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Chief Warrant Officer Arthur Waterson

Name Arthur Charles Waterson

Position Security Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Sex male
Species Human
Age 47
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11'
Weight 210
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Arthur is of average height and a stocky build. He has short-cut grey hair, and a goatee. He has bags under his eyes, and his eyes themselves are deep green, and piercing.


Father George Waterson (Deceased)
Mother Savannah Waterson (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview For Arthur, Starfleet is everything. Enlisting allowed him to escape a farmer's life in Wisconsin, and have him friends, where he had none. Now that Arhur's parents are both dead, his career is all he has. Arthur is loyal and devoted, and pledges his life to help others.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Arthur is dedicated to protecting the crew, and will do anything for them

+Arthur has served in Security for 28 years, and knows security protocol, Starfleet regulations, and ship-to-ship tactics like the back of his hand

+Arthur has accumulated much wisdom over the years, and can use his experiences to effectively solve problems

-Arthur's older age of 47 makes him not as strong, accurate, or agile as he once was

-Arthur isn't very creative, and prefers to solve problems by-the-book
Ambitions Arthur has done all there is to do in Starfleet Security. Since acheiving Chief Warrant Officer 4, Arthur has just tried to keep in physical and mental as long as possible, so he can stay in Starfleet. Arthur has nowhere left to go home to, and this job is his life.
Hobbies & Interests Arthur spends a lot of time exercising, to keep his body in shape. He also likes to read books, and is a ruthless poker player.

Personal History Arthur was born in 2341, and grew up on a dairy farm, in Northern Wisconsin. In school, Arthur got a mixture of As and Bs; he was quite intelligent, but not quite to Starfleet Academy level. Arthur worked his parents' farm for his entire childhood. To escape the cycle of poverty his family had been trapped in for generations, Arthur enlisted in Starfleet with his friends in Frank and Devin when he was 17. Arthur and his friends were convinced that would return to Earth as heroes, with buckets of medals and accolades, and enough money to feed their families for the rest of their lives. Only Arthur lived long enough to realize wrong they were.

The Federation-Cardassian War was in full swing when Arthur and his friends enlisted. They all served on the same ship, the USS Blackwell, a light cruiser patrolling Federation territory, and trained together for their Basic and Apprentice years. But once they hit crewman, the friends entered different fields. Arthur chose Security, Frank picked engineering, and Devin decided on medical. But two months after their promotion, the ship was called out to the front lines to push back a large Cardassian assault. In a pitched battle between the two factions, the Blackwell's shields went down. Medbay suffered a direct hit from a torpedo, and Devin was killed in the blast. Luckily, the enemy ship was destroyed before it could deal further damage.

After receiving a promotion to Petty Officer Third Class, Arthur became a Gunner's Mate, while his friend Frank became a Damage Control Specialist. They served on the Blackwell for three more years, before both received a promotion, and were transferred to different ships. Arthur was in charge of monitoring two phaser arrays, and troubleshooting them when something went wrong. After three more stressful years of service, was promoted to PO 1st Class, after the Cardassians signed a non-aggression pact.

The next four years went along uneventfully, until the start of the Federation-Klingon War. Arthur was promoted to Chief Petty Officer, and ended up as a security officer on the USS Gates, a heavy assault vessel. Arthur was right in the thick of it, against a ferocious, barbaric enemy. Over the war, the Gates was boarded three times. On the third, Arthur received a Starfleet Medal of Valor, for leading a security team onto the ship's bridge, to kill the Klingons who were attacking the command staff.

After the Klingons signed a truce, the Dominion War officially started. A brutal war it was, costing thousands upon thousands of Starfleet lives. And Frank, Arthur's remaining friend was one of them. While repairing a hill breach, a Dominion vessel fired another torpedo into the breach, killing Frank instantly. Arthur mourned his friend, but he knew he had work to do. Arthur successfully defended his ship from Dominion soldiers, until the war was done, and Arthur was promoted to SCPO.

After two years serving as a Senior Chief for 2 years, Arthur applied to be a security warrant officer, and was accepted. He served as a security officer for three more years, before his promotion to CWO2. Serving on exploration ships, Arthur didn't see much action. After becoming a CWO3, Arthur got to be an Assistant Chief Sec/Tac Officer. He been one ever since.
Service Record 2358: Crewman Basic
2358-2359: Crewman Apprentice
2359-2361: Crewman
2361-2364: PO3
2264-2367: PO2
2267-2371: PO1
2371-2376: CPO
2376-2378: SCPO
2378-2381: WO1
2381-2383: CWO2
2383-2386: CWO3
2386-2388: CWO4