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Lieutenant Patrick Weaver

Name Patrick Kyle Weaver

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex male
Species Human (augmented)
Age 27
Sexual Orientation Gay

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Forest Green
Physical Description Kyle has a youthful appearance and could easily pass for someone several years younger. His blond hair is usually worn short and always neat unless he is on an undercover assignment. He has an athletic build and it is easy to tell he plays a variety of sports.

At the same time, while he does look fit he doesn’t look out of the the ordinary. When not on duty he usually wears casual loose fitting clothing. Khakis, jeans, etc. His hair is wheat blond and his eyes are forest green.


Spouse/Significant Other None
Children None
Father Admiral Patrick Kyle Weaver Star Fleet Intel
Mother CCommodore Alec Demtirus Peroovich MD Star Fleet medical
Brother(s) Mitchell (24)
Sister(s) Angie 22
Other Family Noah Evans,ex-husband and ex- In-Laws

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite a supposedly enlightened age, having two fathers was still a little unusual. Add to that the fact that they are high ranking StarFleet officers and that they like to interfere in their son’s life and it makes for an interesting childhood. it is not that he had a bad relationship with his parents, it was relatively good, though it could be strained at times. He had a pretty normal childhood. He was born In San Francisco, but spent most of his childhood in Cortez, Colorado near Mesa Verde National Park so he has a love for the outdoors. He is independent minded, with a strong sense of commitment. He can be driven and intense sometimes
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong moral compass
+ Compassionate
+ Committed/Loyal
+ Independent
+ Intuitive
+ Romantic
+ Family name and influence
+ Intense/Driven
- Stubborn
- Has a tempe
- Semi-estranged from fathers
- Family name and influence
- His commitment and loyalty could be used against him
- Intense/Driven
Ambitions Be successful on his own without intervention from his fathers. Continue to hone his skills and be best in his field. To be a good husband and to fight for truth and justice (even if that means breaking the rules to get it.
Hobbies & Interests Outdoor activities, programming holodeck adventures, spending time with Noah, Parrises Squares Strategy games

Speaks Federation Standard, American Sign Language, Romulan, Vulcan

Personal History Kyle’s fathers met while serving on the Nimitz,a frigate. They fell in love and eventually married. With the help of a surrogate they decided to have family. Wanting to have a perfect child and having resources most don’t have access to they used some unorthodox and somewhat illegal technologies to do so. It was nothing too outlandish. Kyle’s strength, stamina, and hearing are that of a fit Vulcan.

Still it is a secret that very few know about. After being born in San Francisco, his parents soon moved to Cortez Colorado near Mesa Verde Park when Kyle was three. He grew up loving the outdoors and nature He realized he was gay, like his fathers at a young age and it was never any big deal to him. It was just who he was. While in High School he met Noah Evans. They had some classes together shared some common interest became friends and eventually boyfriends and lovers.

They went off to the Academy together and were of course roommates. Though Kyle almost flunked out before he started because when he took the psych evaluation simulation, he had to overcome his fear of losing Noah, when he had to choose between saving him or the ship.

While Noah stayed behind to complete his internship and residency, Kyle was assigned to the USS Resistance a Defiant class ship then briefly to the USS Samson. Though he remained faithful he got close to another officer who started rumors about that they were sleeping together. Kyle denied the rumors even wound up getting in a fight and being demoted to Ensign because of that incident.

He was then sent back to SF HQ and he and Noah decided to get married.

When Noah was given the Chief of Science position on the Katana it had been contingent upon Kyle getting a position as well because neither felt a long distance relationship would work. Living so far away would put too much of a strain on their marriage.

However as fate would have it, it did not matter. Just after the completion of one mission, Noah left Kyle and divorced him.