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Chief Petty Officer Yu Ji-Nari

Name Yu Ji-Nari

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Sex female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 163 cm | 5'3''
Weight 54.43 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown


Father Professor Yu Hwan
Mother Yu Ji-Min

Personality & Traits

General Overview Always one looking out for others, she has always found herself on the sidelines cheering on loved ones, friends, and shipmates. Yu Ji-Nari is a naturally a good listener and will provide the best advice that she can. She is known for putting others far before herself and rarely (if ever) gets jealous. However, she is very easily hurt. She is tougher than she looks. Though her 'girly' mannerism and feminine appearance may lead to people seeing her as soft, she has had the proper training and years of experience to take care of herself and others should the need arise.

There's no denying that though she looks like she should be a Dabo girl or galactic model, she's quite at home aboard a starship or station working with the rest of the crew. Though her formal education is a bit limited, this does not mean she is unintelligent. In fat, she's quite well read and fairly well cultured from her years of space travel. Ji-Nari is a geek through and through. She's a very intuitive woman who seems to have a deeply rich source of knowledge despite the lack of formal education. She has a strong desire to be accepted by the crew(s) she works with though this sometimes proves to be difficult for one reason or another.

Her social life and circle of friends is always expanding and is very inclusive, she turns away practically nobody from her life and draws in almost everybody who has at least some drop of social desire to them. She's a bit of a hopeless romantic, but when it comes to romance, she is a dreamer. In plain old earth terms, the girl friendzones herself like it is her career to do so. She's the person that everyone sees yet nobody truly notices. They view her as a friend and only that, a friend.

Ji-Nari is a quick thinking, charismatic extrovert who is not afraid to offer advice even if it is not necessarily wanted nor welcomed. She will offer it anyways though out of concern for a friend rather than wanting to come off as being a bitch. She is very knowledgeable in various subjects to an extent, but sticks to only offering advice or an opinion on what she truly knows well or feels she has a good grasp of understanding of. She enjoys a good philosophical debate and mental sparring, though sometimes she can take these over the edge and lead people to find her intolerant or overly argumentative. Though she tries to please and appease everyone, she will not bend over backwards to do so, and will accept that she can't please everyone. She may enjoy flocking to people and having them flock to her, but she's no sheep.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
▪ Energetic and Charismatic: Yu Ji-Nari radiates energy and passion with a charismatic aura about her like a glistening star. Though she has turned 40 Earth Years in age, the woman still carries herself with a youthful glow and spirit that makes her seem like a fresh faced bright eyed cadet or a wet behind the ears crewmen, if it weren't for the amount of knowledge she can unleash to make you thing otherwise.

▪ Brainstorming: Calm as a cucumber under pressure and able to carry out tasks with ease whilst nearing crunch time, you can almost always count on her to be responsible and professional when the need arises. She's one of the best advisors you can have at your side when all other options have failed because she's sure enough to present you with several more that you have yet to think of yourself.


- Arrogant: Ji-Nari takes great pride in herself and carries herself with confidence. She may be in a room of high ranking officers or even a briefing with Admirals around her, and she will still treat them just as though they were anyone else albeit with due respect. This can sometimes cause others to feel as though she is arrogant and thinks more highly of herself than others.

- Argumentative: The woman loves a good philosophical debate and will get into an argument lasting hours if not days, weeks, or even longer. Hardly anything is law to her. She sees almost everything as theoretical and able to be interpreted differently. She's both a delight and terror for scientist and theorist.

- Fragility: As much as she likes to say that she can take anything, she cannot. She worries about people, worries about so many things that her head nearly spins around and pops off. Ji-Nari has an inner softness to her that makes it rather easy to hurt her feelings.

Personal History Born in 2352 in the British Isles of Earth, Yu Ji-Nari ancestral heritage is Korean. Ji-Nari was born and raised Wales for most of her life, picking up the accent albeit somewhat skewed by being raised by Korean parents Professor Yu Hwan and his wife Yu Ji-Min. Yu Hwan was a Professional of Anthropology and his wife, Ji-Min, an elementary school teacher. Ji-Nari was an only child which meant she learned from an early age to have a pretty active imagination, hosting tea parties with her friends and stuffed animals. With her parents both working and constantly not at home, she was primarily raised by her elderly widow grandmother (her mother's mom) with whom she was especially close to.

It was actually her grandmother who got her interested in Starfleet, not her parents. Neither of her parents ever served in Starfleet and neither showed much interest in support when she started to consider it as a teenager. Grandmother, however, did listen. She herself had been a Nurse in starfleet for a few years, but fell in love with a transporter Chief whom she eventually married and stared a family with, leaving her to make being a mother her career, opting to leave Starfleet behind. Her greatest memories as a child are baking and cooking with gran gran in the kitchen (she was not a replicator woman) where she heard many tales about Starfleet and grandpa.

Her parents wanted her to attend university, but she had other plans. She wanted to enlist in Starfleet, travel the stars and see alien worlds. The problem was, her parents were very important to her and their approval was important. Every guy she tried to date never lived up to meet their expectations, and she was hindered in the romance department growing up. She compromised with her parents, negotiating terms and conditions until all parties came to an agreement. Ji-Nari would go off to study at a two year college in the North American continent. It would get her a 'start' which her parents believed would be enough to shake Ji-Nari's ridiculous dreams of Starfleet from her and that their little girl would continue her education closer to home at a proper university.

Their plan, however, backfired on them completely. She studied Social and Behavioral Sciences at the two year college, earning herself an Associates of Art in Social and Behavioral Sciences. She, however, did not apply to transfer into a four year university as her parents planned, but rather found herself taking the closest public transporter to transport to a Starfleet Recruitment Center after a rather lengthy argument with her parents. Whether she did it because she truly wanted to or whether she did it out of spite, Ji-Nari went into that office a free and independent young woman and walked out one of the newest recruits for Starfleet.

She did not have a glorious start to her career in Starfleet, nothing brave nor exciting, and definitely not something she cared to write home to her parents about. Starfleet took her, assessed her, put her through basic training, accepted her Associates of Art and slapped a harp emblem on her shoulder and slapped a MU on her service record. Crewmen Yu, Oboist for the Federation Starfleet Band. She did not have to go very far at first, playing for a few ceremonies on Earth, a few private concerts for Admirals, Ambassadors, and dignitaries.

The next few years saw her traveling around Federation world to Federation world, the only time she spent on a starship was because the band was traveling or their was some special event or ceremony in which the band would be playing. After four years and going practically no where in Starfleet except advancing in some seating at third Oboist, Crewmen year filed the proper paperwork and put in for a formal change, moving from Musician to her new Starfleet rating of Culinary Specialist.

She did manage to get the rating of Culinary Specialist which came with a posting to a Nebula class starship where she was the Ship's Cook, managing the mess hall and seeing to the dietary needs of the crew. It meant a lot of long hours, a lot of cleaning and making sure the ship's crew were well fed as an alternative to replicators. Though for the most part she just made sure everything was sanitary, that tables were cleaned and cleared when people had to abruptly leave, and keeping the crew's spirits up. She was a friendly face and though her job may not have been glorious, she loved it a hell of a lot more than sitting in a chair rehearsing music and playing at concerts for hours at a time for a crowd of people where a majority had little to no interest being there anyways.

She put in a a few more years aboard the Nebula class starship, and earned herself another promotion toward the end of her time aboard the starship, becoming a Petty Officer Second Class and unofficially being 'appointed' ship's Morale Officer on recommendation by the Executive Officer after the actual Morale Officer was on maternity leave for a few months. Having managed the Mess Hall of a Nebula class starship for a few years, Ji-Nari was reassigned to a Galaxy class starship.

It was during her time aboard the Galaxy class starship that she started to really take an interest in listening to people's issues and offering them advice. Befriending the Ship's Counselor, a woman with a Psychology degree from the Vulcan Science Academy really set things into motion. Over the next several months, she began to take a few Sociology courses, not enough to earn her high degree or anything, but enough that she picked up a strong passion and interest in the field. She took a particular interest in career counseling.

In time, Ji-Nari left the galley for good, furthering her career and changing tracks towards her true passion, helping others. Though she is not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, and holds no significant degrees graduate or undergraduate in the fields, she has undergone the Starfleet training to earn the rating of (SC) Starfleet Counselor, more specifically that of a career counselor, often helping young crewmen and personnel see the opportunities ahead of them, set and reach the necessary goals to have a successful career in Starfleet.