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Lieutenant Par Salen

Name Par Salen PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex male
Species Deltan
Age 32
Sexual Orientation Pansexual

Physical Appearance

Height 74 inches
Weight 203 ounds
Hair Color Hairless, completely
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Physical Description Tall, robust frame, some definite musculature from weight training and periods of hard physical labor.

Hairless body and head, except eyebrows

Smooth Skin and graceful walk

Dresses in loose fitting clothes when off duty


Spouse/Significant Other none
Children none
Father Endal Salen, MS- Xenobotanist
Mother Sarelyn Salen, MD
Brother(s) Kelin Salen, Pediatric Counselor, on Delta Iv, Age 27
Sister(s) none
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Par is generally fairly friendly, fun loving and somewhat mischievous.
He often wears a stoic face but a devious gleam can be seen in his eyes.
He loves Science, particularly XenoBiology and Biochemistry and will often mention any particular pet theories he has brewing in his brain at the time. He is somewhat flirty by nature but tends to avoid intimate relations with non Deltans for fear of harmful effects upon them.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Team Player
+ Dedicated Officer
+ Species Psionic
+ Friendly and generally non confrontational
+ Action Scientist !

-Emotionally Distant when he feels he is growing to close to others
- Implusive
- Mischievous
- Naïve at times
Ambitions Par wants to bodly go where no Deltan has gone before, seek out need civilizations and life forms and maybe one day find a life companion.
He has little interest in every having his own Captaincy.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Volley Ball, Akido, Swimming, Hiking and being in nature.

He is very interested in meeting new people and seeing new things,
he is a bit of a voyeur in that he likes to observe people and their interactions from a distance to try and speculate on their behavioral motivations.

Personal History Born on Delta IV, raised on world, but traveled frequently with his parents and younger brother as a child.

He had a happy childhood, good peer associations and a nurturing and loving family unit. He did well in school
and was able to graduate a year early by going to classes in his off times.
His father is a Botanist and his mother was a medical officer in starfleet
that retired and took up a private practice on Delta IV.

Par enjoyed exploring the woods and lakes near his home and would spend hours away from his dwelling watching the animals and collecting the odd leaf or stray animal that inevitably needed "rescuing" and then being returned once his mother found where he had hid them for observation.

He entered Star Fleet at 17 , graduated with a degree in Exobiology and applied for advanced studies, going on to earn his PhD in Applied Biochemistry, with additional studies in Anthropology and Physics. He took a required course in weather science as an undergraduate and learned he was absolutely disinterested in the science of weather formation and to this day dreads having to analyze that form of data.

He was assigned to his Cadet Cruise After Earning his BS Degree and spent a year on an Applied Research
Vessel, further stoking his desire to be a Science Officer in the Fleet.

He continued his education after the cadet cruise and during any semester breaks volunteered for any planetary research opportunities he came across.

Service Record StarFleet Academy- BS degree in Exobiology(4years)
1 year Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Gregor, Science Officer

Advanced Scientific Training and Studies at Star Fleet and the Vulcan
Science Academy- 4 years total, earning his PhD from the Vulcan Academy.

Uss Temporis- Science officer, 2 years, Assistant Chief of Sciences -1 year

USS Soloth- Chief Science Officer