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Lieutenant Commander Tul Zanaar

Name Tul Zanaar

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Sex male
Species Andorian
Age 32
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 160
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black


Spouse/Significant Other Elsie Donovan (Separated)
Children None
Father Thylek Zaraan
Mother Tallian Zaraan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyalty

-Social Functions
Ambitions Tul aims to be the best first officer he can. Someday, he hopes to have a command of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, combat holo programs

Personal History Tul was born on Andoria to Thylek and Tallian Zanaar. Both of his parents worked in Starfleet; his mother an engineer and his father inspected cargo ships. Because of his parents' careers, Tul chose to pursue Starfleet himself. In line with his view of his own abilities, he chose engineering. At the Academy, he spent four years studying general ship engineering and damage control.

Once he graduated from Starfleet Academy, Tul was assigned to the USS Solstice. While his time on the Akira-class starship was undistinguished, the young Andorian worked hard and earned his first promotion. Tul spent two years with the Solstice before becoming dissatisfied with his limited career opportunities. He began applying to ships and bases elsewhere.

The USS Rio Grande, an Oberth-class science vessel, accepted Tul's transfer. He eagerly traveled to the ship and joined it's crew in the same engineering capacity as the Solstice. Once again, Tul quickly grew bored with crawling through Jeffries and bolting bulkheads. This time however, the smaller ship and crew was better fitted to recognize and accommodate Tul's abilities. His superior, Chief Engineer Daniels, approached him with a proposition. Daniels had put Tul's name forward to take the bridge officer's exam. If he could pass, Tul would be able to choose between engineering and command.

Engineering junior lieutnenat Tul Zanaar passed the bridge exam with flying colors. For the next year, he underwent command training while keeping with his engineering duties. Upon completion, he was given the promotion to full lieutenant and a red uniform.

Tul took to command with passion and precision. He quickly rose to the position of Delta watch commander, then to the Beta watch. After four years, he was well established on the Grande. Upon Captain Drenkant's transfer and the XO's promotion to captain, Tul was granted the role of first officer.

During his nine years of service on the Rio Grande, Tul found love. He married the ship's navigator, Elise Donovan.

However, after almost a century in service, all Oberth-class ships were slated for decommission. The USS Rio Grande among them. Tul saw this event as an opportunity to further his career. He began applying for XO positions on larger Federation patrol ships. Elsie, however, chose to leave Starfleet in pursuit of archaeology. She asked Tul to drop his commission and join her on Earth. He refused and the couple went their separate ways.

Tul spent the next six months on Andoria, grappling with the changes in his life and waiting for a new assignment.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (4yrs): Engineering Cadet
USS Solstice (2yrs): Engineering Officer, Ensign
USS Solstice: Engineering Officer, Junior Lieutenant
USS Rio Grande (9yrs): Engineering Officer, Junior Lieutenant
USS Rio Grande: Bridge Officer's Training, Junior Lieutenant
USS Rio Grande: Transfer to Command, Lieutenant
USS Rio Grande: Delta Watch Commander, Lieutenant
USS Rio Grande: Beta Watch Commander, Lieutenant
USS Rio Grande: Executive Officer, Lieutenant
USS Katana (Current): Executive Officer, Lieutenant
USS Katana: Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander