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Name Aznihel

Position Xeno Biologist

Character Information

Sex female
Species Devoran
Age 123
Sexual Orientation Open to Negotiation
Main Character [Farenia Meowlith]

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4''
Weight 210lb
Hair Color lavender
Eye Color yellow
Physical Description From a tall oceanic race of humanoid coral in the Gamma quadrant, Aznihel is covered in pale aquatic colors with dreads and coral growing from her head. Hands and feet are slightly webbed. What would normally be mammaries on most races will vary in size on her people as they're actually more akin to Earth camels in that they store water.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Slightly impatient for her species which means she goes out to do research rather than waiting dozens of years for things to come to her, she's still incredibly patient. Thought processes are unusually drawn out. She can hold a normal conversation with other humanoid races, but prefers sitting and thinking things over in the middle of conversations. Kind in a sort of grandmotherly way, though she's likely a younger member of her race.

Service Record Member of the Devoran Science Council. Specialist on space-born creatures.