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Lieutenant Victoria "Vicky" Iniya

Name Victoria "Vicky" ℗ Iniya

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Sex female
Species Allasomorph
Age 33
Main Character [Farenia Meowlith]

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lb
Hair Color black & purple
Eye Color strange shifting pink-purple stuff
Physical Description Big boobs, the purple tint to her hair, and her eyes carry over to pretty much any form she takes. The pictured form is the one she's most comfortable with so spends most of her time in it unless needed.


Other Family Family structures of Allasomorphs are as of yet unknown and undiscussed. Next of kin notifications go directly to the ruling body of Daled IV.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A pacifist and a bit of a trickster at times, but keeps it in good humor. Can theoretically become anything with the same energy equivalent. Can become a being of pure energy, which is her true form. Once. Permanently.

Her main 3 forms are the pictured form, which she spends most of her time in, a monsterous form, which she loathes, and that of a potted tree, which she enjoys relaxing as.

No good at copying people directly, but she can do a close approximation with her own unique features, mimicking a race as if she herself were born as one.
Strengths & Weaknesses Good at talking with people. Bad at blending in with them.
Ambitions To be all that she can be. Literally.
Hobbies & Interests Pretending to be a tree (with big boobs).

Personal History Left Daled IV as one of the 12 that are allowed to leave the planet to discuss the current status of the training station near Daled IV with a Federation representative and to the dismay of the Ruling Body, she used this chance to petition the Federation for the opportunity to join Starfleet and become a counselor.
Service Record 2378-2382 Starfleet Academy
2382-2385 Starbase 417, Counselor Intern
2385-2386 the small Federation training station near Daled IV, Counselor Intern
2386-2388 SS Sanity's End - Completed internship and was made a full counselor and promoted to LtJG
2388-2391 Starbase 257, Counselor
2391-2392 USS Aristotle, Counselor
2392-Current USS Islandica, Chief Counselor/Diplomat