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Lieutenant Mark Dexter

Name Mark Alexander Dexter

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex male
Species Human
Age 49
Sexual Orientation homesexual
Code Name Selin, Ender

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 220
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Built like a tank. Salt and Pepper hair, beginning to lean more towards salt.
Hairless everywhere but on the top of his head, by design. Mark is usually fastidiously groomed,
though recently he has let that slip somewhat.


Spouse/Significant Other Adam Chase (deceased)
Children Sophie Dexter (deceased)
Father Gregory Dexter
Mother Elizabeth Dexter (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Since the recent death of his husband and daughter Mark has been isolated, anti-social and depressed. He works, he works out, he sleeps (not well) and that is all he does.
Strengths & Weaknesses linguistics and encryption. Mark is fluent in several dozen languages and picks up new ones with ease. His work with encryption is unsurpassed, and he is a known expert in the field, often getting request from Starfleet
Ambitions Mark is completely unambitious at the moment, The fact that he gets out of bed instead of decided to off himself is the most he can hope for on any given day.
Hobbies & Interests Mark's previous interests have completely faded. He know longer draws, enjoys a good whiskey, or has any interest in sex.

Personal History Mark's parents had him late in life, both of them in their mid 40s by the time he was born. They were both career doctors with no interest in having children. One accident with birth control left them with an unwanted pregnancy that neither could end with a good conscience. They were well to do however, and Mark was left in Connecticut with a Butler a Nanny, and boarding schools.

Mark excelled at encryption and linguistics from a young age, and caught the eye of Starfleet Intelligence. He was recruited at fifteen, though his records show the legal eighteen. He was already years into his field by the time he 'attended' the academy, which was all done via private tutors and subspace classes while he carried out missions for Intel.

He was cocky, overconfident, and willful. At twenty-four his luck took a turn to the south and he was captured on a mission. Tortured for information by Romulans he managed to escape on his own. His health was never quite the same. Once he returned to Intel, he attempted to 'quit' only to find that it wasn't an option. He took more dangerous missions, and seemed to lose any sense of self preservation.

At thirty-two he took a mission to infiltrate a pirate organization. Within eighteen months he had wormed his way to the leaders right hand. The leader, Bo Garth, was a charismatic man. Mark was infatuated, in lust, and slowly started to lose himself in the lifestyle.
He was very close to slipping completely into the role and losing himself when Starfleet Intel yanked him away. He was slapped on the wrist and given an assignment onboard a starship of all places.

He was assigned to the USS Takagawa and Captain Shala Natai as Communications Officer. For the first time in his life, he found a kindred soul. Shala and himself had an intimately close relationship, But she was female, and he was homosexual. Their attempts at playing house were never going to go anywhere. Shala wanted a family, and living with a man she was in love with who could love her back, but not the way she needed eventually tore them apart.

Mark bounced around for years, taking missions for Intel. He was no longer the trusted asset he once was though. He was eventually assigned to the USS Kumiho. At forty seven he took over as head of Security. He met and fell in love with Adam Chase, then just months later discovered he'd conceived a child years prior, while undercover.
With his daughter's mother dead, Mark took custody of his daughter, Sophie, and suddenly found himself a family.

The USS Kumiho came under attack near the Romulan neutral zone. They managed to escape and limp back to the nearest base, but many hands were lost, including Adam and Sophie. Mark was suicidal and kept under watch for months, until finally reassigned.
Service Record Starfleet Intel

USS Takagawa - Communications Officer

Starfleet Intel

USS Kumiho - Chief Security/Tactical