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Commander Jhu t'Dharvanek

Name Jhu Emilie t'Dharvanek

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Sex female
Species Romulan/Trill
Age 37
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Code Name Lady Leopard

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Jhu has a somewhat unusual appearance due to her dual ancestry. With delicately pointed ears and prominent brow ridges, she is unmistakably of Romulan descent. However, she also boasts nearly a full set of Trill spots, with only small variances in the pattern. Tall and slender with long dark hair and amber eyes, she easily draws attention and can be an imposing figure.

Her career in Intelligence and history with Section 31 has left scars in various places on her body, the most prominent of which are on her left forearm and right shoulder.


Spouse/Significant Other Nathan Tonkin (deceased)
Children Furbabies - Lydek, Sparky

Jhu is currently pregnant with her first child.
Father Jala Neemar
Mother Shiarrael t'Dharvanek
Brother(s) Aerv Norvo tr'Dharvanek
Sister(s) Jadzia Rhian t'Dharvanek

Personality & Traits

General Overview Due to her dual ancestry, Jhu is an interesting individual. In private, she is every bit as coy and playful as her Trill father, but her public persona leans more toward the passionate fire of her Romulan mother. Though she is usually quick-tempered and that temper is hot, it is when Jhu enters a cold fury that she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Though occasionally suspicious of others, Jhu is friendly and engaging, and she is fiercely loyal to her ship and its crew. She has no fear of death and willfully places herself between it and her friends. However, she fears captivity and has a strong phobia of restraints. Faced with the threat of either, she melts into an anxious puddle. She also harbors an intense fear of Changelings and Dominion soldiers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent and wise for her years, Jhu is a master puzzle solver. Combined with intense training during her time with Section 31, this has made her a formidable opponent on the battlefield. While she is proficient with energy and projectile weapons, she has greater skill in close combat and prefers bladed weaponry when possible. She has studied both Romulan and Terran martial arts and is able to use and combine skills from each of them.

Jhu also has a bit of a short temper, with a tendency to explode at small provocations. She is often overconfident on the battlefield, which has resulted in numerous injuries that could have been avoided. However, she lacks confidence when it comes to command, often citing that she was never meant to sit in a captain's chair.
Ambitions Jhu dreams of one day going to the Star Empire, despite knowing that she can never do so.
Hobbies & Interests Athletic and highly competitive, Jhu thrives on intense holodeck simulations, ranging from team sports to combat simulations. Desiring the thrill of actual danger, she often does these simulations with the safeties disabled. As well as challenging herself phsyically, Jhu also enjoys mental challenges, such as the occasional game of chess or a mind-bending puzzle.

Personal History The youngest of three children, Jhu was born aboard the USS Hyperion in 2353. Due to her father being Trill and her mother's reputation within the Romulan Star Empire, Jhu and her siblings were labeled as Romulan outcasts from birth. Only a short time after Jhu was born, the Romulan Star Empire officially exiled Shiarrael t'Dharvanek, thereby making it impossible for her or her children to call the Star Empire home. When Jala's tour on the Hyperion ended, both he and Shiarrael retired from starship life, taking their family to Earth.

Though much of Jhu's childhood was spent on the Hyperion, she spent her teenaged years in San Francisco, where she constantly found ways to get into trouble. She often sneaked onto the Starfleet Academy campus to talk with the cadets and visiting dignitaries. This drove her interest in Starfleet and encouraged her to follow in her father's footsteps and apply to the academy. However, instead of science, she found herself drawn toward the world of intelligence. When faced with the prospect of choosing a specialty, she chose sentient intelligence, the art of gathering intelligence from interactions with sentient species. Convinced that she would need multiple forms of intelligence gathering skill, she also studied signals and computer intelligence. Fascinated by the nature of the work and finding she had a high aptitude for it, she had high scores in her studies, though not high enough to compete for the top ten percent.

Directly from the academy, Jhu was assigned the the Therian, a small but active ship patrolling the Tholian border. For all it's action against the Tholians, the small ship rarely had need of Jhu's skills, and she found the assignment to be exceedingly dull. With no opportunities to test her interrogation skills, she found herself focusing instead on intercepting communications, a task she quickly realized she had little affinity for. Though she was able to retrieve necessary data, deciphering the Tholian signals proved difficult and time consuming, and her attempts often ended with the chief intelligence officer taking over the task and sending her to do something more menial and less fulfilling. Frustrated by the long bouts with no activity and the lack of advancement opportunities, Jhu requested to be transferred to any ship that wasn't on the Tholian patrol.

Starfleet responded by assigning Jhu to the Tecumseh, which was a larger ship with more intelligence gathering ability. Due to its mission assignment near Cardassian space, Jhu was able to retrieve considerable data regarding the recently ended Dominion War, information she hadn't had access to on the Therian. Quickly she became an expert on the Dominion's tactics during the war, finding herself wishing she'd had the data during the war itself. Picking over the battles that the Dominion had won, she pinpointed several weaknesses that Starfleet and the allied forces could have used to turn the tide. Unfortunately, her interest in the war drew the wrong sort of attention. Instead of being applauded for revealing how the war could have been ended sooner, she found her access stripped by the chief of intelligence. Having been sidelined and restricted only to the least meaningful intelligence tasks, Jhu could see her career sinking before her eyes. Soon, she began contemplating another transfer, as she felt that the Tecumseh was now a dead end for her career. However, transfer seemed unlikely due to her low rank and position as the most junior member of the Tecumseh's intelligence team.

Just as she was giving up hope and considering leaving her Starfleet service behind, Jhu was approached by Franklin Drake, who offered her a position within the nefarious Section 31. Intrigued by the agency's secretive nature and the promise of a more senior position, she accepted the invitation and became the deputy chief of intelligence aboard the Mata Hari, a starship solely in Section 31's service. In the early years of this assignment, Jhu found the work to be enriching, even fun. However, the old stonewalling slowly made itself apparent when the ship's chief of intelligence clung to his position, rejecting transfers and promotions in favor of remaining on the ship. Indirectly, this action locked Jhu in the deputy position with no opportunity to advance beyond the rank of lieutenant. This led her to investigate the possibility of going undercover in the field. In 2385, her request to go undercover was granted, with an accompanying promotion to lieutenant commander.

Undercover work quickly proved dangerous, as a small mistake led to Jhu's cover being blown. Once she was captured, the Dominion quickly reversed the cosmetic modifications to reveal her true appearance. Intrigued by her admittedly unusual heritage, Dominion scientists began to experiment on her, looking to see what type of being she was. The Changeling in charge of the facility and the Cardassian guards - all aware of her Federation citizenship - stripped her of her communicator and its universal translator, depriving her of the ability to protest the treatment. She spent several weeks in captivity, with multiple rounds of experimentation, before she was extracted by an infiltration team. However, the nightmare was not quite over as Section 31 saw fit to interrogate her over the experience. Their interrogations rapidly amounted to more torture, and as soon as she had the opportunity, Jhu fled and took refuge within Starfleet's normal ranks.

With so much paperwork to be filed, Jhu spent three years on Earth as a substitute instructor for Starfleet Academy before she was assigned to the Katana as its chief of intelligence. Initially she struggled to adapt to her new situation, thinking herself to be an outsider among the crew. However, she soon found that she commanded respect from most of the crew, and she began developing friendships with her fellow officers, eventually entering into a romantic relationship with Nathan Tonkin.

A short time after Jhu's transfer to the Katana, the ship was involved in a trans-warp accident and emerged into a different universe, four years forward in time. During a trip to Talos IV in search of the Guardian of Forever, the Talosians attempted to kill the away team by sending them over a cliff. The illusion was broken for all of them except Nathan, who went over the cliff's edge.

Following Nathan's demise, the security and intelligence departments were merged together, making Jhu the head of security.
Service Record Years Attended Starfleet Academy: 2369-2373
Previous Assignments: 2373-2377, USS Therian, Intelligence Officer
2377-2379, USS Tecumseh, Intelligence Officer
2379-2385, USS Mata Hari, Deputy Chief Intelligence Officer
2385, no assignment on record
2386-2388, Starfleet Academy substitute instructor pool
2388, USS Katana, Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer
2388 - 2392, traveled through time and space after transwarp malfunction
2392, USS Katana, Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer
2392 - present, USS Katana, Chief Security Officer/Second Officer