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Cadet Senior Grade Mizuki Masterson

Name Mizuki "Hime" Masterson

Position Yeoman

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Sex female
Species Human
Age 19
Sexual Orientation Undecided but eventually bi.

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 50kg
Hair Color A beautiful brown
Eye Color hazel brown
Physical Description She has a near perfect, princess like figure. A little slim, though.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Scott Masterson
Mother Aoki Ariane (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Two uncles and three aunts, but only one of each that she keeps in contact with.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mizuki is a cadet. Kinda shy at first, nervous, especially around important people. Carries herself regally however, so perhaps looks awkward when she's shy. She's smart and has been raised well by her father when he's around.
Strengths & Weaknesses Three strengths are: Her intelligence (not genius level, but definitely exceptional), Her calm demeanor, and her developing good looks

Three weaknesses: A shy demeanor that's indicative of a lower confidence, her good looks sometimes attract unwanted attention that she tries to ignore, and she is not very strong yet.
Ambitions Not exactly clear on her ambitions yet, but she does respect her dad a lot, and wants to try and be knowledgeable like him and find someway to make a difference...
Hobbies & Interests Command, dancing, singing, swimming, piloting, first aid (only because her academy counselor recommended knowing how to patch herself up, and her dad agreed), archaeology, fixing things (Again, self-sufficiency training, this includes basic shipboard things), great computer skills, (She does seem to be a whiz at this for her studies, working on things for others, and the like...she can even fix problems with the computer if needed) and finally, as another result of self-sufficiency suggestions from her dad, she learned how to shoot a phaser, and a compression rifle. Though she likes the latter because it makes her look cooler.

Personal History Born as an only child to a decorated Special Warfare operator, her mother left the picture about four or five. It had been difficult, and maybe a little weird, to be raised differently, but, the little princess had done well under the circumstances. Traveling around in space from post to post, she began picking up things. Including a love for history and archaeology.

Directed to apply to the Academy when she was of age, she followed the underschool path to the prestigious institution, studying mostly from afar, including one stint at a frontier science post. One night, she wandered away from the post because it was so boring, and entered a cave that hadn't been mapped out yet, a few kilometers away. It twists and turns.

Then it ends in a room, and torches light the way to the center, where a circular stone object rests. Like any good inquisitive child is, she looked at it, and felt compelled to touch it. Once she did, she was influenced by its power to put it on. Since it seemed like a belt, right? She'd heard about those...

The belt's awakening brought other entities to life in the cave. They were unknown to her...but hostile to the newly awakened power. It takes her over this one time, and she fights as an armored figure, destroying them. The new figure is so..scared yet fascinated by the experience, and manages to stagger to the entrance of the cave before passing out.

She's collected by the Outpost, and then was shipped out to the Academy the next day. Where she continues her normal ambitions and learning. She begins learning Command, while pursuing several minor paths, including being a Yeoman. Though she didn't think she'd need to. During that time, she has let the artifact, or the Alter Ring, as she begin to know it, lay within, inactive..

Now to the present, she's received a signed letter from her dad, indicating that she would receive orders to go towards the Gamma Quadrant. He's called in a favor with someone he's worked with before, to hopefully get her a post there. Some real-galaxy experience, he'd say. And so she packed her bags...but it was a few days later that her dad went missing...

So she's left to face this next challenge alone.
Service Record 2369 - Her birthdate
2378 - Joined the understudy program for the Academy
2383 - Assigned to the frontier outpost
2385 - Formally accepted into the Academy.
2388 - Receives instructions to take a series of ships and transports towards the Gamma Quadrant. The eventual destination? The Katana.