Lieutenant JG Alik Merin

Name Alik Tarses Merin I.D., Ph.D.

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex male
Species Trill/Human (Joined)
Age 29 (175)
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 157 lbs
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alik is aristocratic with wearing the finest clothes. He is kept well maintained of a fitness standard which he follows religiously. His hair is kept short. Alik has got a bit of swagger when he walks and is quite confident with body language. He is contradictory to be relaxed and haughty at the same time. His Trill dermaglyphs are not strong as a full Trills but mark from his temple to feet a light brown.


Father Tarren Reya (Diplomat)
Mother Shay Reya (Starfleet Engineer)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alik is quite sophisticated and has liked to present himself to be smart and well informed. His ego is large and he does not like to lose. This is all internal as he would not allow his colleagues to see weaknesses. He is quite introverted and does not enjoy large gatherings. The Merin symbiont has gave him the will of being more relaxed with things yet the part which is Alik has not been suppressed which has given him some contradictory traits.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: The experience of three lifetimes has given him some knowledge which he has used to his advantage. He is quite up to date with the occupying interests of the former hosts. He is rather ingenious and creative.

W: Quite haughty and stuck up. He has got rituals that he will follow to his detriment. He has not quite integrated with the symbiont and has some difficulties with separating the past life times. Rather competitive and can be impulsive when one does not know his thought process. The common Trill arrogance flavors his manner.
Ambitions Alik wants to make his name known through out the quadrant for scientific discovery. He is tempered from Merin enough to cherish the symbiont and his role of Trill society and wishes to leave a legacy through Merin.
Hobbies & Interests Alik is a geneticist by his trade and has the secondary speciality of obstetrics. The professional interests have migrated to his personal interest also he spends many hours researching and in the lab. Picked up from Veru his unhealthy habits have included smoking too many giyu cigarettes and drinking and the company of men and women alike. Like Hallor art and music pervade his life and he is fond of anything stimulating the senses. The drive of exploration is a light inside him which has started fueling every part of his life. This has been Kaeza's influence also.

Personal History Alik was born to a human mother and Trill father. Tarren had not been joined but he had wished to propagate Trill values on his only son.

The Federation had not seen much difference but Alik knew it well as he had grown up with it and it caused great conflict within him. Shay had spoke of the struggle it had taken to conceive him and this had spawned an interest in Alik of xenobiology and genetics.

Alik had grown up on the USS Crete a diplomatic courier Galaxy class of many cultures and creeds and had never quite felt of any race, a mish mash.

When he left he studied medicine on Trill at Laren Manev university. He studied obstetrics. The Trill equivalent of MD is itsei'deku or ID.

Alik defied the explanation of expectation of a hybrid and applied to the symbiosis commission of getting a symbiont. The acceptance had been a mere entertainment, humor of his fantasy, and perhaps to say they had been tolerant of differences, they had expected him to fail out as 90% do however he surpassed the expectation and had been chosen despite the odds as the belief would be he would further a symbiont.

The panel had voted and he was to be Joined. He was joined to the Merin symbiont a symbiont of 175 years and three life times. After the Joining he had pursued genetics and obtained the Ph.D. program and he graduated Starfleet Academy.


Merin Symbiont

2215-2275: Kaeza Marin (female), died at 60, an astronaut in the early Trill fleet exploration directive, when political relations first had formed, the Federation had first formed, exploring out side the Trill space for the first time.

2275-2353: Veru Merin (male), died at 75, a marketing representative and quite smooth talking he had created the name of Veru Enterprises which had done marketing and advertisement across the Trill system and had outsourced to many companies beyond, cutthroat and business savvy.

2353-2390: Hallor Merin (female), died at 37, a Starfleet intelligence operative, she had wanted justice and fairness of all things. She was quite physically apt with knowledge of fighting techniques and was not keen to philosophical discussion and had followed her impulses and senses.

2390-current: Alik Merin (male)
Service Record Laren Manev University
Starfleet Academy
USS Denver
USS Pleiades
USS Katana