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Lieutenant Rayze

Name Rayze

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex male
Species Risian
Age 29
Sexual Orientation Pansexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0" (1.83 m)
Weight 175 lbs (79.4 kg)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Sky Blue
Physical Description Rayze is tall and slim, obviously not one given to intense exercise and gifted with a good metabolism. His brown hair has highlights of gold, and is usually in a style of casual disarray. Bright blue eyes show his emotions very easily, and he has a mouth that seems used to smiles. A small circular figure on his forehead marks him as a Risian.

When off duty, Rayze takes great care of his appearance, and tends to wear stylish clothes and suits. He moves with a lanky grace, and seems quite confident and comfortable in his own skin.


Father Javel, Musician
Mother Anithla, Singer
Brother(s) Matevin, Agronomist
Sister(s) Cassike, Weather Control Specialist

Personality & Traits

General Overview Open and honest to a fault at times, Rayze is an easygoing and typically optimistic man. He has a gentle, pacifistic nature that has sometimes caused him issues in Starfleet, but he does embody the Federation ideals of treasuring diversity and an easy ability to make friends. Rayze also tends to be quite giving of himself, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, and will go out of his way to see to the pleasure of those he gets to know well. Sexually, Rayze is very liberal and direct, and has trouble understanding ideas such as modesty and monogamy at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rayze has an uncanny talent for engineering, a fact he attributes to keeping his ship as happy as he does his friends. He needs little supervision to perform his job or command his staff. Though he is highly capable with the normal duties for an engineer, Rayze has a speciality for holographic systems, propulsion systems, and theoretical physics.

The trusting nature Rayze has could be a significant weakness in certain situations. His complete honesty can sometimes cause difficulties, though Betazoids seem to appreciate it. Rayze's easygoing manner leads to a distinct lack of protocol and former commanding officers have noted that no matter how many times they have spoken to him about using terms like "Sir" he still tends to use first names. He is not of much direct use in combat but can assist best from the backlines where he might be able to provide support with machines and tools.
Ambitions Rayze is a man of simple ambitions. Good friends, a warp core that loves him, and a lover or three sounds nice. He is interested in advancing his career to see where it might lead him.
Hobbies & Interests Holonovel programming, theoretical propulsion research & design, dancing, cooking.

Personal History Growing up on Risa, one of the most idyllic planets in all the Federation, Rayze had an easy childhood. With the support of loving family and friends, he excelled in academics and had the benefit of being able to meet and interact with numerous alien species that came to his homeworld to enjoy themselves. This exposure to other cultures gave Rayze a strong desire to explore and see more from a young age. This desire was further strengthened by Rayze's mentor, Commander Jonathan Berman, a Starfleet officer and engineer assigned to the Federation's diplomatic embassy on Risa.

Berman took the young Rayze under his wing and helped him cultivate is natural talents. Early on, Rayze proved to have a strangely keen knack for engineering himself. Before he was ten the boy had built an entire robotic symphony orchestra to delight his musically inclined parents. By the age of thirteen he could take apart and reassemble a shuttle's engines faster than many Starfleet officers that Commander Breman knew, and certainly faster than the man himself. With his mentor's tutelage, Rayze was able to make it into the Academy on his first attempt and left home excited to start his new life.

Starfleet Academy was a mixed blessing at times. While Rayze made numerous friends and at times made an effective leader, but struggled with the defense, weapons, and tactics training. He excelled in his studies as his instructors had expected, and was well ahead of his class in understanding topics like warp theory and high energy physics or theoretical physics. He graduated high in his class with merits for a series of papers he wrote on quantum slipstream propulsion.
Service Record 2377-2381 Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2381-2384 Ensign, Matter/Energy Systems Specialist, USS Denver
2384-2388 Lieutenant (j.g.), Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Gandhi
2388-Present Lieutenant, Chief Engineer, USS Katana