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Lieutenant JG Visari Ifarr

Name Visari Sofije Ifarr M.D.

Position Surgical Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Sex female
Species Betazoid
Age 48
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Elegant posture. She has a cold personality, she does not open to anyone, her movements are very guarded. Wearing a lab coat most times, over her clothes, always prepared. Her black eyes give her heritage away, and she is wearing a small bracelet on her right wrist, it flashes and vibrates.


Spouse/Significant Other Ishik Raan (deceased)
Father Lijen Ifarr (deceased)
Mother Kelena Ifarr (deceased)
Brother(s) Marik Ifarr (deceased)
Other Family Dako Ifarr (grandfather, deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dr. Ifarr matches the white sterile rooms she works in, being very frosty. She is deaf, an experiment awry leaving her hearing damaged incurably. She compensates using telepathy, it has made it easier. Sarcastic and intolerant, wanting everything done her way, quiet until she has to argue and then giving her opinion to everyone.

Visari specializes in biomechatronics.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Telempathic, Visari knows a patient's inner feelings. Willing and capable to make choices where others hesitate, Visari is decisive. Assertive, adaptable. Seeing many things in the war, she has lots of experience.

Weaknesses - Visari is deaf, even her telepathy, and bracelet sometimes slip up. Impulsive when she is thinking she is right, which is always, her Betazoid culture makes her stuck up, especially to men. Closed and never personal, she is not a counselor, everything is competitive.
Ambitions Penance, drives most of her choices now.
Hobbies & Interests A casual user of Betazoid Harisu leaves, she likes reading and knitting, and playing games before surgery.

Personal History Born in Arandel on Betazed Visari Ifarr was expected to be doing great things with her life, and meeting her parents expectations studied medicine, and xenobiology.

When she graduated she was recruited by Betazoid armed forces, conducting research in military bases. Ishik another scientist and Visari were friends, then companions and lovers, they worked on bio-mechanical to psionics equipment, studying alien samples.

The lab was overtaken in the Dominion War, the Cardassian leader Ekel Tokar installing experimental research facility there, and compelling Ishik and Visari to join him, Visari was realizing she could not escape, and helped him, groundbreaking research and tortures, and then when the Cardassians rebelled, torturing Jem'Hadar, and Dominion troops, pulling them apart, analyzing them.

One experiment was resulting in her becoming totally deaf, incurable, a noxious gas damaging her ears, mechanical organs not compatible, the gas was damaging the pathways to her brain for audio.

Ishik unable to handle it, tried escaping, she was shot. Visari continued, the Betazoid Resistance became powerful, she fed them some information as she could, the Dominion left, Visari remembered it all. She was sentenced to 8 years of prison, serving her sentence on Teyano, a Betazoid moon. She was released on parole, in 5 years, leaving Betazed for good, to Vulcan.

Applying for Starfleet Academy on Vulcan, shielded with Vulcan privacy laws, concealing her past, and getting her medical degree, in xenobiology, an extreme efficiency student knowing medicine very well, a bit rusty, none were the wiser. Visari believes redemption is possible, for her crimes, wanting to serve and heal again.

Service Record - Starfleet Academy (4 years)
- Graduate
- USS Venture, medical officer
- USS Venture, surgeon
- USS Katana, surgeon