced Matthew Chandler that an investigation was warranted. The USS San Jacinto, operating without shields, was still on high alert, but had tremendous difficulty defeating three Vishap Frigates and a Tuatara-class cruiser.

Unable to reverse the Gorn assault, the USS San Jacinto was boarded by enemy combatants and its crew forced to defend the ship. Later on, the USS San Jacinto was able to repel the boarders, disable two of the frigates, and severely damage the Tuatara before withdrawing from the nebula. M’rayr received a severe laceration to his left eye in the melee, however, rendering him partially blind. Choosing to endure the injury rather than seek a prosthetic, he finished out his tenure on board the San Jacinto which, due to a combination of age and severe battle damage, was expected to spend the next six months undergoing an extensive refit.

During which, recent events on another Federation Starship, the USS Katana, had garnered the attention of the admiralty board; Commander Kristopher Kerouac, the Katana’s commanding officer, had undergone a severe evaluation of his command ability after several disturbing incidents between one of his senior officers and the clandestine organization known as Section 31. Despite the fact that Kristopher Kerouac had technically survived this board of review, there were enough members in the admiralty who believed that the Katana was a deeply troubled starship. Some felt this meant that Kerouac needed to go, while others felt that he was a good officer working under difficult and extraordinary circumstances.

As a compromise, the board agreed to assign Kerouac someone who they believed to be a first-rate executive officer. Given M’rayr’s exemplary service record and experience over his fourteen year tenure with Starfleet, he was their ideal first choice. M’rayr was advanced in rank to full Commander before being assigned to the Katana as its newest XO, replacing Lieutenant Commander Cameron Tegan in what was a less-than-optimal exchange. But there were a few strings attached to this settlement. Two members of the admiralty had a personal vendetta against Kerouac, and wanted him gone.

As it happened, M’rayr had just become their means to an end.

Unfortunately, and much to Admiral Jericho's chagrin, M'rayr refused to play ball. While rumors of his having some hidden agenda was initially reported on board the Katana, M'rayr eventually cleared the air and has since forth proved himself to be a reliable and loyal officer to Captain Kerouac.

When Kristopher Kerouac was relieved of his command in the year 2392, M'rayr was placed in command of the Katana.

Service Record 2368 – 2374: CSN R’toroa, Atrox Class Carrier, Ensign, Engineer
2374: USS Cushing, Nebula Class, Provisional Ensign, Assistant Chief Engineer
2374 – 2375 – USS Axanar, Centaur Class, Provisional Lieutenant (JG), Assistant Chief Engineer
2375 – 2380 – SS Last Bastion, Merchantman Class
2380 – 2384: USS San Jacinto, Akira Class, Provisional Lieutenant, Chief Engineer
2384 – 2386: USS San Jacinto, Akira Class, Provisional Lieutenant, Second Officer/Chief Engineer
2386 – 2388: USS San Jacinto, Akira Class, Provisional Lieutenant Commander, Executive Officer
2388 – 2388: USS Katana, Provisional Commander, Executive Officer
2388 - 2392: Missing in Service
2392 - 2392: USS Katana, Provisional Commander, Executive Officer
2392 - Present: USS Katana, Captain, Commanding Officer