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Lieutenant Noah Evans

Name Noah Corrigan Evans M.D., Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 164
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Noah Evans considers himself just average when it comes to his physical appearance. He is on the taller side but his build is trim with some muscle definition, which comes from a regimented workout routine. He has dark brown hair which he keeps short and hazel eyes. He always has a couple days worth of stubble since he is not a fan of shaving, but doesn’t really want a full beard either.

His manner of style is also relaxed. When not in uniform, he tends to be casual, opting for trousers such as jeans, khakis or cargo pants and just either t-shirts, striped rugby shirts, or polo shirts. One of his favorite clothing items are his old-school converse high-top shoes and hoodies.


Spouse/Significant Other Patrick Kyle Weaver-Evans II
Father Corrigan Evans, Ph.D.
Mother Amelia Evans
Other Family Maternal and paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noah fits his profession to a tee. He is kind and caring and never would hesitate to help someone in need, even if that means giving his own shirt off his back. He genuinely cares about those around him and will go the extra mile if need be. He isn’t one to back down and will stand up for what is right no matter what the circumstance. He protects the ones he loves and will do so at all cost. He is a man who is always smiling, even when he is having a bad day he will find a way to see the positives. He is friendly and outgoing and easily makes friends.

Noah Evans is also deaf. A rare genetic defect had caused him to be born without parts of the middle ear. Implants were the original treatment but his body rejected them and so he was outfitted with hearing aids – a rarity in the 24th century. He has had several surgeries to correct the issue but none of these surgeries has been successful. Though he is deaf, with speech therapies and the hearing aids, he is able to communicate just like everyone else. There are some limitations of course, such as navigating in large, noisy crowds. If someone is talking to him in a crowded room where there is a lot of chatter he has a hard time ‘hearing’ the other person and will resort to lip-reading. There is also the chance the hearing aid devices can go offline, but he has back-ups upon back-ups for such an instance.

Though there are some who would frown upon him being a doctor in Starfleet, he has proven that he can do it and be apart of the organization doing what he loves.

Languages: Federation Standard, American Sign Language
Strengths & Weaknesses Noah’s main strengths come in the form of his personality. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who does not allow the naysayers of the universe to bring him down. Another strength in regards to his profession is he is an excellent diagnostician and had proven himself on multiple occasions during his clinicals.

Though he is deaf and the handicap has been apart of him his whole life, it can be considered a weakness and it has been pointed out as such on multiple occasions. This of course gets him down, but Noah also knows what he is capable of doing. He hates being prejudged before a person even knows him. Though married and being a doctor and being an officer in Starfleet, Noah still has a bit of a naïve side to him. He looks for the good in everyone and reserves judgment. Though he wouldn’t consider this a weakness perse, it has been pointed out that sometimes being naïve can lead to a bad situation.
Ambitions If anyone said they didn’t have any type of ambition, Noah would think they were delusional or lying. To him, everyone has ambition; otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are today. It doesn’t have to be a ‘step on other people to get to the top’ ambition, but it can be about goals and hope. Hope, to him, is what drives you to push forward, knowing there is something better beyond the next bend. He considers himself ambitious, but only to be the best he can be, to prove wrong all those people who said he couldn’t do this.
Hobbies & Interests Obviously his biggest interest is spending time with his husband, Kyle. Despite both being in Starfleet, they still somehow find the time to spend together. He also tends to enjoy old movies (especially bad monster movies, i.e. Godzilla). As a doctor he is open to other forms of treatment besides the traditional and has learned about and applies homeopathic treatments in his practice, which has led to his interest in various plants. He is also a collector of rare, vintage comic books, especially anything with Captain America, and has, on occasion been known to lose himself in a graphic novel or two. He also enjoys the holodeck, to him the holodeck was the best invention for entertainment since sliced bread because it allows one to partake in a story instead of just imagining it (not that there is anything wrong with having an imagination – infact, Noah has a very vivid one). Noah likes the idea he can be anyone he wants to be in the holodeck, which he finds a very freeing experience. He also has a creative side, something he gets from his mother (who is an artist), but he hasn’t really pursued that as much as he has wanted to. There are paintings of his that are on the walls of his quarters.

Personal History Noah Corrigan Evans was born November 22nd, 2363 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, North American continent, Earth. The first ten years of his life in Milwaukee were fairly uneventful. His mother was a painter and sculptor so that allowed her to stay home whereas his father was a professor and taught history at Marquette University. It is important to point out that Noah was born deaf and at a very young age already had multiple surgeries to correct the problem. By the time he was five, he was fitted with his first set of hearing aids.

When he was ten years old, his father accepted a position at the University of Denver as the history department chair. Noah did not want to move, but obviously the choice was not his. His mother, deciding she had her fill of city life, was the one who chose Cortez, Colorado due to it’s proximity to Mesa Verde Park. She thought it would provide not only a place for Noah to learn about the outdoors, but a way for her to enhance her art.

Cortez was a small town even in the 24th century so there wasn’t much to do. Noah was an outgoing person despite his disability and made friends easily. Once he was in high school he was one of the more popular kids in the class. It was also around this time that he started to figure out his sexuality. At first this confused him and he didn’t truly understand what it all meant. His parents never talked about sexuality or sex for that matter so it was something he just figured out on his own. Once he did, it was a non-issue with his parents.

In high school was where he met Kyle Weaver. The moment Noah saw him he was attracted to him. The other boy seemed perfect, a little too perfect really. Despite a small high school the two only shared a few classes together but were able to get to know each other. They would have lunch together and talk and found they shared some common interests, more importantly Kyle didn’t have any issue with Noah being deaf. He knew Kyle was gay and he thought of the other boy as a potential boyfriend. Which is what happened. Friendship turned into a relationship and that relationship carried until the end of high school and into the Academy.

Since Noah was an academic and pragmatic, when he stated his intentions to go into medicine, he was easily placed into the science/pre med track. Kyle had almost flunked out due to the psychological evaluation, but was luckily able to still move forward, much to Noah’s relief. Though, he enjoyed his time at the Academy, he knew it wouldn’t be the same if Kyle wasn’t there with him, by his side, encouraging him when he wasn’t sure if he could make it.

But he did make it and so did Kyle and upon graduation and their commissioning, Noah went off to medical school and Kyle went off to the USS Resistance and then the USS Samson. The separation was a tough one and rumors had flown around over Kyle’s infidelity but the young medical student largely ignored these but if he were to admit it, they did bother him. The four years of medical school went by, sometimes it felt like it would be forever before he graduated, other times time seemed to fly and it felt rushed.

Soon though, he graduated medical school and wanted to expand his knowledge in botany, plant morphology and hydroponics. Due to his educational background, he was able to gain a doctorate in science studies as well. Upon finishing a doctorate and an internship in general medicine, he was lucky enough to be assigned to the USS Katana as the chief science officer.

He currently resides on the Katana with his husband, Kyle.
Service Record Public education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cortez, Colorado
Starfleet Academy – Science and Pre Med track
Starfleet Medical - General medical and surgical studies.
Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Planetary Sciences Division - Internship and doctorate with specializations in botany and ecology.
USS Katana - Chief Science Officer