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Commander Salacia

Name Salacia

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Sex female
Species Selay
Age 34
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Code Name MoonChildJames

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7''
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue


Spouse/Significant Other Lieutenant JG Matilda Blackwell (KIA - 2393)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strongly Effective: Command, Security, and Intelligence
Moderately Effective: Tactical and Science
Ineffective: Flight Control and Medical
Utterly Useless: Engineering and Operations

+ Sophisticated sleuth – Salacia is mystery novel admirer, a thrill seeking adventuress extraordinaire with a love for piecing together life's many puzzles and solving crimes. She is extraordinarily well educated, well read, and has a knack for being a bit of a sleuth, a modern 24th century detective. She relies heavily on her keen deductive skills pairing with her logic and reasoning.

+ Excellent tracker – Due to her Selay heritage, Salaciais a reptoid somewhat resembling the snakes and lizards found on earth. As such, she has a vomernonasal organ and vomeronasal system allowing her to flick her tongue in the air and bring in scent particles. This helps her track people when use of a tricorder is limited or rendered useless due to interference.

+ Adaptable survivalist – In addition to taking a handful of Starfleet survival classes while at Starfleet Academy, Salacia was always a lover of the outdoors. She is naturally gifted when it comes to climbing trees and is anatomically blessed with the ability to practically climb up even the steepest of surfaces. She also has zero issues with heights. Like the chameleons of Earth, Salacia also has the ability to change the hue of her skin, this has proven useful as a Intelligence Officer on assignments as she can blend in better with the environment around her.

- Poor sense of sight and taste – Though not truly necessary for her duties, Salacia's species have a very poor sense of taste. Most foods will be rather bland to her unless they are overly seasoned or spiced. However, she also has a rather poor sense of sight and as a result, she somewhat differently than most of her shipmates. She'll recognize people by their general shape and their voice more than actual facial recognition. Unlike other reptilian like species, the Selay do not have 'pits' and do not have infrared vision. Therefore, Salacia sees similar to humans. She is able to see color, though not as vividly and not as broad of a range on the color spectrum.

- Environmental sensitivity – Like many species, the Selay and therefore, Salacia have certain environmental conditions that must be met. She can survive well on M Class conditions with several types of climates. However, an arctic climate is out of the question and even minimal exposure to arctic elements will kill her. She also does not tolerate toxic gaseous chemicals well. She does exceptionally well in the dry and humid environments, but also enjoys warm yet rainy environments.

Personal History Having fled from the Antican-Selay wars of the 2350s, Salacia's parents left their home world of Selay in 2351 and sought asylum from the United Federation of Planets. With their asylum granted, Dr. Ss'etar and his wife Nassana became citizens of the Federation and settled on Earth in mid 2352, taking residence in the quiet English countryside. Her father was the Selay's leading most Archaeologist and his wife, a musician and sometimes homebody, more so the latter when Salacia was born in 2359.

Growing up in the English countryside, Salacia's life was rather relaxed compared to the business of the major cities like London, though she quite enjoyed hopping onto the nearest public transporter pad and have day trips with her mother in London. Living in the countryside had its perks like the charming views, the strong community sense of its residence as they desperately clung to their old ways and old traditions. It was one this Salacia admired about her home, she loved the charm of small little tea shops and bakeries. There was something different about a genuine cup of tea and a truly fresh baked scone or crumpet as opposed to the quickly replicated stuff.

The largest downfall to living in the old countryside was that those who lived there were either human or at least were very humanoid. She was a reptoid living in a very humanoid environment and even in the 24th century, she faced a lot of prejudices and bullying from the children at her school. Hardly anyone her own age would play with her or even associate with her. Some of the kids even feared her and teased that she was a 'fly eater' or that she wad warts though she never really understood that as she was clearly more related to a terran reptilian than an amphibian.

An outcast as a child, she spent a lot of her time playing alone or bonding with her mother. She liked to wear dresses as a child, something she still hasn't really grown out of even as an adult. She has still been known to put on a dress or dress up in Victorian garb for one of her holodeck adventures. She also spent a great deal of her free time as a child, sitting under a tree reading classical literature for hours on end. A lover of authors Dame Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, even at a young age, Salacia was drawn to the allure of mystery and crime solving. Thus setting her up to eventually pursue the path on her own.

She had high grades throughout Middle School and High School, and though she had a small group of friends, she continued to remain a bit of a loner. She did not pursue any sports in school, but rather took up an interest in journalism and the archaic art of photography. She was naturally gifted when it came to History and Science. She hated Physical Education with a burning passion and Mathematics were bored the snot right out of her. Regardless, though, she muddled onward and graduated from her High School as class Valedictorian.

Her parents had always been supportive of her choices in life, though they were pushing her towards the Vulcan Science Academy or the University of Betazed in order to continue her education, Salacia chose neither of those and pursued what she wanted to do. In the end, that was to pursue a career with Starfleet and become the first Selay to attend Starfleet Academy. Both her parents were a bit taken aback by their daughters dreams and aspirations, but encouraged her to apply. They knew she would get in, but they were truly expecting her to choose a path towards being a Scientist, Physician, or perhaps become a Counselor. Salacia completely threw them for a tizzy when after being accepted by Starfleet Academy, she declared herself a Security major. Though to be fair, she did opt to minor in Anthropology and Archaeologist.

While attending Starfleet Academy, she picked up learning to play the viola in her Freshmen year and by her Junior year had joined the Academy's Orchestra. Being the only Selay to ever walk through the corridors of Starfleet Academy, she gained a lot of attention both positive and negative, all of which was unwanted. She wanted to stand out at the Academy for being an exceptional cadet and though she was a great student, never faltering below the 90th percentile, she was not 'exceptional' in regards to her grades. She was only 'exceptional' for being a Selay cadet.

During her senior year at Starfleet Academy, she was introduced to freshmen year cadet Matilda Anne Blackwell, a nursing student with high hopes and aspirations to eventually go onto medical school and become a doctor. Salacia and Matilda had a lot in common. A love for classic literature was what had initially brought them together as well as the fact Matilda was England as well. The two had grown quite close towards Salacia's graduation, and had eventually become somewhat romantically involved. Salacia knew that she was falling in love with Matilda, but Salacia would soon be an officer in Starfleet, assigned to who knew where and Matilda still had at least three more years at the academy left. They mutually decided to discontinue their romantic relationship and parted on good terms. The two ladies swore to keep in touch and continue on as friends.

Graduating in 2381 from Starfleet Academy in the 92nd percentile, there were a good few options for Ensign Salacia. She did receive notice that the Captain of the USS Warhol had requested her. It was a fine starship and the young Ensign felt honored to even have a single request. Though the Warhol was not quite what she was looking for in regards to a first assignment, she decided to pursue the opening in the Warhol's Security/Tactical department as the Gamma shift Tactical Officer. Bridge duty right out of the academy was difficult enough to come by. So, Salacia considered herself quite fortunate even if it being on the Bridge was only for a few hours each day. It was still something.

She served admirably aboard the Warhol for nearly four years. During her time aboard, she served under a Vulcan Security Chief who taught Salacia some of the basics to a few Vulcan martial arts. Salacia also took away a few years of tactical experience and several occasions where she was assigned as a member of an away team. In her nearly four years aboard, she had to fire a hand phaser only twice and fortunately neither time was it to take a life. Ensign Salacia would have likely remained with the Warhol for at least a few more years, but was nudged by her Department Head to request transfer to the USS Massachusetts which was seeking an experience security officer for the position of Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Assistant Security Chief.

With the encouragement of her Department Head, she requested transfer and applied for the position. Her transfer request was approved, but once aboard the Massachusetts, she was met with a wall of skepticism by the starship's First Officer and the ship's Chief Tactical Officer, both of whom agreed she would be a fine officer aboard the Massachusetts, but were hesitant to give her the position she had come to the Massachusetts for. Instead, she was given the position in an 'acting' capacity for a probationary period of nine months. When she reported aboard the Massachusetts, she was quick surprised and delighted to find that her former love interest, Matilda was now a nurse and was part of the Massachusetts' medical staff. The two continued their friendship without any thought, but after a few months of working somewhat closely with one another, they decided to rekindle their romance.

After nine months aboard the USS Massachusetts, Salacia was through her probationary period and upon an evaluation by the Security Chief and backed by the support of the First Officer, Salacia was officially named Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Assistant Security Chief. She finished out the year in the capacity before receiving a promotion in rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2385. She saw significantly more action aboard the Massachusetts than she had the Warhol. The Massachusetts was a much larger starship and had far superior tactical capabilities and advanced weapons systems.

She served another two years as the Assistant Chief of the Security/Tactical Department aboard the Massachusetts until tragedy struck. While on a diplomatic mission, an away team was sent down to a planet with two previously warring factions who were seeking to end conflict and unite their planet in peace. Salacia was not a part of the away team, but felt the repercussions of it. A radical terrorist group on the planet sought to end the peace talks and opened fire on the Massachusetts' away team. The Captain and his Security Chief were both killed. As a result, the First Officer assumed command and became the Massachusetts' Commanding Officer. Reshuffling of the ships personnel caused for Salacia to assume her predecessor's position. She was granted an immediate rank promotion to full Lieutenant in 2387 in order to maintain balance and order within the department.

As a Lieutenant and member of the Captain's Senior Staff, she found herself in a position of great authority. It truly brought out a side of her she had unintentionally suppressed for many years. She became assertive, confident, inspiring, yet also quite caring. She took an invested interest in the officers and enlisted personnel that served under her and taught them well. She ensured that the Massachusetts had the best security and tactical personnel and their tactical readiness rating was one of the highest in the fleet. Lieutenant Salacia, herself became a certified marksmen with a phaser riffle.

She and Nurse Matilda Anne Blackwell (now a Lieutenant JG at the time) became engaged in 2387. The couple later went on to marry in late 2388. The two both took leave of absences after having their marriage ceremony aboard the USS Massachusetts. The happy couple then returned to Earth where second ceremony for family and close friends was held in England. The couple honeymooned in Japan, exploring the ancient Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples which had still be preserved with time, though the religions themselves were followed only by a devoted few by the 24th century. Though the two spent a lot of romantic time together in Japan, they also had a few Anthropological adventures during their extended six month honeymoon. They had both decided to pursue an extended leave of absence, knowing that they would not be returning to the Massachusetts after it.

Lieutenant Salacia began to study Japanese martial arts and really dove into the culture. She was a pretty quick study and struck up a good friendship with one of her masters. However, her master fell ill towards the end of her stay in Japan. On his death bed, he encouraged her to continue her training and left her with a parting gift. A pair of katanas that had been in his family for generations. He had no children nor extended family. She was like a daughter to him even though their friendship was was deep and left an ever lasting impression on them both. She and her wife, Matilda left Japan with a love for one another and a love for the place and its ancient culture. They would take the katanas along with them on their next assignment, but before then, Salacia returned to San Francisco at Starfleet Academy for additional classes. She completed a short course on Advance Tactical Training and a few extra classes on Intelligence. She was ready to make a slight change with her Starfleet Career, and the two women were assigned to the USS Westfall in 2389.

Matilda took a position a Head Nurse while Salacia made a switch from the Security/Tactical Department to the Intelligence Department. Aboard the USS Westfall, Lieutenant Salacia found herself in a duel capacity as Chief Intelligence Officer as well as the starship's Second Officer. It was a rather interesting change of pace for her. She still saw herself on a significant amount of away teams due to being the Second Officer, but rather than focusing on the safety and security of the ship and crew like she had as a security officer, she did a lot of intelligence gathering and worked closely with the Security Department and the Westfall's Commanding and Executive Officers. She had anticipated being aboard the Westfall for years to come and was subtly eyeing the First Officer's seat. She was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2391. However, in 2393, She found herself plucked from the Westfall.

She was taken aback by the sudden transfer orders that she had received, telling her to report to the nearest starbase for immediate transport to her new assignment, the USS Whisperer. She knew nothing of the assignment and nothing of the Commanding Officer. All she knew was that she was being assigned to the Whisperer as Chief Intelligence Officer. Salacia had no idea how she was going to break the news to her wife that Starfleet was driving a wedge between them. Little did she know that her wife was worrying about the same issue. The met in their quarters to break the news to one another, only to discover they both had transfer orders to the Whisperer.

When they arrived aboard the USS Whisperer, they found the starship to be brand new, fresh off the line with all the latest bells and whistles. She was a advanced tactical escort and reconnaissance vessel under the command of a Captain Krull Larkon, a Cardassian. Salacia found the man to be rather fascinating and took an instant liking to him upon learning they shared a similar background in having been Security and Tactical officers and that Krull too had made a move into Intelligence before moving up into Command. He was a seasoned Commanding Officer, and had recently been demoted. For what or why, Salacia did not know nor did she care. She found him to be a suitable Commanding Officer and admired him.

He had immediately named her Second Officer, an act she was quite honored and humbled by. She did not expect to be anywhere near command so early on in her career, granted she also did not expect to be married either. When the USS Whisperer took on a female Ferengi politician, seeking the office of Grand Nagus, she was on high alert. Their had been several attempts made on the woman's life. She came aboard with a Lieutenant Noxa and a few hired private body guards. Salacia took a deep sigh of relief when the USS Whisperer rendezvoused with the USS Camelot under the command of Captain Kristopher Kerouac, handing off their high profile passengers for the Camelot to continue their mission.

However, several hours later all hell broke loose aboard the Whisperer. Main Engineering was evacuated when an explosive device was found aboard the starship. Captain Larkon ordered an immediate evacuation of all personnel, though a few officers opted to stay behind to help defuse the explosive device. Lieutenant Commander Salacia remained aboard and Matilda refused to leave without her. Unexpectedly, phaser fire broke out aboard the Whisperer among the dozen of crew that were still aboard. Lieutenant Commander Salacia found herself pinned down in Main Engineering with Captain Larkon, taking fire from the starship's Security Chief who was not acting alone.

Nurse Matilda Blackwell was killed in the line of duty while tending to the wounded. Captain Larkon took a phaser blast to his torso but he and Salacia manged to take out the corrupt Security Chief and his accomplices. They could not defuse the explosive device. Larkon was amendment that he would not leave the starship, and ordered Salacia to evacuate the rest of the crew. Reluctantly, she obeyed after he made it an order. It was during this final evacuation, that she found her wife. Matilda had taken a high level phaser blast to the chest and was bleeding out in one of the corridors. Salacia cradled her love in her arms as Matilda took her last few breaths. Shutting Matilda's eyes, Salacia carried the dead body of her wife and placed the body in an escape pod with her. She wanted to ensure that Matilda was brought back to her family who would have wanted a proper burial for their daughter. It left Salacia truly heartbroken and devastated. She lost a part of herself when Matilda died, and vowed to seek justice for her wife and her family. The escape pod had barely cleared the USS Whisperer when the starship blew up. Salacia's thoughts were with her courageous Captain, a true warrior who gave his life going down with his ship.

Several starships responded to the destruction of the Whisperer, including the USS Camelot and USS Pulsar which recovered a few escape pods. Among the escape pods retrieved by the Pulsar was that of Lieutenant Commander Salacia's who was brought aboard still cradling her deceased wife. After her wounds were treated and the Camelot completed its mission, a transport arrived to take Salacia and the body of Matilda Blackwell, ferrying them back to Earth. In the weeks following, Salacia attended the funeral for her wife and spent some time in Japan seeking peace and solace. Per Starfleet's orders, she reported to a Doctor Lia Grae, a Starfleet Counselor with a degree in Psychology and specialty in seeing patients with PTSD and those in need of grief counseling.

Once she was medically cleared to return to duty, she did so. Starfleet had more than offered to grant her an extended Leave of Absence, but Salacia declined citing that the best thing for her was to return to active duty. Regardless, Starfleet took their time in reassigning her. In the meantime, she took command classes at Starfleet Academy, somewhat inspired by Captain Larkon. Not too long afterwards, she finally received her new orders. The Lieutenant Commander would be serving aboard the USS Katana, a starship with a distinguished history. Her assignment, however, stated that she had been chosen to be the First Officer aboard the Katana. Her new assignment to First Officer aboard the USS Katana also came with a promotion in rank to that of full Commander upon her successfully passing the Bridge Commander's Examination.